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❶The points you make must have a very clear link to the question.

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Sorry if that sounds confusing. Also, how many poems should you include to your answer? Marina Follow 0 followers 2 badges Send a private message to Marina Follow 13 Original post by kayleigh15x So confused about the 8 mark question. Follow 14 Original post by Marina Only include one poem, that's what I was told!

I'm also doing Edwin Morgan! Hoping Good Friday doesn't come up! Follow 15 Original post by kayleigh15x Thank you! I'm hoping it will be Winter, but for some reason I feel like it will be Slate. Follow 16 Follow 17 Last edited by Nicolas; at Follow 18 For our prelims the question asked us to discuss the development of a character throughout the play and i legit forgot half my quotes but i still got an A because I explained the development clearly.

This is for drama though, for poems quotes are inevitable hahhahha. Last edited by yeolk; at Jradn89 Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Jradn Follow 19 For the 8 mark question on the Scottish text what does the 2 comparison marks mean?

I've only studied Sailmaker Scottish text and Dulce et decorum est poem. Follow 20 You don't need too compare because ones a poem and ones a drama. This forum is supported by: Can't stop stealing other girls' boyfriends. GF never initiates sex.

Part 35 Started by: Advice on everyday issues Replies: Grow your Grades Replies: The Left should learn from Donald Trump Started by: Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets CSS if you are able to do so.

This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving. History Credit - essay question. Credit - essay questions When answering these questions, a couple of points you should try to remember are: You need an introduction, separate paragraphs and a conclusion. Write in full sentences. Make sure your introduction and conclusion are different. Have roughly three to four paragraphs.

Have one to two facts in each paragraph. Have faith that you have done your best. This is particularly the case when it comes to footnotes and bibliographies, which are often filled with tiny mistakes. Fix it once, and explain what you did. This is not high school, and it is not your job to find every single mistake on an essay and correct it. The same goes for grammar and spelling. To save yourself from having to either remember what you said last time or type or to write the same sentence over and over again, create a Word document with your most common comments.

This is sometimes referred to as a Comment Bank or a Teaching Toolbox. If you save your comments on your computer, read through them and copy and paste the most common into a new Word document. In general, you should avoid description as much as possible. Odds are you will receive several papers on a given topic.

This way you only do the research once, rather than a million times. This is also helpful if you want to evaluate whether your students have selected appropriate sources or have missed important ones. Your comps list can be a great starting point. They each have their own purposes, but the odds are you will need to convert between them.

Even when working at one institution for many years, it can be hard to do this conversion in your head. Spend several years as a sessional at multiple universities with their own ideas about what each letter grade means, and the problem grows exponentially. My solution is is to use an Excel spreadsheet of grades. This is relative easy to create. Mine look like this:. The first is a numeric grade. You can fill these in manually, or you can use a formula. The same is true for marking.

A stack of essays seems insurmountable. So what I do is break that stack down into manageable groups, usually 3 or 5 essays, which is about an hour to an hour and a half of grading, depending on the length of the essay.

I sit down, grade those essays, type the comments up, put the grades into my grading sheet, and then take a break of at least 45 minutes. It really does help make the grading feel achievable while also ensuring that you are giving your mind a break every one in a while.

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Though his second novel, Only Revolutions (), was. Includes how to answer the question, including right diagrams and evaluation - primarily designed for A 8 mark essay help Level geography homework help ks3 students.

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How to Get a Perfect 8|8|8 SAT Essay Score. Posted by Laura Staffaroni | Feb 7, PM. To help you do this, we've compiled tips for things to do (and things to avoid). Do spend time: Writing as much as you can without including repetitive or irrelevant information. 8-MARK ESSAYS There is ALWAYS an 8-mark essay question to answer in one of the Units at Credit Level. You will need to allow minutes to answer this question. Of the eight marks available, two are awarded for structure: Introduction.