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❶However, factors including fertile soil, nearby rivers, and ecological systems suited for rice or wheat cultivation can give way to dense inland populations.


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The structure of evolutionary theory. The rise of anthropological theory: A history of theories of culture. Originally published in The Oxford handbook of environmental history. Episodes in the history of a contested enterprise. An excellent intellectual history of geography from the 16th-century Renaissance into the 20th century.

James, and Geoffrey J. A history of geographical ideas. A standard and comprehensive intellectual history of the field of geography, from Antiquity to the 20th century. A history of archaeological thought. The definitive overview of archaeological theory, with excellent analyses of the determinist-diffusionists and the rise of cultural ecology and processual archaeology.

Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content on this page. Please subscribe or login. Oxford Bibliographies Online is available by subscription and perpetual access to institutions. For more information or to contact an Oxford Sales Representative click here. Sign up for My OBO. Publications Pages Publications Pages. Related Articles about About Related Articles close popup. Well, I listen to a lot of late night radio, with a worldwide audience, and may have picked up the word on coasttocoastam.

Or my mind may have braodcast it; it's possible. Or the net collected it from my email. The point is, super-consciousness is desirable if we are going to save the planet and coexist with aliens from other worlds, who might get here fastest by imagining their flights instead of physically travelling, since the speed of thought may be faster than lightspeed squared.

I am referring to tachyons. I have a theory I have called "Neutral Operations" for some time now, though other mathematics uses that term for other theory. Within Neutral Operations, I hold two or more values constant, and alter the operators. Just so, let us apply it to Einstein: If yu google "How are neutrons created? They are talking about pair-production of new particles and hadronization.

Well, Neutral Operations applies. It shall also be environmental determinism in Minkowski spacetime. You can reach me at bozito sbcglobal. What are some environmental examples of different pyramids? If the priests found a pyramid shaped hill or mountain, that's where they would put the tomb, or build the pyramid.

What is an example of environmental adaptation? PlantAdaptations Plants have adaptations to help them survive live and grow indifferent areas. Adaptations are special features that allow aplant or animal to live in a particular place or habitat.

Theseadaptations might make it very difficult for the plant to survivein a different place. This explains why certain plants are found inone area, but not in another. For example, you wouldn't see acactus living in the Arctic.

Nor would you see lots of really talltrees living in grasslands. Click on the different biomes or areas below to learn about themand some of the adaptations plants have to live there: Three examples of an environmental pollutant? Airborne pollutants include particulates, SO2, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and dioxide, hydrocarbons and other "smog-forming" components.

Land pollutants include heavy metals, organic waste and spills, and solid waste landfills, etc. Water-borne pollutants include acid rain and acid runoff, heavy metals, biohazards, phosphates and nitrates, suspended solids, organic spills, and byproducts of manufacturing. Other pollutants include electromagnetic pollution the magnetic fields around high voltage power lines , radiation, light pollution, and noise pollution.

The poor generally bear the brunt of pollution, since the rich tend to have enough money to move away from it. It only tends to become an issue when the pollution becomes so pervasive that the rich cannot buy their way out of it e. California smog, which covers Beverley Hills and the slums alike. Father of school of environmental determinism? Which of the following is an example of how American environmental policy is contradictory? An example of how American environmental policy is contradictory is that the national forests are supposed to be managed for sustainable yield and multiple use, but lumbering was emphasized over other land uses for decades.

This is contradictory because lumbering cannot easily co-exist with many of the other activities, like hiking, hunting, and camping. The other answers are examples of how legislation worked to protect the environment. What are some examples of and opinions regarding negative influences and outcomes that environmental groups have on or have had on political issues and US government policy?

This question is asking for opinions on a controversial subject. Please give your opinion at the bottom of others before you. Opinions may vary significantly on this subject, please be respectful of those who express opinions that are different than yours. The environmental movement has had positive impacts on the U. Government policy over the years.

The creation of the National Forest Service is one great example. The overall increase in the acres of forest is because of this policy. Over the past several years though, some demands have become extreme and some policies are centered around feeling good about some issues rather then doing good.

