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This is a great meal. This is absolutely beyond delicious. I even used lowfat milk and it was still incredible. I will be making this a regular dish; thank you so so much!!! This looks so good. My family are trying to cut out beef from our diet and how would you prepare this dish if you used ground turkey?

What kind of cheese do you use? I see white cheese in the video, is it parmesan? I plan on making this soon. I am wondering how much time you would recommend in the oven for rehearing with sharing or just making extra to freeze. I would probably let thaw in the refrigerator overnight if you could, and then do a quick bake at covered for just until hot.

The stove top or microwave works just as well too. Made this tonight and it was amazing! I didnt have any beef broth onhand but i had an onion soup package. I replaced the macaroni with fusilli. I added just over a cup of fresh spinnach, but I think next time I may double that for a single recipee.

At 12 minutes it was still like soup for me, so I continued simmering at medium for another minutes and it was perfectly thick saucy coating over the beef and noodles! I am currently posting this to my facebook page with picture which I rarely do because it was so incredible tasting and super easy first time recipee even with a screaming teething 5 month old baby!

Thank you so much for posting this, so glad I found it! It makes me so happy to hear you say that! I made this as written and it was a HUGE hit with my family of 6.

Thanks for the healthy recipe. It was nice to have this recipe to make when my hubby wanted a hamburger casserole. I also have my own secret homemade helper recipe, feel free to try it out yourself — you can find it here http: I love trying new versions of my favorites!

I kind of rushed through making this, there was a hungry man waiting! And I cooked the noodles first because 1. I noticed later, after I made my wonderful SOUP that the ingredients list for the doubled recipe does specify uncooked macaroni. Perhaps you could either change that on the first ingredients list or in the recipe note to cook until the pasta is done as per instructions on the box, as many will substitute different noodles anyway. I will update the recipe! Thank you for the recipe; I was looking for a healthier alternative to regular box hamburger helper.

I made it today and probably botched it a bit, but it still turned out ok. I also need to adjust the amount and type of cheese I put in. What type of cheese do you normally use? I had no problem with excess liquid. I used ground deer meat very lean , min elbows, and I squeezed the water out of the spinach. I normally use regular cheddar I mean full fat and not low fat — I think it melts better and stays smoother. I like a lot of spinach, so I might use the entire box next time.

I also used one can of roasted diced tomatoes instead of sauce. This was so good I will double it next time so I can have leftover to pack for lunch. It would be great to specify what type of tomato sauce you meant. I thought you where talking about plain tomato sauce in a can. Toward the end of the comments you said you liked Classico, which I would think of as a pasta sauce. I guess I will try this using pasta sauce. It will work just as well with plain tomato sauce, you might just find you want to increase the spices to your tastes.

I have a very happy hubby right now, this was delicious! I may try it with half Italian sausage next time! I just made this tonight and followed the recipe, and it was gud. This worked perfectly for me. I always check your blog first when searching childhood favourites.

Also added spinach last and added diced tomatoes. I swear it would kill me to follow a recipe to the t lol. That could be Jessica! I always use lean beef so I never have any liquid left over after browning. Not draining frozen spinach adequately enough could also be a reason.

One question — by 1 cube of frozen spinach, do you mean the whole block of frozen spinach that comes in a box like Green Giant, ex? That seems like an awful lot, so I figure I am missing something! Oh sorry Jaimie — I should have been more clear! I just made this tonight and it was delicious! Adults and picky kids loved it. I had no issues with too much liquid.

However, I was out of tomato sauce so I used about a cup of tomato paste instead, added a little water, and just watched the liquid as it cooked. Thank you for sharing. ALL good, though- we loved it!

Thanks for the nostalgia- we eat way too clean and healthy to ever have the real HH, but both remember it from growing up… with Grass Fed beef and organic ingredients, this was the perfect throw back! I tried this tonight and if was soooo good. I didnt have beef broth so I used a bouillon cube. Also, i added too much liquid totally forgot I wasnt boiling pasta LOL so i added a teaspoon of corn starch.

It looks and tastes like hamburger helper, but its so much healthier! I would just make sure your pasta is no more than al dente, or even a little less I find freezing it and reheating makes it a little softer , and I would freeze it completely prepared.

You could then reheat it in the oven. Now I know what to do with our leftover taco meat! In Australia, tomato sauce is what we call your ketchup. Do you mean passata? And the recipe calls for an awful lot of it. Passata makes more sense to me.

Pizza sauce, or even plain crushed tomatoes and add in some extra herbs. Passata is an Italian light sauce made from sieved tomatoes. Here we buy it by the bottle. But people always answer my questions, which is generous. I followed directions, but seems my milk curdled! Still tastes ok but doesnt look very appetizing! Sorry to hear that! I would maybe try simmering at a lower temperature?

What kind of milk did you use? Just made it and it is totally soup! Will decrease the broth am No milk next time! It does have a good flavor though! I do usually use high fiber pasta, though, so that might make a difference. I prepared this tonight for dinner and it was a hit. Added some chill powder and other spices to zip it up a bit and had it with hot sauce. Thanks for the recipe. Thank you so much for sharing a great recipe. I also miss Hamburger helper but know now as an adult the sodium and preservatives that go into it are awful!

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