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Quality Care Essay Sample

Another significant aspect of quality care includes patient satisfaction. The concept is extremely critical in identifying a solid link between outcomes as a whole and care in general. Bhanu states, The relationship that is implied is the fact that patient satisfaction is an important determinant of quality health care. So, in stating quality and patient satisfaction are tied together. As a healthcare member, I can see the suggested correlation, but cant state that this is an absolute.

Quality care can be given, but the satisfaction piece still is inherently the patient decision. Patient satisfaction can be defined as the attitudes and expectations that contribute to an individuals well being during care Bhanu, In many instances, the concept takes a multifaceted approach due to the fact that there are numerous of factors to take into consideration. Examples include psychosocial elements such as depression and pain as well as the ability to communicate and type of medical condition that is present.

When managing patient expectations, there can be challenging situations to overcome, however it is essential for organizations to be prepared with individualized counseling sessions with an offer of patience and compassion Bhanu, When developing an effective program to properly measure quality within a health care facility, there should be specific factors to take into consideration. Additionally, care should be patient centered where there is respect, and responsiveness to preferences and values.

Furthermore, other elements include equitability, efficiency and proper timeliness Bhanu, Overall, health care organizations and providers must make a conscientious effort to participate in actively identifying, defining and preventing adverse events. With precise documentation and vigilance towards implementing the best practices, there is hope for health care to thrive and allow for a decrease in overall medical errors as a whole. Chicago, Ill Health Administration Press. Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery, 3 3 , Adverse events in health care A literature review.

Journal of Nursing Management, 17 2 , Defining quality of care. Social Science Medicine, 51 11 ,. If the individual has mental health issues or depression then I would need to encourage the individual to wash hands etc and prompt them to do things e. I would assist the individual who had poor mobility to wash and dress use the toilet etc.

I would take into account the individuals choices and if an individual did not like sharing a It was within this new environment, through the culmination of disaster and response events, that the field of disaster behavioral health was born. Disaster behavioral health refers to mental health care, substance abuse control services, and stress management measures provided prior to, during and following a disaster event for both the victim population and responders. It always happens that I get stuck with all those crazy formatting requirements.

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What is more, we do our best to dismiss all their concerns about their orders when they ask for our professional help. In order to make the writing process more efficient, we provide an opportunity to communicate with the chosen writer directly. I, has been vested with the authority to grant licenses to manufacturers to apply the I.

I, mark on their products in token of their conformity to the desired Indian Standards. To control the quality, I. I, inspectors carry out sudden inspections of the factories of the licensee. Inspectors may check the incoming raw materials, outgoing finished products and may carry out necessary tests at different levels of control during production.

I, mark gives guarantee to the purchaser that the goods with this mark have been manufactured under a well-defined system of quality control. From first April it has been renamed as Bureau of Indian Standards.

Inspection is a process of sorting good from a lot. Whereas Quality Control is aimed at prevention of defects at the very source, relies on effective feedback system, and procedure for corrective action. In Quality control programme, inspection data are used to take prompt corrective action to check the defects.

For this purpose, detailed studies are conducted to find out that from where the defect is originated, and how to prevent it, may it be at manufacturing, design, purchase of raw materials, despatch or storage stage. Quality products can be produced only when all the departments fully participate and co-operate. Presently, customers demand for higher quality and reliability.

It has been felt that even a single defect whatever may be the reasons, result in economic loss. This is necessary for quality assurance and reliability of the product.

This assures the continuous failure free system to the customers. Formulate plans for quality improvement, quality motivation and quality awareness in the entire organisation. These are due to lack of knowledge of the product, and continue due to lack of information about quality deficiency. Such mistakes can be controlled, if a system for feedback is developed in which quality performance results are analysed in a regular and timely manner.

These errors are due to lack of knowledge, skill, technique etc. Quality motivational programmes are developed for getting quality product from the line staff so that they take interest in improving the quality.

Operators are motivated by designing a campaign to secure alertness, awareness and new actions, and by observing the managers for their behaviours or reactions on any quality problem. Campaign can be launched through mass meetings, quality posters, exhibition of quality deficiencies etc.

The good economic performance is the most essential for survival and growth of any organisation in the highly competitive environment. Everybody in the organisation must be involved in the production and delivery of quality product or services, consistently to meet the customer needs and satisfaction.

The production of defective output results in the costs of sorting, scrap, rework, dealing with customer complaints, replacement under warranty etc. Variable cost of sampling, measuring, calculating and plotting each sample value on control charts. It has been experienced that the savings due to control of poor quality products, better control over the quality of purchased product, use of more economical materials or methods due to their greater reliability, are sometime spectacular. This will lead to reduction in return on investment in the long run.

For the purpose of reducing the cost, when internal and external failure costs are cost down, the appraisal cost and preventive cost may slightly go up.

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