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Life in America

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❶I am not religious basically, but I believe in destiny which someone or something superhuman conducts.


My husband fell suddenly ill two weeks after we arrived. I did not know what to do. While in the hospital, I could not understand exactly what the doctors and nurses were explaining to me. Cancer had suddenly appeared. The doctor said he had a half of a year to live. Soon he could not think correctly from the strong medication. Reality was not kind to us. He passed away at the hospice just two months after we started living in the U. I had no time to adjust to daily life.

Many bills arrived in the mailbox. I needed to communicate with many Americans to survive with my children, and it was difficult.

My family and friends in Japan told me I should come back home, but I never thought about going back. I had not achieved anything in this new world U. I had many things to do. First, I had to pay my housing loan, and living costs. Because of my short marriage period, I could not get any life insurance, pension, or even his social security benefit. All I got was a small house with a big loan, which I could not sell. I did not have a job and started to use my savings from Japan.

I applied for many jobs, but I could not succeed, because my English was not good enough, and there were few opportunities in southwest Florida for my profession. While I was in this hard time, I met my current husband. When my previous husband was in bed in the hospital, he said an angel was around me, and God let the angel come down to him to assist for his last moment. I am not religious basically, but I believe in destiny which someone or something superhuman conducts.

If I call it destiny, then destiny selected one American man whose life was short, and one Japanese woman who wanted to leave her country and let them meet to help each other. The meeting with my current husband was also conducted by destiny.

He supported me and helped with my depression. We made plans, and selected the best place for our survival. We decided on Washington State, which is nearer to Japan, and has more Japanese people with more job opportunities. After we moved, my husband and I also landed new jobs, and my children attended new schools. Things began to go well. But still, to communicate in English was difficult.

Not to understand what people are talking about means not only inconvenience, but also I felt isolated. I am now happier and living my dream, which beats the isolated feelings I used to experience. Here, there are many good parts as I expected. America is magnanimous; I found a new job although I am a woman, and not young.

I am married with a nice American man, although I am in my fifties with two children. These would have been very difficult, back in Japan. Whenever I discover American tradition and culture, I am always impressed, and this makes me excited. My next goal is to live the same as American people, and enjoy life here. After I lived in America for couple years, I noticed the lifestyles similarity and differences from each other.

There are many immigrants in America who came from different countries with different cultures. However, people changed their opinions during different periods. People's value changed when they lived in America. At the beginning, I believed that everything is possible in America, because America society is so perfect.

If I came to United States, I would be stronger and more successor. But I noticed that I was wrong, because Americans and Chinese people were same. America people and Chinese people all need to work hard to get successful. It is said that no pain, no gain. Whereever we go, people need to fight for their future. However, people in China differ from people in United States. Chinese people are less busy than people in United States and Chinese people have more time for relaxing lifestyle.

American tries to get a good job or a more expensive car and house. They gain these things through working harder and longer hours. In addition, Chinese people spend more time with their neighbors and family. When I was living in China, I knew all neighbors and children. However, America people are too busy to contact their family and friends.

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I had a big change in my life. The change was to go to another country, many thousands of miles away from my home. So far away from my family and friends and from my usual surroundings. The people of colonial America, and the areas in which they lived have been classified into three major regions of colonial America: the North, the Middle region, and the South. The inhabitants of these three regions experienced a variety of different types of family, work, and relationships within the community/5(9).