Some examples include the new policies of fire fighting and controlling forest debris before fires start. After twenty years of poor policy we now see worse forest fires and more destruction.

This despite an in crease in overall acres of forest in North America. The preserving of forests was a great idea. The creation of pristine forests though is less workable. Pristine forest preservation will preserve forests for future generations to not be able to see either, as people are not allowed in.

Drilling in deep waters is what brought this question up. Allowing drilling on land in Alaska, Colorado and Wyoming would have prevented the mess a mile under the sea. I would contend that we would not have to be at war anywhere in the middle east if we allowed drilling here. With more oil in the Green Valley reserve then the middle east, it would simply not be a needed place to go. The reason drilling is denied is due to environmental groups blocking this drilling. The idea of keeping drilling out of site is foolishness.

To compensate the oil companies, it appears that our Government allowed self regulation in exchange for the tougher drilling locations. Wind and solar are two other great examples. Neither can produce enough power to be truly workable. Neither actually produces enough power to ever build a copy of themselves! In order to keep these PAC's happy though billions are spent each year supporting these horrible wastes of power.

Rather then allowing the population to know how little energy comes from these systems, the policy is to state power output in maximum values that are not realistically obtainable. This is not to say that Environmental groups do not do a great deal of good. Like anything though, too much power is not good. Some of our policies need more balance to be workable. About the only negative effect is that the positions have to be dumbed down so much that TV anchor men think they understand what's going on.

Their mis-interpretations are poorly understood by listeners, who then band together to "do the right thing". As a consequence, we have people fighting to avoid using heavy Alberta oil because it's "bad" and opting for much more environmentally harmful offshore drilling instead. Governments have been keeping the oil companies on life support for years.

If an equivalent amount of money had been directed into alternate energy, we'd be pretty much sufficiently supplied by now. Lets look at the successes of the "capitalist", as opposed to the "environmentalist" lead: Atlantic fish stocks have collapsed.

Tuna sandwiches will soon be a luxury item. We're past peak oil. The Exxon Valdez spill never was cleaned up and fish stocks have tanked. Acid rain wiped out forests in Germany and Canada. Rainforests are over harvested. The two can be the same issue. That points to a political flaw in your viewpoint, but we can move on. The Atlantic fish stocks have not collapsed. Over fishing has caused a decrease, but collapse is a very extremist distortion.

The dream of a tuna free world is still a dream. We should not view futurists claims as reality. Your point was to show where Environmentalist laws have helped. We are hardly past "peak oil". We have hundreds of years left just on land. Thus proving drilling in deep water is foolish and dangerous. The only reason we do is because foolish laws prevent us from drill where it is safe and easier.

The Exxon Valdez mess according to most groups has been cleaned up and the environment there is doing very well. Had we allowed drilling on land in the Continental United States we could have been pumping locally, we would not have even had an issue there. Environmentalist policies helped create that situation also.

Again, poor Environment policy is an issue. Perhaps you tell us the name of ANY forest wiped out in Canada chosen because it is your home that was wiped out by Acid rain. Not only is this a false claim as Canada claims to have more fores acres today and and thicker but if it were true, poor environmentalist policy that refuses to allow nuclear power is responsible for the 0.

Rain forests are being over harvested. We can agree there. This is not a Capitalist issue though. Keeping people alive by feeding them would be more of a humanitarian issue to me.

The chief cause of the deforestation of our rain forests is to create farmland. We do this to keep our growing world alive. Are you suggesting that good Environmental policy would require killing off humans? That would cause an increase in CO2. The last comment is interesting. Are you implying that people do not live longer today then EVER before? Nuclear bans based on irrational fear, refusal to allow pumping of needed oil in easy areas, and refusal to spray for some insects are three awesome examples.

Look at the trees dieing in Tennessee because the AlGore types refused to spray for beetles killing trees. Now miles of treelines are dead. Great Environmentalist policy there. I miss that forest. What are examples of Enterprise Environmental Factors? The enterprise environmental factors are related to the environment internal or external to the performing organizations and can potentially impact the project.

