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Sample Proposal Template in MS Word to Print

October 2016
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Well, in that case, you have to send a sponsorship proposal to your potential sponsors stating how your project or event would benefit their brands or reputation in the market. In case, you are writing such a proposal for the first time, a sponsorship proposal template would be useful.

It can be student, charity, and sports sponsorship too. The primary idea when preparing a sponsorship proposal template is to mention the kind of sponsorship you are looking forward to and also mention the name of the organizer in case of sponsorship events , the name of the event and an overview and credentials. Successful Sponsorship Proposals — Click Here. Marketing proposals are documents that state how a marketing agency would complete the marketing campaigns for a brand.

These are usually submitted by ad agencies, PR firms, design agencies and so on. If you are planning to stage an event, it would be necessary to document your plans on an event proposal format.

The proposal here would outline the subject of the event, the activities to be covered and other important details. You can opt for an event proposal template for an easy structure of the proposal. If you are into a construction business and have found an opportunity in an upcoming project, you would have to send your construction proposal format to your prospective client.

The construction proposal template will house information on the quality of service you are going to provide and your expected charge for the service as well. This proposal format resembles a formal letter or a formal email and is again written when you want to obtain approval or want to propose a construction idea. This template is typically preceded by the name and designation of the receiver, the person who is copied on the interoffice memo, the name and designation of the sender, subject and date.

If you are looking to offer your services to a prospective client you would have to offer a formal work proposal to him, citing your interest in the project.

A work proposal example template comes with a gist on your interest and eligibility for the project as well as the expected charge. If you are planning to up a research, you would have to send a dissertation proposal to your preferred guide.

The dissertation proposal example template would offer you space to write about the topic of your dissertation and the angle that you are going to explore in your research.

You can only work under the guide if he approves your proposal. Good Dissertation Proposals — Find Here. Are you an author who is about to write his new book? Well, then, you would have to frame a sample book proposal with the help of a book proposal example template which will house your interest in publishing the book from a preferred publisher. These proposals help to find contracts for the authors to write their books. Fabulous Book Proposals — Find Here.

If you need huge technical help for a project, you would have to send a technical proposal to your higher authority. Technical Proposal Tutorial — Find Here. If you are looking to bag a design contract for an upcoming lucrative project you would have to send a design proposal to your client. The design proposal template would house your promise of a quality service with the needed intellectual and skill quotient as well as your expected charge for the job.

A training proposal is extended to state about the need of a specific training. Such a proposal details about the training objectives as well as the goals to be achieved with the help of such a training program. If you want to create a training proposal and are looking for ideas on the format, a training proposal template would be helpful.

You would have to come up with a writing proposal if you are looking to send a write up for a paper. It is a formal way to state about your qualifications, eligibility and interest for writing a paper. You will find writing proposal template samples today that offer a pre-defined framework to write such a proposal. Cost is a major thing when you are about to take up a new project. Thus, the contractors interested in a specific project are needed to submit a cost proposal that states about the tentative cost estimate needed to complete the project.

A cost proposal template would be a major help in creating such proposals. Cost Proposal Guidance — Click Here. A template like this one can be used for website proposals and usually outlines the website definitions and specifications. It can also outline the responsibilities that are to be undertaken by the design firm.

There is vast number of tools available online which combines both the process and technology into the operation of business. You can make general proposal tools with significant titles, name of the proposal if any and designing it by customization. In most cases, grant proposal templates are written or are required when you want to put forth a business proposal, to raise funds, for marketing and more. The two essential ingredients required for a successful proposal template are passion and research.

Whenever you are presenting a proposal, make sure that it has been created after thorough market survey or any kind of research that is indispensable and your passion for the deed should also reflect in the proposal.

Grant proposal templates are essentially required when you want to present your business proposal, project plans or ideas to interested parties. It is not enough to have a pioneering idea in mind; you should also know how to present it flawlessly through such proposal templates. Example of Business Proposal. Free Business Proposal Template Download. Sample of Business Proposal. Job Proposal Template Word. Business Plan Proposal Template. Project Program Proposal Template.

Research Paper Proposal Template. Research Plan Proposal Example. Funding Grant Proposal Template. Responsive Grant Proposal Format. Example Funding Proposal Request. Format of a Funding Proposal. Free Business Funding Proposal. Business Consulting Proposal Template. Healthcare Consulting Proposal Template. Real Estate Investment Proposal Template. But wait, there's more this week!

Brace up for more upcoming laurels! Stunning board exam dominance, inspiring research environment, modern academic services, growing institutional linkages and stronger industry recognition -- just a few proofs of PLM's unmistakable presence in the academic landscape!

PLM is a name to reckon with -- Manila's iconic jewel that history will judge well and the future has so much in store for! Arca took a stunning Our send-off greetings last 06 Oct have paid off! SO 08 October Designation of Mr. How to access the eGrades: The eGrades is now an institutional reality in PLM!

