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Work & Life Balance

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❶Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 33 2 , Most of us already have a good grasp on the meaning of achievement.

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It delivers network communications and internet to individuals, companies and homes. Motorola operates in a global environment where their competitive advantage is to operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Due to this competitive advantage, Motorola has to offer flexible working time to employees. It becomes a very important issue to Motorola for employees having an equal time split and balancing between work and life time as diversity management aims to support employees with equal opportunity and forecasting a happy working environment.

It suggested that there is change in Motorola from the past where full time workers work seven hour shift in two week period and 2 full time workers share the job together and split their working hours equally. One of the employee called Mary McDonald who is a single parent with two children applied the job and she claimed that job sharing and working hours are very flexible, therefore this works very well with her family life while she is looking after two children.

Motorola provides her a flexible working arrangements and work-life balance, therefore it increases her motivation and satisfaction at work by providing positive workplace environment according to the aim of diversity management Gill Maxwell, In addition, Motorola stated that most of the job sharing workers are women where most of them are unable to work as a full time workers according to their family life and commitments.

However, Motorola offers an alternative opportunities for women who wants to maintain a balance between work and family life. This arrangement has created an advantage for women especially when women return work after their maternity leave which is easier for them to catch up their work and they have enough time to look after children which reduce the levels of stress at their work.

Another case study is about IKEA which is a well-know home furnishing retailer which sells home furniture with a low prices. It is a global company with more than stores distributed all over the world. This recognizes the importance of work life balance. For instance, IKEA offers a coffee breaks to workers for interaction in a positive environment. More importantly, IKEA provides flexible career break arrangements such as marriage leave, parental leave, childcare leave or moving house leave etc.

This enable workers to deal with their own or family problems. Furthermore, IKEA introduced health promotion to employees which allow employees to have a healthy working time. IKEA offers foot care and massage for them during their working time. It provides physical health care to employees as the managers of IKEA thought workers are very tired of often working with their foot. This is a totally new work life balance initiatives in organizations where they offer flexible hours of work and arrangements but also physical health care.

Therefore, employees are motivated and pleasant for working in the positive working environment. As I mentioned above, organizations offer fitness and health programs to workers while they are stressed at work. This has created a positive impact on workers and the organization and reinforced the importance of work life balance programs as more people aware with this issue.

It is important to note that diversity managers are required to provide a range of work life balance programs to employees in order to foster a pleasant working environment wisegeek. After discussing the real organizational examples, it shows that WLB creates a positive impact on organizations and performance as well as becoming more effective of managing employees flexibility Nick Bloom, Tobias Kretschmer, In offices also, efforts are being made to provide friendly work atmosphere for the employees by providing all sorts of refreshments available for the employee.

The employees are given the freedom to have their own ways of doing the work. They are given the assignments with deadlines and they can have their own schedule as far as they are meeting the deadlines. Organizations now focus on grooming their employees who are now not considered merely a work force but regarded as the 'Human Capital' of the organization.

To maintain work-life balance is an arduous task. Start your day by taking care of the little things you have to do at home. A little planning is essential. Taking care of home needs in advance will help you to be less tensed during working hours.

Strike a work-life balance by evaluating your work-home relationships like listing out the amount of time you are spending at work and home. Everything in your business should be set up using logical systems so anyone needing anything can find it when they need it.

The secret to booking your time effectively boils down to knowing what's important and what can wait. Ask questions that help you determine the level of urgency.

Things rarely go according to a prearranged agenda. Don't try to plan on doing too many things. If you don't, you'll just waste valuable time trying to find out why things didn't happen. Switch on to the work mode when you are at work. Be sure that you shut off the part of the brain that makes you worry about your home life.

Remind yourself that it is work time and you need to be most productive. Learn to say no: One of the biggest land mines to effective time management is recognizing you don't have to agree to everything and with everyone. Use your priority criteria to identify requests that simply aren't worth your time. Everything is not perfect: Time management isn't an exact science.

Do what you can and enjoy whatever time you spend more pleasantly or productively. Australian companies currently employee about one third of the , Australians who provide principle care for elderly such as their parents or relatives Department of Workplace Relations and Small Business, This should no longer be the case due to aforementioned reasons.

