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Essay on the Death Penalty

The problem of flawed executions

❶Peter Hodgkinson and William A.

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Reasons against capital punishment Essay Sample
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This means if someone were to steal a package of bubble gum, he or she should not be sentenced to death, but if someone went around killing people, then he or she should get the death penalty. I think that capital punishment should only be used for serious crimes. Although there are many arguments that disagree with capital punishment there is also a fair share of arguments that favor capital punishment.

People use the Bible for reasons to support and to disagree with capital punishment. The death penalty makes more sense economically than life without parole. Life without parole is more costly to the taxpayers. The taxpayers pay for the housing of the prisoners and for. The numerous court appeals also waste many hours and lots of money.

By doing this, America encourages people to commit serious crimes because the criminals know that they will have food to eat and a bed to sleep in.

I believe that the prisoners do not get what they deserve. The death penalty prevents criminals from committing anymore crimes. Life without parole cannot keep criminals from murdering the prison guards, or even other inmates. This also cannot deter people from taking hostages to try to escape. The people that are in prison for life have nothing to lose.

No matter how good the security is there will always be someone who tries to escape. Occasionally, some of the people will be successful at it.

If you are in jail for life then you have endless time to come up with a plan to escape. They feel that certain crimes are so heinous that executing the criminal is the only reasonable response Robinson 1. One reason why people are opposed to capital punishment is because of the Hebrew Scriptures Old Testament.

Another issue involving the fact that innocent lives are being taken are those defendants who are mentally ill or impaired. People who suffer from a mental illness should never be sentenced to death for an illness they have no control over. In June of , the US Supreme Court ruled that sentencing of the mentally ill was a violation of the Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishments. Evidence of wrongful convictions proves that our capital punishment system is unreliable and mistakes are bound to happen.

By retaining this justice system, the government is simply acknowledging that government action is inadequate to deal with the problem of wrongful convictions or that these mistakes are not a problem.

Wrongful executions are a preventable risk, but society takes too many risks in which innocent lives can be lost. Therefore, since capital punishment is a risk taking procedure, it can not be justified on retributive grounds, and is therefore unjust and immoral. Discrimination is defined as the making of a distinction in favour or against a person based on their group or class that they belong to. Abolitionists believe that the death penalty is imposed unfairly due to the fact that it imposes discrimination because equals are not treated equally.

Whether or not a suspect receives the death penalty, depends not only on what they have done, but what their skin colour is, and how much money they have. Most defendants who face the death penalty can not afford their own attorney, and in hence receive lawyers assigned by the state.

These lawyers lack experience and believe they are underpaid, and therefore fail to investigate the case accurately. Abolitionists support the idea that the chance of an African American receiving the death penalty is significantly higher if the victim is white. Amnesty International reported that eighty nine per cent of those executed for rape between the years of and were coloured people.

In more recent research, a study carried out by David Baldus in Pennsylvania in examined a large sample of murderers who were eligible of being sentenced to death between the years of and Their study proved that African Americans in Philadelphia were more likely to receive the death penalty than non-blacks who had committed similar murders.

Studies have shown that the death sentence is more prevalent if a white person is murdered than if a coloured man is murdered. There is a strong correlation between executing a coloured person if the victim is white. This shows that our justice system values white people more then coloured people. Since , one hundred and fifty-eight black defendants have been executed for the murder of a white victim, and only eleven white defendants have been executed for the murder of a black victim.

This proves that there are high racial disparities within our own justice system. Practicing racial discrimination within our justice system provides African Americans sufficient justification for believing that they have potential of facing higher penalties, such as death, from murder than do other individuals, and for little reason other than their own race.

Research conducted by Jeffrey Pokorak analyzed data which related to race and gender of lawyers authorised to prosecute capital crimes within all thirty eight states. His research provided evidence that ninety eight percent of attorneys are white and almost all male. A more diverse justice system would provide less discrimination and more accurate sentencing. Since any discriminatory system of punishment is unjust, the death penalty is unjust because it is biased against minorities and the poor.

Thus, Capital Punishment ultimately violates the right of life. It is not only cruel and inhumane, it is unjustified and immoral.

It is inconsistent with our societal values and should therefore be abolished worldwide. We can not teach society that killing is wrong by killing, simply because it is hypocritical. Society also takes too many risks which cause wrongful convictions and innocent lives are lost.

Capital Punishment is slowly becoming viewed as inhumane and unethical internationally. Hopefully within the next decade, worldwide support will be given for the abolishment of capital punishment, and the death penalty will become a memory of our past instead of a practice of our future. In conclusion, arguments in favour of abolishing the death penalty include the fact that it does not act as a justifiable deterrent, should not be used as a form of revenge, risks executing innocent lives, and is a form of discrimination.

Therefore these above arguments prove that capital punishment in not only unjustified, it is immoral. The Case Against the Death Penalty. Death Penalty and Innocence. Harvard University Press, Canadian Human Rights Commission. Race, Capital Punishment, and the Cost of Murder.

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Special Offender Populations And Capital Punishment

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Against Capital Punishment Essay - Against Capital Punishment Currently in the United States, the death penalty is ruled constitutional. This is a mistake, and capital punishment .

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Essay: Arguments against the Death Penalty. This is the least credible argument against capital punishment. The main cause of such inefficiencies is the appeals process, which allows capital cases to bounce back and forth between state and federal courts for years on end. The title is Arguments against the Death Penalty yet the author.

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A variety of justifications for and against capital punishment has been advanced. Often the debates over these justifications become as heated as the debates over. Free Essay: Against Capital Punishment Currently in the United States, the death penalty is ruled constitutional. This is a mistake, and capital punishment.

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Essay on Arguing Against Capital Punishment. debate over capital punishment, the opponents argue that capital punishment should not be practiced because it has a civilizing effect and practicing capital punishment has do deterrent effect. Jul 08,  · Essay on Capital Punishment. Essay Against Capital Punishment. Words | 10 Pages. and found his heart still beating. At this time the prison commissioner, who was talking on the line with Governor George Wallace of Alabama, was asked to cancel the execution on the grounds that Mr. Evans was being subject to cruel and unusual punishment.