Covering the entire undergraduate colleges this upcoming end-of-semester, it highlights the PLM leadership's vision to continuously modernize PLM's academic services in apt recognition of the clamor of the entire PLM academic community enunciated in Check out the Downloads folder. Pantas, ating itaas ang ngalan ng Pamantasang Mahal! They inspired your dampened spirit and cleared your blurred vision to reach the apex of your potentials. Today, let us convey our highest respects to our professors who have sacrificed their own financial growth so that you, as their seed -- as the extension of their wonderful personality -- can grow sturdier.

Their greatness is beyond measure. Mabuhay ang mga dakilang Dalubguro ng Pamantasan! Undoubtedly, there is no other name but "Pamantasan" in the field of academic excellence! A milestone par excellence in the life of Pamantasan. Winning in 8 out of 12 categories while besting over entries and 70 participants, they garnered three 3 1st placers and two 2 placers each for the 2nd-5th places!

Having good grades is just not enough. To stand out among the multitude of applicants, one must present the entire package of brains and personality to prospective employers. The battlecry of the Phil.

Civil Service Anniversary, teeming with public-service-rekindling contests and special discounts for public servants. This September, a month-long anniversary celebration. Bigyang-tanaw ang tamis ng ating Wika! Watch out for it! PLM staff affected by Habagat also received their relief items at 3pm earlier today.

But who is and how do we define a hero? He is someone not extraordinary at all nor with magical powers; Just an ordinary person like you and me who rose above his own imperfections, made hard decisions and exerted extraordinary efforts, or even placed his life at risk or in the line of fire for what others -- his family or the society at large -- rightfully deserve.

Or simply a friend who rushes to your aid just when you direly need a helping hand. Every PLMayer is a hero. The STAFF who aids the scholar and the teacher to achieve their utmost potential in making this world a better place to live in. Together, they compose the community of heroes. As a PLMayer, congratulate yourself. Feel in your heart that a HERO is inside you waiting to be tapped.

Make good of it and greatness is now waiting for you in the future. Tomorrow is your day! As environmental degradation has caused threats to human existence and our planet's survival, PLM is joining the leadership to spark unity towards this advocacy that would have a great impact to all.

One way is through research! PLM, as a scholars' university, is intensifying its research capability by slating exciting events! College Research Committees will be mobilized soon to co-opt everyone. Atin pang pagyamanin ang antas ng kalinangang pangkarunungan ng Pamantasan! Did you know that Manila is the "most densely populated city in the world with significant Our country has become a better place because of men like him who we hope can inspire all PLMayers to scale greater heights yet keep their feet on the ground and be a man for others.

We register our dreams and aspirations that we desire good governance to keep its strong foothold forever in our country and in our city. Congrats, College of Nursing! Jesse Robredo, a Magsaysay awardee in Government Service, PLM was the host and venue of the historic first-ever interactive chat session with a Magsaysay laureate on 26 June , with the PLM community as the first chat audience and Robredo as the first laureate.

Tasneem Siddiqui of Pakistan and Fr. Robredo's demise replicated that of Pres. Magsaysay's in through a plane crash at the prime of public service. Undoubtedly, the world is richer and better because of the leadership they have shared and exuded which is worthy of emulation by everyone. PLM comes as a solution to one of those -- with a great impact at solving others -- scholarly learning or quality education.

For one, it alleviates poverty. But more importantly, it enables one to understand the rudiments of life and his environs, and searches for solutions to the entire gamut of problems that beset humanity.

If all PLMayers will make good of his education for the benefit of everyone, no problem is too big to put into oblivion. Once irreparably compromised, it could mean the end of human existence. Can we combat it? PLM is, undoubtedly, the legendary home of the Unbeatable Champions! Besting, as always, its usual fellow top schools UST 2nd place, The national passing percentage is Sama-sama, ating ipadama Ang pagkatao nating madla. Pagkain, inumin, kumot, maging barya Laking ginhawa sa mga nasalanta.

Pagbangon nila'y ating pagtibayin Kaluwagan nila'y ating mithiin. PLM bested 6 other finalist-universities in both events.

Hats off for bringing honors to PLM! Keep your brains fully charged! CUES encourages the whole PLM Community to respond to the tragic loss of our fellows thru the spirit of Bayanihan for donations in cash or in kind blankets and canned goods until Wednesday, 15 Aug. PLM bested 6 other finalist-universities. Hats off for bringing honors to the University! Public service continues to fulfill the pending work commitments before the public. PLM welcomes back everyone as we reflect on the stark lessons Mother Nature has given us in advance.

Let this wake-up call serve us well while we still have time to care for the only planet, precious as it is, we could live in. This, we shall imbue in our hearts as any true scholar would.

