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The Essay Formula

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Essay Writing- A Simple Formula

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What 5 Things Does Your SAT Essay Need?
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It's since been used in classrooms across the country by many satisfied strangers. I've gotten countless emails from adherents -- and these emails are always the same: In my reading of Greek history, I stumbled across an obscure military maneuver, one designed for troops penetrating deep in enemy lines. It seemed to be used by the greatest of generals from the Spartan Brasidas to the Athenian Xenophon an actual student of Socrates.

I thought, if this one trick can protect a ten thousand man march through country after country of hostile territory, it can probably work for a silly school paper. Their tactic was this: As they moved away from unfavorable ground, the men would defend their side, stepping out only slightly to meet their attackers and then retreating immediately back to the safety of the shape. And thus they were completely impenetrable, able to travel fluidly and slowly demoralize the attacking army.

As Xenophon wrote, the idea was that having prepared hollow square in advance, so that "we should not have to plan [everything defense related] when the enemy is approaching but could immediately make use of those who have been specially detailed for the job. My essay format works the same. Consider your introduction as the creator of the shape, and then the following paragraphs making up each side.

They venture outwards when called to but never abandon the safety of the formation entirely. It is a process of constant realignment, maintaining the square at all cost.

In terms of "writing" you need only to create a handful of original sentences for the entire essay: Everything else is a variation of these four sentences in some way. Together they create the square, and the serves as the point of return -- much like Chuck Palahniuk concept of "chorus lines see in books like Fight Club , where whenever the plot gets off track he immediately comes back to one -- "I am Jack's sense of rejection. Forget your teacher's boring prompt.

Let's do real work, real writing. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby -- with blatant corruption and illegal activity -- eventually seems to become all but incompatible with a meaningful incarnation of the American Dream.

One sentence laying foundation for first body paragraph. These are mini-theses for each point you will argue. Some say the thesis should go at the bottom of the intro instead of the top, which I think is a huge mistake. The point of a paper is to make an assertion and then support it. You can't support it until you've made it. As a general rule never use more than of the author's words. Normally you can use even less: You can see why this frees you up as a writer; essentially, the format requires just six original sentences and the rest is nothing more but reiteration and support.

It works for a paper of words just as much as it does for one of pages. It's self-generating, self-reinforcing and self-fulfilling. Could you ask for anything better?

Just like the tactics of the great generals, by laying out the square in advance with clear, orderly lines, you insulate yourself from the chaos of improvisation. You mark the boundaries now so later you don't have to. Each paragraph is given a singular purpose and its only duty is to fulfill it. No longer is the professor or teacher grading you in terms of the prompt, because you have redefined the dynamic on your terms.

By marking the boundaries out early, excellence is achieved simply by filling them in with your sentences. You take the prompt and make it your own. You place the reader in the middle of the square, protected by all sides, and methodically move them forward, defending doubts and objections as they arise. With the strongest thoughts at the introduction and at the conclusion, you make it so that the reader -- or the soldiers, as historian VD Hanson pointed out -- "might be led by the former and pushed by the latter.

The middle is just details. The thesis is the entire paper-as it is, and always should have been. Your desire to attend the school to which you are applying? Admission officers read countless essays, and yours is sure to stand out with an attention-grabbing first sentence or paragraph.

Start with a quote, a striking fact or an interesting story. Your options are endless…almost. The word limits for essay prompts exist for a reason: If there is a word limit, stick to it.

If not, be courteous in the length of your response. Read and reread your college admissions essay with a fine tooth comb. Admission committees will have just read through your application; the last thing they want to do is read another form of your information, achievements and extracurricular involvement.

The essay is a supplement and it should act as such. Use it to add to your application by showcasing another side of yourself. In the event that there is something on your application that you do need to explain, your essay is the perfect place. If your transcript reflects a poor sophomore year — with improvement during your junior and senior years — talk about why you struggled that particular year.

Use a conversational voice. After all, this component of the essay is all about your personality. However, if you have had to struggle with an illness, loss of a loved one or other difficult experience, discuss how you have or are working to overcome it. What has it shown you about yourself? Every semester, Fastweb helps thousands of students pay for school by matching them to scholarships, grants, and internships, for which they actually qualify.

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How much to write on each point will depend on the proposed length of your essay. Next write your introduction paragraph i.e. tell your readers what you are going to tell them. Finally write your conclusion and construct your essay. A simple formula to follow is: .

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Although there are guidelines for constructing certain classic essay types (e.g., comparative analysis), there are no set formula. Answering Questions: The Parts of an Essay. A typical essay contains many different kinds of information, often located in specialized parts or sections.

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The formula can be applied to most of the rhetorical modes, including description, narration, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, illustration, process analysis or explanation, and persuasion. It can also be applied to various levels of writing assignments, including one paragraph, an . Mastering the Essay Formula: How to Write the Perfect 5 Paragraphs Posted on July 7, August 23, by If you try to think of the greatest challenge that makes college students insecure, the answer would have to involve academic writing.

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