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What is Overfishing?

Causes of Overfishing

❶Their argument is built on empirical evidence the case history of the Asian tsunami as well as research on planning for and adapting to storms and climactic changes in coastal zones and on small islands, and they proceed in an inferential, closely reasoned manner. Causes of Corol ref degradation..

Effects of Overfishing

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Overfishing – Essay Written By Tang

A major concern right now is the problem of overfishing. Ocean overfishing simply means catching fish from sea at rates too high where fish stocks become too depleted to recover.

WWF defines Overfishing as,. Gathering as many fish as possible may seem like a profitable practice, but overfishing has serious consequences. The results not only affect the balance of life in the oceans, but also the social and economic well-being of the coastal communities who depend on fish for their way of life. Millions of people depend on fishing for their livelihood and for billions of people rely on fish as their key source of protein.

With increased overfishing related practices and without sustainable management, many fish stocks are reduced to below acceptable levels. Then we would have to find a new food supply that we can depend on but if we fail to find a new food supply that meets our needs, then we would be depleted or exploited just like the fish did. By now humans have lost all our tracking, gathering, and hunting skills that our ancestors passed down.

So if we were to go back to hunting and gathering, we would be able to do so. Animals can reproduce slower that fish so what if animals fail to reproduce. Then what will we do? I believe that if all the fisher, fish what they need and not more than what they need, the ecosystem will have a chance to reproduce and avoid being endangered or extinct. Marine Stewardship Council, put labels on food that sys if the fish that is caught is sustainably.

These are just some of the organization that makes a difference. You can start your organization to save species of fish from going extinct. Just last year I made my own pledge not to eat or buy products that are made sharks for a month.

I other people who I knew that are going to be willing to do it sign my pledge. At the end I got 20 people who agreed not to eat or buy products that are made from sharks. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Speed here is of essence and spices like flying fish are able to jump out of water to escape predators. Others that lack like jellies are transparent. Turtles will have a shell to protect them. Gills enable animals to manage different water pressures like the sharks while whales have the capability of holding their breaths for longer periods.

On the other hand, since the benthic zone does not allow sunlight to reach it due to its depth beyond feet , some fish and crustaceans, at this level do not see, in fact half of the species at this level are blind.

In this sense, the organisms have adapted to produce their own lights from their specialized parts in their bodies known as photophores. In addition, since there is lack of phytoplacton to start the food chain, life is limited and fish have adapted to fulfill their needs. For instance, some…… [Read More].

Warming Arctic Global Warming Has. Scientists are unable to determine the amounts of gases that will be released into the atmosphere because the early studies on permafrost melting are no longer accurate. The melting of the permafrost does not only affect the environment because of the gases that it releases, but also, because it would lead to the erosion of the Arctic coastlines.

This would have a devastating impact on the industry present there and on sites that are of great cultural importance. Communities and ecosystems are anticipated to be affected by the floods coming in through the coastal wetlands. The financial costs required for mass movements are colossal, and, in some areas, relocation processes have already taken place. Communities and industrial facilities in coastal areas have had no other solution than to reposition, given the…… [Read More].

Invertebrate Ocean Acidification and the. This is a concern which is also raised in the article by Monroe , where the results of an experiment designed to confirm this effect were as expected. Accordingly, "[Victoria] Fabry, a biological oceanographer and visiting researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, studies the effects of ocean acidification on the mollusks known as pteropods.

In one experiment, only 48 hours of exposure to slightly corrosive seawater caused normally smooth shells to become frayed at the edges on their way to eventual dissolution, severely diminishing their owners' chances of survival. Windmills as a Source of. When finished, it will produce enough energy to power 8, Oahu homes and reduce carbon dramatically.

The Kaheawa Wind Power farm expansion now has 14 more turbines which will make it a 50 megawatt production center with some capability for overnight battery storage. Even with the advances in technology, the idea of using wind -- a free resource that simply needs funding for equipment and maintenance, is increasingly important "enewable Energy Sources," Other companies are exploring the combination of solar and wind to produce energy for smaller projects. One case in point is the Parker ang, using a combination grid and tracking system that literally turns cells toward the sun and aims the wind turbines.

This system was built in just 5 months, and will completely pay for itself…… [Read More]. History of the Future Strathern. This became an age in which visionary thinkers said, "see, we told you so," and were able to garner additional support from not only the activist type, but the regular citizen. Talking Points Malthusian dynamics overpopulation and resource allocation became a focus of futurists.

Marshall McLuhan, for one, combined futuristic predictions with analysis of global media and advertising trends. Noam Chomsky was revolutionizing the idea of linguistics as a way to view our innate cultural mechanisms. Science fiction writers like Clarke, Asimov, and Lem pushed the boundaries of science as far as possible -- insisting that the reader ask very difficult questions about what it truly means to be human, what it truly means to have conservatorship of a planet, and whether or not we have the wisdom to maintain life on earth as we know it.

Chapter 6 -- Fast Forward Arthur C. Clarke made an interesting remark about…… [Read More]. Guano The Rise and Fall. The year had been the most successful when concerning the amounts of money made over guano.

Subsequently, people lost their interest in guano, since it seemed to have lost its fertilizing superiority. It appears that the success experienced by guano had been owed to several intervening factors.

Firstly, guano had no serious competitors at the time when it became known around the world. Secondly, the fact that its British supporters had promoted it brought confidence to the farmers. The industry only lasted for a few decades, as people had focused their attention on alternatives.

