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What Can You Write About in a Reflective Essay?

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What Is a Reflective Essay?
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Format of a Reflective Essay

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See all other plans See the Teacher's Edition. Don't worry, we'll email you right away with all the details You are free to cancel online, anytime, with just a few simple clicks And if you have any questions, you can reach out anytime. First Name Name is required. Last Name Name is required. Phone Number Don't worry. For example there were twins who were 11 months old who attended the setting 8am till 4pm and were only allowed to sleep for an hour while in the setting.

I worked as part of a team to ensure the setting was safe for the children at all times. For example if the sand pit or the water tray was out, the setting made it my responsibility to sweep up any spilt sand or mop up and spilt water to prevent an accident.

For example when it was quite in the baby room and the room needed my help. I carried out instructions in a responsible way by listening to the instructions given by the practitioner and did what was asked of me. If I was told to put a child to sleep, once asleep I was told to record this information on the sleep chart. For example, if a child could only sleep for an hour, once the hour was over I then woke up the child.

I carried out instructions given to me in a responsible way by sweeping up spilt sand or mopping up any spilt water correctly when i was asked to by the practitioners.

This was extremely important when maintaining any of the settings policies on health and safety. I carried out instructions given to me by the practitioners in the setting in a responsible way by sitting next to the child at snack or meal times ensuring the child did not eat any of the foods the child was allergic to. The picture is given to the service user and they are asked open ended questions about it and everything is validated.

Before we start we decide who is going to scribe and afterwards that person will firstly read back what as been said and ask if the service users would like to add anything? From all three workshops I and my staff member redeveloped our armchair exercise which we do daily. We had heard the service users discuss how they were bored with doing the same exercise week after week and listening to the same music disc.

Of course before we started any of the new activities we had a meeting with all the staff who were going to be involved. We discussed what we had learnt from each workshop and asked for feedback from the staff, some of them felt unsure about using the props and pictures, so me and the staff member who came with me agreed to lead the first one, we arranged a date and agreed on a theme for it and it was decided we would use props for the first one.

I was to lead and the staff member was going to scribe. Before we started we went to each service user and asked them to sign a consent form to allow us to take photographs.

This would allow another staff to get a little involved with out feeling to unsure. They were excited when I told them that there would be photographs to look at the following week.

I discussed with the staff the following day how they felt about the activity and was pleased they were all positive. I continued to share taking the lead with the staff member who attended the training with me for several sessions to enable the other staff to be able to learn from us.

Although with all the activities there is no right or wrong way. That is why we validate everything that is said. The change in the majority of service users is a pleasure to see, even the quietest person as become much more vocal and willing to join in with most of the activities we do. One person in particular who is hard of hearing and registered blind joins in, when in the past he as chosen not to.

I asked the service user to describe the spider, for example what he thought it was felt like and he got really into it and even had a photograph taken. Changing what we do and the way we do it as had a very positive effect all the way round.

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Reflective Account “Reflection is a process of reviewing an experience of practice in order to describe, analyse, evaluate and so inform learning about practice” (Reid, p). I am going to reflect on an activity during my placement at a childminder’s setting.

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Reflective Account on Communication Essay example Words | 4 Pages. Reflective account on communication This assignment is a reflective account on communicating with a patient who cannot communicate verbally. To remain confidential I will call the patient, Patient A.

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Reflective account is selected option for exploration of this dissertation. In my opinion with reflective account I can find the strength and weaknesses of this problem which may be critical to reflect the situation at that time. The effect of this reflection will provide a change in practice to apply various methods of treatment, innovation and processes. REFLECTIVE ACCOUNT. “Reflection is a process of reviewing an experience of practice in order to describe, analyse, evaluate and so inform learning about practice” (Reid, p). I am going to reflect on an activity during my placement at a childminder’s setting.

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We will write a custom essay sample on Reflective Account specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now I felt that we needed to improve activity at the Centre; the service users are a mixed group (physically and mentally frail) so I needed to find something they could all do and enjoy. Plan a reflective essay appropriately2. Identify an effective way of writing the introduction3. Recognise the structure of body paragraphs to support the introduction4.