Job seekers today expect Work-life balance. Life in the 21st Century is increasingly complex with people juggling multiple roles. Therefore employees will consider a job only if it offers flexibility. In response to economic and cultural trends, many with focus on women and parents with children, a range of public policies supporting work-life balance has been developed.

Many government organisations such as State Government of Queensland have developed detailed policies in achieving work-life balance Department of Justice and Attorney General, In Australia, as a result of these reforms following rules are now in place.

Ministerial Task Force on Work and Family, The Australian and New Zealand governments also encourage employers to provide childcare support for staff with families.

Provided the contract of employment is not broken, employees in public and private sectors in both Australia and New Zealand are entitled to 12 months' unpaid maternity leave. After this time, they are entitled to return to the position held before the leave, or to a position of comparable status and salary. Unlike New Zealand, where employed women are entitled to 13 weeks' government-funded paid maternity leave, Australia has no statutory paid maternity leave.

The New Zealand Government also supports and partly funds the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust which, among other things, initiates annual Work and Life awards; tracks progress on work and family initiatives within organisations; and promotes the issue through conference speeches and press releases. Results from the project showed that many people perceived their work and non-work lives were out of balance Department of Labour, People place high importance on the quality of their personal lives.

The common saying "Do not live to work but rather work to live" confirms this. If there is a choice between work and their private lives work will most certainly loose. Employees are now looking to work for organisations where career advancement is not hindered due to one's family commitments. So they expect support and encouragement from their employers to improve and excel in their personal lives as well as their work commitments.

Does it really have positives returns? In recent years, organisations increasingly realise that there is a direct relationship between the quality of an employee's personal and family life and their work quality.

Hence there is a valid reason to promote work and family integration. Australia is heading towards a skills shortage due to its aging population and declining population growth ABS, It is anticipated that there will not be enough skilled workers to fill the positions left by retired workers.

Also, people caring for elderly in the labour force will increase as a result of this. Following chart shows the population projections for Australia. As you can see elderly population has a trend to grow in coming years. Employee retention is a huge challenge faced by many organisations at present.

The turnover cost of an employee is a combination of separation costs, replacement costs and training costs Bohlander et al, Due to these huge costs employers are always on the hunt for ways to retain employees within their organisations. The direct correlation between the provision of flexible work options and reduced turnover means that work-life balance is now a strategic Human resource issue. Organisations who have genuine interest in promoting and supporting work-life balance policies often considered good corporate citizens.

However an organisation's keenness to be perceived as a good company may depend on its visibility to public, the nature of their business or the size of the business. A government organisation might opt to consider flexible work conditions due to their responsibility towards public, but a private organisation which is driven by profit might not consider flexible work conditions to seek approval from public.

These include and not limited to. Many studies have found absenteeism is reduced as a result of flexible work options.

Following are some recommendations for flexible work options aimed at providing a better balance between work and life for employees.

However developing a work life balance policies is not enough. These need to be practiced and supported especially by the top level managers.

Employee expectations are very high in regards to flexible work conditions at today's society. So it is imperative for businesses to have highly functional work life balance options to stay competitive and attract the highest skilled staff.

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Traditionally work/life balance is assumed to involve the devotion of equal amounts of time to paid work and non-work roles. However more recently the concept has been recognised as more complex and has been developed to .

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Ways to Manage Your Work-Life Balance and Reduce Stress Introduction: "Work to LIVE. Don't LIVE to work." This is the sentence that brings the idea when we talk of work-life balance. It's important to get a handle on mood swings or energy shifts if we want to maintain our work life balance and be successful in business.

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Work Life Balance Essay MGT Paper Work/Life Balance In today’s global and competitive economy, companies are striving to produce products and services of great value. To accomplish this goal of producing great products and services, companies need to have a talented and motivated work force. These concepts are key to the Work Life Balance. Employee Services. CPL is a large enough organization that they should look into having services which can help support employees personal lives. Several example services to support the employees Work Life Balance are as follows: 1. Day care center 2. Dog walking service 3. Activity days for .

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Work life balance What are the benefits and barriers associated with the achievement of a work – life balance for employees and employers? This essay explores the importance of the achievement of a work - life balance and the issues which can be faced when initiatives to achieve such a balance are implemented. Work–life balance is a broad concept including proper prioritizing between "work" (career and ambition) on the one hand and "life" (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development) on the other.