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Importance of Punctuality: Essay, Speech, Article, Short Note

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Good Thoughts On Punctuality
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Long and Short Essay on Punctuality in English

It makes a person capable enough to complete all the required tasks at already decided time. It is very necessary for everyone to be on time. What will happen if a doctor gets late to the operation theatre, student gets late to the examination hall, etc.

Everything will get messed up, a student can be out of examination hall and a patient can be dead. It is one of the noblest virtues which make students more civilized and cultured. Students need this quality to develop as a habit to do things in correct time. Punctuality is of great values to the students as it teaches them discipline also. Using this, students can be on right time everywhere such as in school, in lab, in class, in library, at home, in examination hall, in project, etc.

They can perform better at both place home and school. It helps in removing laziness and negative attitudes of the students. A disciplined and punctual student always gets respect, recognition and social acceptance in the school and society. They appreciated a lot by the teachers and parents. Punctuality is the key to success for all the punctual students.

Students should follow all the great world leaders to achieve fame and success. It provides students various golden opportunities to do better in life in many areas. No one of us has born with the virtue of punctuality; everyone has to develop it on their own. It makes certain the path of success. Punctuality is a necessary trait for all.

It needs to be developed by all especially youths of the nation as they are future and have to lead their country. The rate of development in any country depends on how people of that country are punctual and disciplined to their job.

So, punctuality is a key to success for everyone. Punctuality means always being on time. Being a punctual person benefits a lot all through the life in various effective ways. It is a must to have habit by everyone as it helps in all the public affairs of any civilized society.

Without punctuality everything becomes disordered and life never goes smooth. They always handle all the daily routine works and job appointments at right time.

Being a successful person means arriving to the destination what a person want in the life. Punctuality is the secret of all the successful people in this world. It enable us to finish our work in the appointed time. Thus we are not in a haste to do our work. So we avoid waste. Punctuality helps-us to do our work thoroughly and well. It is a virtue which is sure to bring success to everyone who practises it. Late Latifs are always failures in life.

There are many examples of failure due to inability to keep an appointment. Once an artist lost the chance of becoming a great because he could not be punctual. He was going to paint the portrait of Queen Victoria.

In Pakistan, the value of punctuality is not yet fully realized. It is a common experience that streams of students go late to schools almost every day. It is very rarely that public meetings begin at the appointed time.

It is unfortunately true that most of our leaders arrive for public, functions at least half an hour late. Punctuality is a social virtue. Punctuality means working as per the programme of time.

Punctuality involves time factor. We are to see that we are working strictly according to the time fixed. If we be punctual, we can finish up our work at right time. Punctuality checks unnecessary wastage of time. Time is very valuable for us. We can save it only by punctuality. Time and tide wait for none. Seconds, minutes, hours and days pass by in right order.

If we be punctual, a single second of us will never go waste.

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Punctuality means doing a thing at the previously designated or appointed time. It is often said that ‘art is long and time is fleeting’. Punctuality enables us to do a great deal of work within a short span of time.

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Punctuality means arriving or doing things at the appointed time, neither early nor late. Punctuality is the secret of success in life. The renowned and successful men in the world are known to be.

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An English Essay On Importance Of Punctuality- Punctuality and its Advantages Essay Subject Write an English essay on Importance Of Punctuality- Punctuality and its Advantages Essay in your words. Complexity Medium Grade/Class 5rd to 10th standard Number of words words Age group 10 – 15 years Punctuality is a thing that anyone who use it Continue Reading». The Importance of Punctuality Essay Words | 5 Pages. The Importance of Punctuality This paper with discuss the importance of doing the right thing, being in the right place, and most importantly, being there at the right time.

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Punctuality is considered to be the noblest of virtues. It is the mark of civilized and cultured people. It is the habit of doing things in correct time. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’, so says an English proverb. Doing things in time, thus, saves us from unnecessary troubles. That is exactly what punctuality is [ ]. Short Paragraph on Punctuality and its Advantages. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On April 16, By Aditi Chopra. The need for punctuality in everyday life: Short Essay on Importance of Punctuality ;.