Farming changed along with the coming of artificial fertilizers, which surpassed guano both in price and in efficiency. Not only did guano have to suffer as a result of better fertilizers emerging, but it also lost important ground because of its reserves being consumed. It seemed that all hope had been lost when concerning guano…… [Read More]. Systems Planet Earth Is Recognized. All things considered, humans depend on the global ecosystem and its balance, and, as long as we want to provide the future generations with a healthy life in a healthy world, we have to help nature regain its former glory.

Ecosystems are yet another proof that nature is clever and that it can use a multitude of factors to create perfect environments. It is almost a miracle how ecosystems have worked together to create the present day world, where countless organisms live together and depend on each other. If each person, corporation and government acts in such a manner, the common good will be protected.

If not, one actor or group can contribute significant damage to the commons at the expense of the others. Land use decisions contribute to deforestation, overgrazing and other problems.

Urban sprawl swallows land useful for farming. Overfarming and overfishing contribute to depletion. Excessive water use is diminishing our supply of fresh water. The product of toxic substances further poisons the Earth. Carbon dioxide emissions as a result of the internal combustion engine are contributing significant pollution. Nearly ever facet of human activity contributes in some way to the pollution and depletion of the planet's…… [Read More].

Human Populations That Are in. Citing a host of adverse climactic circumstances and other negative phenomena that impacts the coastal zone, as well as historical incidents where large-scale casualties occurred in these regions, they provide a hypothetical- argument for the need for resilience of citizens of these coastal regions. They go on to demonstrate how, given today's expanded global connection, tragedy can more intensively impact wider swathes and lead to exacerbated damage, and, on the other hand, how condensed and unified human agency on multiple NGO and governmental levels can enhance resilience.

Their argument is built on empirical evidence the case history of the Asian tsunami as well as research on planning for and adapting to storms and climactic changes in coastal zones and on small islands, and they proceed in an inferential, closely reasoned manner. In regards to the Asian tsunami, effective and instinctive positive response encouraged socio-ecologial resilience to the…… [Read More].

Corporate Roles in Environmental Ethics. In turn, this complexity is driven by an increasing understanding of sustainability, going "green," and bringing ethical and moral philosophy into the business community.

Francois Barrault, CEO, BT Global Services, said that by supporting sustainability his company hoped not only to reduce its carbon footprint but also to attract younger people who prefer to work for environmentally and socially responsible companies.

He didn't always think that way, though. Barrault said that when he first met former U. Globalization Has Changed the Face. Translated into something we can understand readily: This assignment opened my eyes to a new way of looking at food -- I will be unable to go into a grocery store and look at rows and rows of perfect fruits and vegetables; knowing that half are thrown out while people starve. In the same manner, knowing that each American…… [Read More].

Environmental Ethics US Government and Environmental Ethics The United States government has had a long history with the environment, beginning with the very beginning of the settlement of the Pilgrims, through the industrialization era, forming the beginning principles of having national parks, and to today with the onset of climate change and the environmental hazards of the 21st century.

National Park Service, Compared to other countries, the U. There are several government agencies that have been created through the years to govern the vast territories that have been preserved, but the amount…… [Read More]. Atlantic Blue fin tuna is a pat of the Scombidae family and its scientific name is Thunnus Thynnus.

It is also known as Nothen Blue fin tuna and is closely elated to the Pacific blue fin tuna and the Southen blue fin tuna. They ae a highly evolved fish species that have an aveage life span of 15 to 30 yeas. Physical Desciption The Atlantic blue fin tuna is one of the lagest fishes alive today.

It has a metallic blue colo on top and a silvey white at the bottom to camouflage it in the deep oceans against pedatos such as whales and shaks. Thei body is shaped like a topedo and this gives them the speed to get away fom pedatos as quickly as possible despite thei big size and weight. An aveage Atlantic blue fin tuna can gow to about 6.

Dead Zone Consequences on Marine. It can be influenced by winds and tides. Infrequent episodic oxygen depletion occurs less than once per year.

It is the first signal a system has reached a critical point of eutrophication, which combined with physical processes causes hypoxia.

Persistent hypoxia occurs in systems prone to persistent stratification. Progression Phase one of coastal hypoxia enhances the deposition of organic matter that promotes microbial growth and respiration and produces greater demand for oxygen.

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Jan 22,  · This overfishing problem can also cause effects, one of the current effects of overfishing is, the population of the top food chain predators such as sharks, tunas, swordfish, and marlins have decreased by 90%.

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This essay covers the world crisis of overfishing and its effects on the global economic and environment. Essay has found that fisheries are facing unusual crisis due to overfishing and overfishing is further threaten to the future sustainability of fisheries, the livelihoods of coastal fisheries and ecosystems.

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Overfishing in Fiji waters is caused to the large number of foreign fishing vessels. Some of these vessels are taking illegal steps to ensure they take more fish back home. Recently Greenpeace undertook and investigation in the fishing industry. Essay on The Effects of Overfishing on the Restaurant Industry To fish or not to fish is a personal choice. The fact that the oceans are being overfished is a growing concern for individuals, organizations, and governments throughout the world.

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Powerful Essays words | ( pages) | Preview The Consequences of Overfishing - Overfishing Introduction A significant of fish acquired is called overfishing, the problem with this definition stems from the poor insight into mechanisms that regulate recruitment. Aug 03,  · Overfishing is escalating day by day as fishermen are catching fish and other valuable marine species at a rate that is faster than their reproduction rate. The ever-increasing global demand for seafood along with the meager management of fishing industry and invention of more efficient fishing tools and techniques need immediate measures.