Should classes resume soon this week as the weather would so permit, those shall be treated as regular classes. Keep tuned in for further updates. Rescheduling of exams shall be announced formally. Scholars, you are afforded more than ample time to review.

Give your best shot! PLM believes in you! President Garayblas announces suspension of classes exams and work starting 12nn for the safety of everyone! PLM keeps the spirit high! Keep in mind to be clad in the scholar's uniform, including all freshmen -- proudly at that.

PLM is a Heroes' Lair 02 Aug Voluntary blood donors under Cluster 3 will give life to fellows in dire need of another lease to precious life. Apparently, though, there is yet no supervening factor to declare a suspension of classes under the current circumstances. Mild natural occurrences like the casual rain have been prevalent through history and have not caused any suspension. Should the situation escalate, we will let the public know. Keep yourself connected with PLM, especially thru the official PLM InfoBoard for the vast public and the official CEP Media's mobile tools for PLM officials, faculty, staff and student leaders down to the block presidents who are slated to cascade forward all essential advisories from PLM to their respective constituents.

Watch the Dance Sport groove up our best dancers at 1pm. PLM's objective is to keep everyone safe thru a comprehensive set of preventive measures, while engendering the cooperation of everyone thru a multi-stakeholder approach. Gamus effective 09 July She was college secretary of CAE prior to her designation.

Long-time deputy chief librarian is new Chief Librarian Released: When an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. Great things always begin from the inside. She brought honors to the name of PLM in the "beauty and brains" arena. Catch up with her at the University Cafe shortly after lunch, around 1pm. The word war is on! Live on your TVs, Friday, 29 June, 7pm. Best in Evening Gown Special Awards: Tolentino has earned her doctorate degree in Educational Administration, and a master's degree in Mathematics before that.

Her solid experiences and exceptional job mastery as a University Researcher, along with her educational attainment, exemplary teaching performance and previous work experiences, have prepared her well for a higher area of responsibility.

Graduation and Recognition Committee Released: With large vestiges of joy and excitement to propel our scholarly values even more, the destiny of our scholars have been written by the stars under the devoted tutelage of our professors and the utmost support of our other public servants. This is part of the continuing career development program for the CET faculty to keep their technical wisdom in top shape thru the courtesy of development partners from the industry.

This will immensely benefit our scholars by having a close aperture to global technology trends. Incidentally the Most Outstanding University Student awardee, he brings to forethe value of balanced focus on erudite learning and leadership acumen. He was the president of the CET Student Council when it was awarded as the most outstanding student council.

Acting President Rafaelito Garayblas, assisted by Executive Vice President Gladys France Palarca, congratulates him for his latest feat to hopefully inspire more scholars to follow his footsteps. Wondering on the major events in the Academic Calendar? It is of high import for public institutions like PLM that information are freely accessible to the public -- anytime, anywhere!

Find the Guidelines on Academic Honors and find your way to the pinnacle of success! Make way for and welcome the newest batch of the best and the brightest scholars of the capital city of Manila! Today, CUES opened the UM's aperture to the stark realities of city life in a meeting with barangay captains, capped by a feeding program for street children. We will see more of them in the coming days.

University of Michigan global interculture Released: The complete list of schedule of fees are uploaded at the official institutional website. We see more of our scholars getting involved in volunteer works and global inter-cultural exchanges in cooperation with CUES! Intramuros Student Ambassadors hosted a day-long free guided-tour of Fort Santiago to visitors.

Don't miss meeting them at 9am-1pm around the campus tomorrow. Intramuros Volunteers Day, 21 May Released: Just drop by the Intramuros Visitors Center and you're in for the ride!

Enrollment starts on 24 May 24 until 09 June. Classes start on 09 June. For details, click the link below. Great news for all Iskos and Iskas! What is your best moment with your mom or wife yesterday?

Yes, everything about you or that surrounds you is a miracle, as you likewise are. Check if your parents are eligible: SSS members who want to apply for educational loans for 4-year degree programs can borrow P10, to P15, per semester or as much as P80, to P, payable within 5 years after graduation. SSS will give a grace period of 1-year for amortization , enough time for graduates to look for a job to help the sponsor. Application forms are available at the official AP Facebook page: Deadline of application is on May For guidance, you may look into this link on how to proceed with the pre-enrollment.

The submission of credentials will be on 09 May to 23 May , while their enrollment is slated on 28 May Santos has taken over the helm of CLA as its new officer-in-charge effective 01 May She was the department chair of the Filipino Department prior to her designation. Submission of re-accreditation requirements 08 June: Those interested are encouraged to apply soon. Ask your college how to sign-up!

Tulad ninyong lahat, sila ay nahuhubog sa lubusang kalinangang pam-pamantasan tungo sa pagiging tunay na pantas. On its 2nd year, the biggest single privately-funded scholarship in PLM doubles the slots!

