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Sample Essay on Healthy School Lunches in America

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❶In this paragraph, you introduce a fourth claim to support your thesis.

Healthy school lunches in America: The First Lady's perspective

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What is the cost of a nutritious school meal in The United States?

School lunches can easily be improved if more effort and money are invested into them. School lunches are just one step in improving the health of many students. Schools are always preaching to students about how they need to have a balanced diet and eat healthier, but when the schools are serving what they do at lunch it is very deceitful. There are multiple ways to resolve this issue including, having a fundraiser for the lunch program, eliminating certain unhealthy foods, giving the students more healthy options, and even having students bring their own lunch to school.

Everybody knows money does not grow on trees. Schools are in a harder spot then ever when it comes to money right now. That does not mean that they should just buy cheap and horrible food for the students.

Fundraising is an easy and reliable way to earn money for these types of situations. Fundraising is a simple and effective way to get money for whatever the cause is. One of the easiest ways to make school lunches healthier is to eliminate the worst item off the menu. Moreover, this problem of cost is exacerbated when schools begin outsourcing their lunch programs to food management companies. But they know how to manage the subsidies" Schreiber.

These companies, of course, have little incentive to improve the quality of school lunches, insofar as such improvements would get in the way of their profit motive; and as for the schools themselves, most are likely just grateful to have solved the problem of producing meals on such a budget in a relatively painless way. The situation thus becomes one in which the government itself is the only primary stakeholder pushing for healthier school lunches but also refuses to invest the kind of money that would be required in order to actually make this happen.

The economics of the matter thus tend to take precedence, and school lunches tend to remain how they are. There is a second critical issue facing the push for healthier school lunches—an issue that is so obvious that one may almost be forgiven for having forgotten about it. One of the leading causes of obesity in children is not having access to healthy food. Here, they are provided a healthy balanced meal and declining to eat it. Getting fresh fruits and vegetables onto lunch trays in public schools was only half the battle, because it turns out most kids still aren't eating them.

Researchers from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health studied students' eating habits and found nearly six out of 10 won't even touch a healthy food option on their plate Olson. And of course, there would be no point at all in making such healthy options available in the first place, if there is no effective way to persuade students to actually eat the stuff and much of it will end up going in the garbage.

In short, there would seem to exist a serious disjunction between the concept of the healthy on the one hand and the concept of the desirable on the other—a disjunction that policymakers have apparently failed to take with adequate seriousness. Exactly 13 minutes later she was done. The chicken nuggets and the starch were gone. But the green beans? Still there in a neat pile and headed straight for the trash". Among other things, that is a whole lot of wasted time, money, and effort.

It would seem that from the perspective of many children, the healthy option in school lunches barely even registers as edible food at all, given how they treat it: This is a very serious issue, and unless it is addressed in a meaningful way, any further discussion about the value of healthier school lunches would clearly be rendered irrelevant.

The problem, at least to some extent, would seem to be that school lunches are typically so poorly integrated in the first place. After all, in most normal meals, it is not possible to discretely separate out the healthy component from the unhealthy component; rather, the meal is generally called healthy exactly because it has a good integration of the different components within an actual single unit, as it were.

This is a tactic that is commonly used by fast food companies used to mask the health risks typically associated with easting fast food. In their attempts to follow the letter of nutritional requirements, however, most school lunch programs would seem to neglect the concept of the meal as a whole, simply cobbling together various items that technically meet the requirements but are not on the balance appetizing as a whole to the children who are supposed to eat them.

The result, then, could be called sadly predictable: The abysmal quality of school lunches within America becomes especially apparent when these lunches are compared with lunches elsewhere in the world.

For example, one school in France where one "finds schoolchildren eating scallops, lamb skewers and a cheese course" Siegel. At a certain level, then, it can be suggested that the problem with American school lunches is a conceptual one. Wrong email address or password! Summer Program Reviews College Reviews.

Writers Workshop Regular Forums. Program Links Program Reviews. More by this author Follow Jimmer I like this 0. Students Should Brace for Independence. Homework, It gets you Nowhere. Not the Correct Answer. This article has 3 comments. Email me when someone replies. I understand where you are coming from, sometimes all kids eat is junk food.

And if that is pretty much all they eat then at school when they serve the healthy food that they serve that is the only meal0 of the day that they eat that is actually healthy. But like I said before, I totally see where you're coming from.

This is a great initial piece. I totally agree with you schools should serve healthy school lunches.

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School / College; School lunches; School lunches. June 2, But if students do decide to eat school lunches they need to be aware of what they are eating. This is a really good essay.

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