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❶While most medical assistants work a standard hour week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS reports that some work part time, evenings or weekends.

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It is mandatory that the medical assistants always take instructions and subject themselves to the instructions of their superiors. This is vital to reduce the amount of pain which arise due to costly mistakes which often times are committed when medical assistants decide to assume the physician's instruction.

According to Medical Assistant Net , "as many as 98, patients die as the result of medical errors in hospitals each year. In the medical field it of great significance that ethical standards are maintained. This should be the case for all the practitioners in the medical field. This association dictates the medical ethical standards exclusively for the medical assistants. The association has a code of ethics and a medical assistant creed. According to AAMA , all the medical assistants should strive to uphold on a daily basis the set standards of ethics.

These ethics are touches on rendering of dignity in full respect to humanity. The information which is obtained from the employer or through employment ought to be kept as a secret with the only exceptions being in legal cases. The medical assistants are expected to maintain and uphold the high principles of the profession at the same time seeking to improve their skills in the field so that they are in a position to handle the patients well.

The medical assistants are also expected to participate in other activities which should be aimed at improving the health of the surrounding community AAMA, , par. AAMA has developed a creed which the association challenges the medical assistants to commit themselves to. The moral and ethical creed is as follows:. I believe in the principles and purposes of the profession of medical assisting.

I endeavor to be more effective. I aspire to render greater service. I protect the confidence entrusted to me. I am dedicated to the care and well-being of all people. I am loyal to my employer. I am true to the ethics of my profession. I am strengthened by compassion, courage and faith AAMA, , par.

In most cases dilemma situations require tough decisions to be made. An instance of a an ethical dilemma for a medical assistant is one who works for a family physician in a given community now at the age of 75 years having served the community for 45 years.

The medical assistant notices that the family physician has started showing signs of dementia. This has led to physician to offer a low quality service to the patients.

In such a case the medical assistant is either going to report the case to the relevant authorities or simply assume the situation to protect the physician's license? In such a case Gohsman offers the following procedure for solving such a dilemma.

The first step is to fully understand the cause of the dilemma. It is important that the medical assistant is sure of this because the subsequent steps rely on the cause identified. The next step should be to list the available choices. Choices which are not legal should be eliminated. In this case the choices include talking with the physician directly, reporting him to his senior or even reporting to the state board.

From the list of legal available choices the medical assistant should next examine the likely result of each choice. The last step seemingly the hardest involves weighing whether the harm done to other parties is more than good for the others Gohsman, , p.

Medical assistants are of great help to the physicians they work for. They make it possible for the practitioners to be effective in their practice. Just like all the other practitioners in the medical field, the medical assistants are expected to maintain high standards in the field. For the medical assistants this will include acting on the instructions given by the practitioners and adhering to the code of ethics as set by AAMA.

The medical assistants are also expected to make sound decisions when faced with medical dilemmas. All this should be focused on giving the patient quality care. Our writers, managers and support agents have been dealing with academic ghostwriting for many years. Medical assistants are called for to balance the goals and interests in achieving the social, medical and economic efficiency.

To fulfill all the necessary responsibilities medical assistants must have a certain amount of knowledge and skills that they receive in the process of theoretical and practical training. Observing the types of knowledge that Medical Assistants explore, we can mention that specific courses for this occupation cover not only medical disciplines such as anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, but also accounting, keyboarding, recordkeeping, transcription, and even insurance processing.

Students who are going to become medical assistants may learn various types of clinical and diagnostic procedures, specific features of laboratory techniques, pharmaceutical principles, and, of course, be able to provide the first aid in any situation.

In addition, each medical assistant may also be an expert in ethics, medical law, patient relations, and even in various office practices. It is true that disciplined, executive and accurate medical assistant is a good assistant to the physician, and only combining their efforts both health professionals will achieve success in treatment. To do this, a medical assistant should remember that it is not enough to be content with the knowledge gained in medical school, because it is important constantly multiply them to achieve a really good result in own practice by reading medical literature.

This principle becomes all the more necessary in the frames that medical science is advancing all the time; more and more new treatments and diagnostics appear in it each year. All the doubts that a medical assistant has in own practice should be shared with a physician without any hesitation. Breen, Plueckhahn and Cordner stated that as much as a doctor, a medical assistant is responsible for the mistakes in the work before the court, but not judicial responsibility should guide the behavior of medical assistant, because the most influential responsibility is exactly moral responsibility.

A refusal to provide first aid may be punished by moral and judicial responsibility.

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Medical Assistants work more in the front of office and hospital assisting patients and checking them in. By knowing some Medical Assistants I know some of their duties .

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The work of a medical assistant varies from place to place ("Medical Assistant" 39). While in high school, to help become a medical assistant, one should take math, science and computer courses. English and speech communications will 3/5(10).

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Medical Assisting essays It has been said that the job of a medical assistant is expected to be one of the ten fastest growing occupations through the year The medical field is a fast growing field, which makes people interested in the field of medicine. (“The medical assistant career”) Medical Assistants are certified by one of several agencies. Certification is important, particularly for those applying for entry level positions, since it indicates competence in the field.

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Essay on Medical Assistant is a Rewarding Career Words | 3 Pages. Medical Assistant Being a medical assistant can be a satisfying career choice for those who take pleasure in helping others, have superior communication skills, and are . Open Document. Below is an essay on "Why I Want to Be a Medical Assistant" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples/5(1).