Send in your application to your department chair. Challenge the status quo. Samaniego who stepped down after 2 years of fruitful service. PLM never sleeps nor falters from providing public service to one and all, even on holidays. Honorees may now apply for exam slots and submit their credentials soonest.

The eGrades system shall be deployed in full-scale to all scholars across all colleges in the upcoming semester SY On Friday 30 March , security features were deployed. MILC graduation and awarding ceremonies Released: Gesalan and Raelene Christelle D. This performance, he added, far exceeds the The national passing rate was Garayblas and his Management Team unveiled last Friday the latest innovation in modernizing the academic services in the University -- the online PLM eGrades -- initially through a web-portal accessible thru the official PLM website, and soon through a mobile gateway using the official PLM InfoBoard.

It is one of the top commitments of the current PLM Administration in ensuring a fast, reliable and modernized transaction that is paperless, environment-friendly and empowering to the PLM stakeholders. This will offshoot to an orderly and speedy delivery of grades as one of the visible and lasting impacts of this innovation.

The PLM Administration bares that this is the gateway to more innovative academic services in the future and will only be the beginning of PLM's transformation into a technology-enabled community. Full non-paying scholars, as well as highly-subsidized minimal paying scholars from 3rd-5th years, are not affected at all by said fees. Official CEP media release Advisory as of 6: Public service and administrative works will proceed, though, at PLM. Advisory as of Wed early evening: We will quickly issue a public broadcast should there be.

This advisory is updated as of 5: A Governance and Accountability, Everyone's Responsibility". No classes on Monday Released: Trooping in yellow shirt to Bonifacio Drive in front of equally historic Manila Hotel at 9: The Senate and the House of Representatives regularly rely on PALS members to serve as resource persons on constitutional and legal questions of the day.

The PALS is also a primary source of advice and assistance for lawyer members of the Cabinet on matters of governance. The Supreme Court is expected to announce any day now the results of the reformatted Bar Examinations.

PLM has been recognized for its performance in the Bar Exams for the past 10 years. For the same period, PLM's nationwide ranking is a high 8th. Earlier on, a distribution was made last Dec More schedules are expected until a substantial number of scholars and employees are covered.

Student Council elections Released: The campaign started Monday. MCAT administered to doctor aspirants Released: Official CEP media release Released: This Valentine's Day , post in your commitments on how you can "express your genuine love towards PLM thru concrete actions in your own simple way -- that may leave a modest yet lasting impact to the PLM community.

This temporary inconvenience, from 11am today to 12nn tomorrow, will offshoot to utmost convenience of all stakeholders.

The exam proper for those who have qualified the initial screening of credentials will be on 19 Feb Sunday. The first exam proper for the College of Law freshman admission will be on 24 Feb Friday. At least one exam schedule is slated a month after, but it is best to become an "early bird" if the credential requirements are already in. Invite your relatives and friends to become pure blooded PLMayers too!

CEP media release Released: Final exams and submission of grades are rescheduled earlier by a week. A cut-off score will determine who among them may be admitted to PLM, the results of which shall be released come 17 February Even as we celebrate the feast of the Holy Child today in various parts of Manila, as well as that of the 1st anniversary of this official FB page the other day, PLM wishes the best of Divine blessings as the scholars start to troop down tomorrow to the hallowed halls of the academe for their week-long Midterm exams.

In a milestone event seen to advance our political maturity and strengthen our democratic institutions, tomorrow also marks the first day of the first-ever impeachment trial of the only second Chief Justice to have been impeached in Philippine history. A vehicle for enhancing harmony and understanding. A harbinger of innovation. A testament of unbridled academic and service excellence. So get it on! Formally published at 9: It ushered PLM to touching base with the whole PLM community for purposes of good governance and reasonable transparency.

Gaining ground from the visible positive impact of this public policy initiative, it continues to innovate and mature, even as more strategies will emanate in engaging the public as we vie to further enhance the academic and service excellence of PLM. You can text your comments thru , or post your comments thru the fan page: Garayblas has officially announced the suspension of classes come Monday, 09 Jan , in light of the celebration of the Feast of the Black Nazarene by the faithfuls and devotees.

PLM joins in the celebration of our enduring faith to the grace of the Almighty. A day after Sendong has devastated the Vis-Min region and while Palawan was yet being battered by the storm, PLM has intoned its deep concern over its catastrophic magnitude and stark effects to the localities. As PLM was already on vacation then, a community-wide response may only be fully generated these days. Financial contributions to be coursed thru these networks' foundations are also accepted at CUES.

