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Best Buy Project Company Analysis Essay

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❶The companies also face competition from Wal- Mart Super competition in most key markets. If the product is hotcake today, it can be outdated tomorrow.

Best Buy Company Inc.

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Best Buy in 2012: A Snapshot

Alternatively, a Best Buy mobile device app could allow consumers to scan a QR code, then purchase the item without utilizing a kiosk. Second, the stores should avoid alienating customers that intend to make impulse purchases by maintaining a limited inventory of items on-hand. These items would be priced somewhat higher than online items, in order to reflect the additional overhead costs associated with maintaining an in-store inventory.

In order to lower overhead costs and compete with online retailers, Best Buy needs to massively reduce the sprawling size of their stores, which will enable savings on rent. This can be achieved by centralizing inventory warehousing to distribution centers that handle both shipping of online orders, as well as delivery of product inventory to stores. Distribution centers should be established in low-rent locations that enable expedient delivery of products to store locations.

This will allow Best Buy to consolidate the size of their existing retail operations by drastically reducing the number of items that are kept in-stock at any given point in time. Additionally, this should allow the company to reduce the number of employees necessary to handle issues such as back-of-house warehousing, and stocking of store shelves. Retrieved October 24, , from BestBuy. Best Buy's problems should act as a cautionary tale for UK retailers.

Profits plunge at troubled Best Buy. The Daily Telegraph London. Best Buy reassigns many staff to sales; Move an attempt to revive slumping profits. Retrieved October 24, , from FundingUniverse. Schulze begins due diligence on Best Buy; Teams with private-equity players: Adaption is Key for Best Buy. Retrieved October 24, , from Chicago Sun Times: Best Buy to end 'showrooming,' make even deeper cuts to satisfy investors.

As internet marketing grabs bigger share of sales, bricks-and-mortar stores turning into showrooms. Amazon's digital empire spreads offline; online retailer expands its physical footprint, aims for faster shipping.

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What are the factors that keep Best Buy outshining its competitors in the market? What are its weaknesses and opportunities? Best Buy enjoys dominating the market in retailing electronic products in America. As a result, the company has a unique market position, which favors its business operations, making it position 45 on global ranking. Another reason why Best Buy excels is its enhanced presence across the United States, with outlets all over.

With its strong network, Best Buy is able to maintain its economies of scale and strengthen its brand image. This network allows the company to reach more customers and penetrate the market effectively. Best Buy has good practices in terms of growth, profitability and community involvement. This gives it a higher customer satisfaction index as compared to other players in the industry.

SWOT analysis of Best Buy further shows that it manages several stores in America, as a joint venture with various warehouses. This relationship helps consumer to buy and use its products with a lot of ease. Besides dominating the market in retailing electronic products and making good profits over the years, Best Buy has a range of weaknesses. Its main weakness is over dependence on a few suppliers.

Additionally, Best Buy does not maintain strong ties its suppliers. It does not favor long-term contracts. This approach exposes the Best Buy to risks of shortages especially in the event one of the suppliers turns its back on them. Another weakness is the endless lawsuits against its operations. In one of the suits, Best Buy was accused of charging higher prices more than what is advertised. In , Best Buy was also charged for concealing warrantees of products with the aim of selling their labeled merchandise.

Lastly, its overdependence on the US domestic market could affect sales with low economic growth. From this SWOT Analysis of Best Buy, it is clear that the company has a bright future with a range of opportunities to expand and diversify its operations.

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Company Profile: SWOT analysis of Best Buy. Best Buy is an American with its stocks trading on the New York Stock specializes in consumer electronics, accounting for about 20% of America’s domestic market in technology-based products. Best Buy SWOT Analysis The following SWOT analysis is for Best Buy. Best Buy is an electronics and appliance retailing company that specializes in consumer electronics, home-office products, entertainment software, and household appliances.