They may originate from within the performing organization, from any external organization participating in the project, or from both. These factors may have positive or negative influence on the project, and some of these factors may give rise to constraints for the project.

Organizational environmental factors include the following: These refer to the culture and type of structure of the performing organization. The organization may have specific processes in place do certain things in certain ways.

There may be government and industry standards to follow, such as legal requirements, product standards, and quality standards relevant to the project. Personnel administration information, such as guidelines for hiring, firing, and performance reviews.. Facilities and equipment to do the project 2.

Project management information systems, such as software tools for scheduling tasks and meetings 3. Human resources currently available in the organization, such as skills and expertise 4. Commercial databases, such as standardized cost estimating data and risk databases 5. Work authorization system of the organization, because the project needs to be authorized 6. Communication channels and tools available in the organization, such as email systems. Internal and external conditions: Risk tolerances of the project stakeholders 2.

Marketplace conditions relevant to the project 3. Note that the environmental factors can be internal to the performing organization, such as the organization's culture, or external to the organization, such as market conditions.

What are examples of human environmental interaction is Tanzania? Land degradation and deforestation are some of the things that are affecting the environment in Tanzania because Tanzania is using the land for agriculture which is a big part of their country.

Examples of environmental cultural aspects? What is an example of an environmental ethical question? What is the ethical position of a chemical company in spending money lobbying the public and Congress on new laws and enforcement of existing ones? What are some examples of how environmental factors can influence a trait?

If by trait you mean a biological factor like the heredity gene of Schizophrenia, then the environment would affect because if stressors where to happen like parent's divorce it could trigger the manifestation of the trait.

Another example is intelligence. Though intelligence is hereditary, it can be said that children who have the exposure to the adequate environment, tools, and reward system are more likely to fulfill their capacity. If you want to know more about the subject, you could look for twin studies that study identical twins who have been separated at birth thus they have the same "nature" but not "nurture". What are examples of environmental or occupational stressors?

People who must live or work around sudden or loud noises, bright or flashing lights, chemical vapors, or similar nuisances, which they cannot avoid or control, may develop heightened anxiety levels. What are some examples of Human Environmental Interaction in Italy? What are some examples of environmental cues?

One example of an environmental cue is picking up a dogs leash andthe dog running to the door. You do not have to tell the dog thathe is going for a walk, he knows this from the leash. Otherexamples of environmental cues include the lighting in arestaurant, dim lighting can make you eat more, the size of yourplate is another environmental cue.

Putting food on a small platewill make you feel that you are eating more food. What are examples of noun determiners? A determiner can be the definite article 'the' or the indefinitearticles 'a' or 'an'.

A determiner can be a possessive adjective: A determiner can be a demonstrative pronoun: Or other miscellaneous determiners: What are the examples of determiners and its function? A word such as a number or article or possessive adjective that determines or limits the meaning of a noun phrase. For example their in their black cat.

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Environmental determinism would go with the latter when faced with this scenario. The reason is that environmental determinism, also known as climatic determinism or geographical determinism, is the belief that a physical environment affects social and cultural development.

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Environmental determinism A nineteenth- and early twentieth-century approach to the study of geography which argued that the general laws sought by human geographers could be found in .

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Humans get equal billing with nature; Fiege writes with a keen sense of environmental history as a story of hybridity rather than simply one of human destruction of a passive natural world or, conversely, of environmental determinism. Environmental determinism An approach made by Humboldt and Ritter, 19th century geographers, which concentrated on how the physical environment caused social development, applying laws from the natural sciences to understanding relationships between the physical environment and human actions.

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Environmental determinism is the belief that the environment (most notably its physical factors such as landforms and/or climate) determines the patterns of human culture and societal development. Environmental determinism occupies one end of a continuum, cultural determinism occupies the other; each argues that the human condition is determined simply by nature or simply by culture. Between these two extreme positions lies a broad spectrum of positions described variously as “environmental possibilism” or “environmental probablism.”.