Let us exhibit how caring we could be to our brothers down south of our nation! Remember, though, that everyday is basically a new year for all of us, as we can always make things better everyday! Happy new year, PLM scholars and public servants! Corporate Social Responsibility As draws to a close and ushers in, a new beginning unveils and sets in. Starting off with environment- and health-friendly programs, will see more exciting public policy initiatives that will greatly impact on the preservation of the dignity and way of life of humanity, now and beyond!

Let us reflect on the lessons of the past, galvanize ourselves into action at the present, and change our future for the better! The Holiday Season is stark with the prevalence of crimes that would dupe you of your hard-earned finances and valuables.

Be informed of what shady characters are usually up to this season. Strategize for your own safety. God bless everyone and keep safe!

Merry Christmas -- from the heart of Intramuros to the whole world! It's message is love through the Almighty's selfless, supreme sacrifice of His beloved Son. PLM's nobility of purpose is exemplified by its mission to educate those who are "less in life" so that they can be "more in the future.

That's why PLM is otherwise known as "Pamantasan" -- where wise men are made and refined. Among the top 5 universities in the country, it is the only one that is not hundreds of years old nor is supported by billions of endowment -- so as to be at par with the elite group of outstanding universities. This Christmas, let us be reminded of how PLM has been the life-changing cause of transformation among the thousands of youth who did not have hope to lead, much less survive, in this world full of prejudice -- until PLM came to their lives -- to bring salvation to their future.

They suffered thru darkness, yet through our hearts, they may finally find that elusive light. Christmas is an opportune time for sharing our love and care, supreme sacrifice of our own comfort for the well-being of others, and many other human virtues with divine roots. The joy of the Holidays is so ubiquitous. Our brothers in Mindanao, though, are reeling from the horror of an unusual devastation in decades just a week before Christmas.

In two adjacent localities alone, fatalities rose up to nearly Most of Mindanao and all of Visayas are not yet accounted even.

A bleak Christmas threatens their inner faith and fortitude to rise up to the challenges of grief and loss of reasons to live meaningfully. Share our little blessings.

Exhibit the virtue of the Season. Certainly, our efforts would go a long way! Fun Run for a Cause, 5am-8am, 11 Dec Released: Join us in this pre-Christmas program to engender volunteerism and selfless-sacrifice in our community of true-blooded scholars!

The pioneering intercollegiate chorale competition in PLM" Released: Register now to receive broadcast messages in your mobile phone and in your FB News Feed! Free use of peer-reviewed professional eJournals Released: Started last 01 July , the free use of peer-reviewed professional eJournals will be available until the end of this year, or a total period of half-year.

Campus Ministry's 28th Foundation Released: Free Microsoft software packages on Tue Released: Free Microsoft software will be given for free to the attendees. Computer Studies Department celebrates 28 foundation year Released: So stop smoking -- for your health and the well-being of everyone, including the environment!

How to Quit Smoking" seminar at GA , pm today. Our synchronized efforts paid off! The Palawan Underground River is crowned as among the new 7 Wonders of Nature in a provisional counting.

Official announcement shall be made in after a series of validation. This has earned dignity and honor for our country, as well as raised awareness on the stark threats of environmental degradation to our world. CET welcomes new leaders Released: Regala who served for a year. Call for Good Samaritans after typhoons Released: Reaching out to your hearts for volunteerism, pls. Pray for World Peace Released: For days from 10 Oct to 30 May , the FRC is enlisting from the faithful a prayer of 5 decades or 1 rosary each day Monday to Saturday for the intentions of one nation, until all nations of the world are covered.

The Sunday Rosary is reserved for our own families and our nation, the Philippines. World Teachers' Day Released: We salute all the passionate and committed educators who continue the tradition of bringing out the best in its scholars and inspiring the next breed of leaders steeped in ethics, values and character. May their selfless sacrifice and devotion to duty, despite the ever-constant dazzling temptation of the industry practice's fortunes, be eternally recognized.

Official PLM email activation for freshmen Released: Public Service Excellence at Full Speed. He officially suspended the classes and administrative works effective 12noon considering, among other equally-important factors, the power outage which may only be restored later in the day as per Meralco advisory. Top of the Hour: PLM resumes classes and administrative works come Wednesday. All CEP media tools are now broadcasting this announcement.

As of 9pm, no announcement yet for Wednesday. The storm signal has waned down from 2 to 1. PCAC groups clinched competition awards Released: Public Service Excellence at Full Speed":: PLM supports the nationwide campaign for Palawan Underground River as among the 7 wonders of the world. More than anything else, it will earn dignity and honor for our country, and raise awareness on the stark threats and challenges of environmental degradation.

Text PPUR to , or click this link: A milestone multi-sectoral MoA signing slated on 20 Aug will bring together the biggest eco-advocates in the Capital City to save our environment so that the future generations may equally enjoy the beauty of Nature. Correct PLM Seal launched in Education for Development," the focus shifts to addressing educational issues and challenges that hamper the fight against poverty. University Dress Code clarifications Released: The opening program unveils at the Rajah Sulayman Gymnasium.

Two administrative staff are invited to attend. Urgent Advisory TD Kabayan: The affected Tuesday exams will be rescheduled. Though traditionally all affected exams are re-scheduled on the same day of the following week, the Office of the University Registrar will issue an appropriate announcement on the final arrangements. Keep safe, our fellow public servants! Your service to PLM all these years to ensure the flame of excellence and benefit our scholars is worthy of emulation and cannot be discounted.

Commemorating Aquino's 2nd death year Released: Aquino thru a flag raising ceremony come Monday, 01 August, 7: Pls keep safe and focus on reviewing for the upcoming exams. Campus Ministry conducts basic orientation Released: A lay forum on "Diabetes Neuropathy" follows at GA , pm.

Electronic journals open the door to vast resources of peer-reviewed scholarly researches all over the world. Kudos to the participants! President Garayblas suspends classes and work as of 2pm. President Aquino is set to deliver the Government's historic prime focus at social transformation as its centerpiece program.

Access the vast database of peer-reviewed professional journals online, in aid of research, at the Library Internet Station. Interested groups may also seek for recollection or retreat sessions. CET freshman orientation slated today Released: Disaster risk management thru survival kits Released: Pescadera was designated as officer-in-charge of the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

He will serve on a concurrent capacity effective 12 July until further orders, in lieu of Dr. Santos who retired at the close of office hours on 11 July, capping a more than a decade of service as VPAA. CME 1st general assembly come July Released: One doesn't have to be Superman to save lives.

Be a blood hero! This is one fine example of PLM's social responsibility advocacy that touches lives across the nation. Everyone inside the campus is enjoined to participate in the drill. The inspiration behind PLM's foundation, national hero Dr. Jose Rizal, also had his sesquicentennial birth celebration commemorated by the PLM community with the unveiling of his bust as the new official PLM landmark.

Manila celebrates th Independence Day Released: The first wave of designations of officers-in-charge of colleges was disseminated today: Pagaduan CAE, 01 June.

The second wave had Prof. PLM ushers into a new school year today Released: PLM's "culture of excellence" continues to flourish! Carrying the name and colors of PLM with dignity, pride and honor, scholars from the College of Human Development made it in less than 30 seconds today at the Pinoy Henyo segment, dislodging UE and Adamson in the weekly level.

PLM braces for 46th Foundation this month Released: Jose Rizal who laid emphasis on education as the true liberator of the Filipino people. He is succeeded by Prof. Ventura effective 01 June. Bring along your parents for orientation at 8am and submit a 2x2 ID picture.

PLM mourns passing of former Board chair Released: The second batch for the hour Java Programming training CET faculty has since started, while the second batch for the eLearning faculty members will be on 02 June.

A trusted and preferred university alongside UP, Ateneo, La Salle, and UST PLM's powerful name and brand equity as a leading scholars' university, whose excellence the CHED has acknowledged as "beyond reproach and a class by itself," has regularly been a specific top preference since the last decade in the personnel hiring of cutting-edge companies.

Registration starts at 7: Enrollment is on 30 May. Labagnoy elevates from her current post as college secretary to college dean come 01 May In her lieu as college secretary is Ms. Hurry, limited slots only. Law school's freshman admission Released: Baccalaureate Mass for Graduands Released: Call for Applicants for Teaching Positions Released: Other exam details in the test permit remain the same, i.

Supreme Court website posts bar passers Released: PLM congratulates its 8 new lawyers in the most difficult bar in almost a decade that resulted to only PLM fielded 12 new law graduates in the bar.

Final exams for 2nd Sem, SY Released: Ang Pamantasan pre-election forum 24 Feb, 1: Suniga releases the schedule for the upcoming student council elections: In its exclusive, by-invitation-only University Leads Forum on 21 Feb, Accenture presented its CSR programs to the officials of select schools whose excellence it trusts and recognizes. The IT Center, as the PLM's manager for innovative programs including recent institutional linkages with the finest names in the industry , is exploring a strong and meaningful industry-academe linkage with Accenture.

More notable is the donation of a modern Accenture Ideas Exchange and Learning Laboratory, including networked computers and environmentals. Likewise, PLM is one of the only two perennial top performing schools that made it in this year's top performers, taking the 4th notch or more examinees and 5th place overall all categories combined. Hence, PLM is the only consistent top performing school with topnotchers this year.

With passers out of examinees, PLM got a Two units, using industrial optical technology, will be on hand.

A Provocative Lecture Released: Lies my teacher told me," featuring Dr. Quibuyen, on 21 Feb, 1: Poster College of Science turns 8 on 16 Feb Released: Riding on the theme, " Leveling up the Research Culture towards Responsible Stewardship of Nature ," the CS is on the right track in upscaling environmental protection and curbing degradation. No classes on People Power anniv, 25 Feb Released: An orientation and profile registration is set on Feb at GA Before the cut-over, a pilot test starts on 16 Feb in parallel with the old bundy system.

Voluntary blood donation comes full circle Released: Law Dean's Lecture Series presents Honasan debuts as resource speaker for this year's first of the Law lecture series themed: Sympathies for a fallen alumna in Makati bus blast Released: The PLM community offers prayers for the eternal repose of her soul. Campus Ministry announces slated events Released: This aims to realize the standing clamor for charter revision.

Rafaelito Garayblas belatedly today his actual birthday is 18 Jan at the catwalk of the Executive Bldg. PLM's public servants thanked him for his well-rounded and empowering leadership that serves as their lodestar in providing service excellence to the scholars and the public.

PhiloMedica Scientia celebrates 22nd year Released: Let's keep the pace of having hits per half-day! Regular announcements to commence soon! Update 2 19 Jan May this momentum reach the hearts of PLMayers all over the globe.

Items of interest will be posted as we innovate our Communication Enhancement Program for the benefit of the PLM community. Registrar releases Midterm exams schedule Released: Departmental exams will cover am and 11am-1pm M to S , and pm M to W. Schedule Law school's freshman admission opens Released: Requirements Primer College of Medicine: Requirements 1st Eucharistic celebration for Released: PLM welcomes back its community Released: PLM looks forward to scaling greater heights even as it strengthens its service excellence towards the youth of Manila.

The Almighty Father's only Son is His answer to the predicament of humanity, so that through His ultimate supreme sacrifice and unconditional love, we may live in His unending grace and away from the clutches of evil. Let us celebrate Christ's birth even as we bring more life and luster to the virtues of Christmas through our selfless consideration of others by way of gifts of love and amity to one and all!

CET shares love to hopeless streetchildren Released: At 1pm of 21 Dec, scholars, professors and employees will convert the University Activity Center into a shelter of faith, love, hope and charity for hapless street youngsters under the spirit of Christmas.

Poster SSC announces slated events for scholars Released: CET celebrates 41st foundation today Released: EcE bagged the Mr. AP conducts Journalism Forum today Released: SSC announces slated events for scholars 02 Dec: Colleges celebrate foundation day Released: Alumni are invited to join in the festivities in an effort to build the largest network of alumni in PLM.

Prevention requires apt education thru seminars. Dugong Alay-Dugtong Buhay continues Released: Let's support our very own delegation! CM undergoes digital class training, 17 Nov Released: PLM suspends works and classes 15 Nov Released: CME celebrates 8th foundation on 18 Nov Released: His service as department chair of Computer Studies is characterized by the solidification of the preference of the IT industry for the PLM graduates, principally for the industry-ready rigid training and ethical learnings being imbued by the CS faculty since the past decade.

His designation is effective 01 Nov. Garayblas announces Internet resumption Acting President Garayblas' earlier approval of the provisioning of Internet benefits in PLM gives way to the reconnection of the University to the information highway.

This is part of the major preparations for the opening of the new semester. Training-Workshop on Community Profiling Released: Training schedules on Oct 21, 22, PLM joins int'l environment campaign Released: A simultaneous worldwide event by www. Mariano who was hired as chief legal counsel by a leading multinational company. NHC chair to lecture on Philippine history Released: Serafin Quiason, chair of National Historical Commission, shall speak on 22 September at the TOP Room on the segments of our country's history that may interest the common citizens.

Blood heroes' day once again! PLM's culture is to save precious lives thru volunteerism and deep concern for our fellows. Medicine Week offers medical outreach Released: The medicine faculty was also on-hand to provide free consultations. Free medicines and vitamins were also dispensed to keep the PLM community's pink of health. Internet pipe soon to serve PLM's needs Released: To the delight of our thousands of scholars, Acting President Garayblas' approval last June will give way to the upcoming reconnection of this academic institution to the information highway with a direct full 1: Nation grieves senseless killings Released: PLM prays for justice and healing.

Placing 4th among the top performing schools nationwide, PLM prides itself of new quality doctors who will lead the social transformation for health services in the country. Electronic classcards soon to deploy in PLM Released: As an enduring testament, CPT comes as a hall-famer, just like the other PLM colleges in their own domains, in producing top performers in the Physical Therapy licensure exam given this July. UP and PLM were the only schools which had the most top placers.

UP again got the 8th slot with Velez College. Free fasting blood glucose screening Released: Sympathies for a fallen Medicine scholar Released: The PLM website is a living document and, thus, a continuously evolving item.

The change and total revamp of the entire website will be gradual, with the home page to take the first noticeable face lift. Mid-Term exams schedule released Released: Download New college officers designated Released: Complete list to be uploaded soon. Sayson's transfer to PUP, Bro.

Hernandez is joined by Ms. Angelica Macasaet as lay campus minister, announced Msgr. Classes and work suspended Wednesday Released: Power and mobile signal are fully restored by past 10pm. Classes and work are expected to resume by Thursday, 15 July. Garry Erwin de Gracia respectively chairs and co-chairs the upcoming Christmas celebration. Download Curriculum Committee reorganized Released: Download Committee on Textbooks created Released: Gamus was named to CME, whose designations are both effective 12 July.

Both designations take effect 07 July. Chosen new stewards of light usher in Released: Led by Florence M. Rosini as editor-in-chief and Benjamin Nathaniel T. Bondoc as her associate, 18 other editors and staffers complete Rosini's court to bring light and continue the long tradition of quality campus journalism in PLM.

Let's be one in saving lives thru blood Released: You are not alone! With your blood donation, who knows the next life to be saved is that of your own family or friend? Nurture their body as you nurture your soul! The culture of giving is a virtue no end. Come 20 July, a new beginning in our community extension services will be launched -- with you and your colleges as the prime movers. Starting now, you can drop by your college and ask how to be a hero or heroine of your community by way of blood donation.

There are so much we can do and achieve if we are one and we move together. SSC thanks supporters on Sapphire celeb Released: A Peek into Wetlands and Architecture. Last schedule for freshman orientation Released: Cruz brought honors to PLM for locking heads with UP-Diliman counterparts where most of his fellow topnotchers hail from.

He leads 19 other new PLM architects. Pamantasan contest, the SSC apologizes for the announcement of another candidate to the 5th slot of the female division's slate of finalists for the PLM Fashionista. Reinstated to the slate was Ms. In the interest of full transparency and honesty, an announcement cum apology was publicly made and to be widely publicized in the Ang Pamantasan 's next issue.

The public statement articulates, among others, that the event's TC has committed an honest mistake, even as remedial measures were instituted as an offshoot of the circumstances, one of which was to restore the sanctity of the slate to its pristine state before the commission of the human error which was neither deliberate nor intentional.

CME who were also proclaimed as "Sun's Brightest" candidates for their razor-sharp answers to questions leveled on them. Their court is completed by Mr.

CET bagging the 1st runner-up posts, with Mr. CMC as 2nd runners-up. Judged by luminaries in various fields, Mr. CET bagged the most in the category awards, while Ms. CMC tied in the ladies' division. Completing the finalist slate were Mr. Amid a heavy rainpour that forced the organizers to change the venue at the last minute, the biggest Sapphire foundation anniversary event was successfully conducted Saturday, 19 June.

Lim exhorts more benefits for scholars Released: This comes as a welcome news for the Supreme Student Council which is poised to lead the transformational revolution to optimize the policy statement of the father of Manila for the benefit of the studentry. Mayor Lim also stressed that the loyalty of the employees is to the institution, not to its President or any person running the institution.

He exhorted the PRAISE Committee to come up with an award category for those who have stood their ground to fight and expose the abuses of the presidency to avoid excesses in the mismanagement of PLM. CAE Accountancy places at 3rd. It's a blue year for the Sapphire milestone Released: Event highlights are from June. Download the slated events. GSL announces opening of tri-sem subjects Released: Classes started on 07 Jun. Last enrolment on 11 June. Memo University Calendar Competitive exam for campus journalists on Released: Filing of application is until 26 May.

PLM public servants to take dev't confab Released: Faculty dev't confab in Baguio City Released: April New Regents attend first Board meeting Released: CL fetes a testimonial for bar passers and faculty Released: More college officers designated Ms.

Supreme Court Justice Angelina S. New college officers designated Dr. Collao is new Asst. Dean for Faculty Affairs and Research in lieu of Dr. Samaniego , both effective 20 April. Microsoft's director for Asia-Pacific Released: List 42nd Commencement Exercises on 16 April Released: Some 1, names of successful examinees were posted at the University Activity Center.

OUR issues Summer sched: Memo OUR releases Finals sched: Talakayan sa Tagumpay ng Kababaihan Released: University Recognition Released: Student Council elections on 26 Feb Released: Loss of a public servant and dear friend Released: She served 30 years and was a Service awardee in last year's Foundation day.

How about an eye for photography? Deadline for submission extended to 27 Feb! Education Seminar on automated election Released: Hands-on demo mock voting using official PCOS machines is among the highlights. Lim will deliver the commencement address before a total of new graduates, 17 of whom are outstanding students. Law admission tests set on month ends Released: Downloadable primer available soon.

Midterm Exams schedule on Jan Released: Renewal of parking stickers for vehicles Released: Owners are advised to renew on a first-come-first-serve basis due to limited parking space inside the University.


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