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❶Laub's dissertation in The amount of empirical research is scarce on the theory of servant leadership , especially as the concept may be related to other organizational constructs.

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How to Write Compelling Leadership Dissertations
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This theory presumes that different styles of leaderships are better in different situations. Many theorists have given their views about this theory. There are many other theories that you should touch in your leadership dissertation such as functional theory of leadership. The more theories you touch the more rich your content on leadership dissertation will be.

This way you will appease your dissertation supervisor as you will have not left any stone unturned. Defining a good leader for your leadership dissertation is very important, so that you can give the readers a clear notion of a good leader.

You can add as many qualities that you deem appropriate in your leadership dissertation but these three qualities are basic for every leader. No article is going to give you tips for selecting topics, but I know how hard it is to select a topic for your leadership dissertation. Therefore, here are some of the topics you can use for your leadership dissertation. These topics can easily be used as an impetus for more ideas for your dissertation topics.

I hope all my writing has been an extra bonus in your quest for creating ideas on dissertation you may have achieve a clear idea as to how excellent leadership dissertations are supposed to be. Get your Research Topic Brief of words on your field of study in just business days including….

Internationalization in Community Colleges: The Freshman Academy Impact: International Library Development in Africa: Professional Learning Communities and Teacher Efficacy: Six Stories of Success kimsepich. Exploring Characteristics of Public School Facilities and Resources and the Relationship with Teacher Retention brendlecorumadisstitlepageandabstract. Comparing Online and Traditional Student Success joneseh.

Still Missing in Action: Women School Superintendents in North Carolina davissadisstitlepageandabstract. Realities, Risks, and Responsibilities: Associate Degree Nursing Students: This indicates that female top leaders naturally practice servant- leadership at high levels and, with deliberate focus and practice, may realize greater levels of success in the workplace and the marketplace.

Perspectives of servant- leadership and spirit in organizations. This study identified servant- leadership as an emerging leadership model appropriate for the modern era, and recognized a need for further quantitative study.

Examined in the review are the importance of servant- leadership , Greenleaf's background, his philosophy, characteristics of servant-leaders, the importance of spirit, and dimensions of personal and organizational aspects of spirit. The research questions assessed the extent leaders today exhibit the characteristics of servant- leadership ; whether a significant relationship existed between servant- leadership and personal dimensions of spirit, and whether their was congruity between personal aspects of spirit and one's work life.

Respondent's perceptions of servant- leadership and personal dimensions of spirit were also examined based on different personal and organizational demographics.

The Organizational Leadership Assessment and the Dimensions of Spirit instruments OLA-DS were combined and used to survey a sample of members of thirty-four organizations of various types. Servant- leadership was found to exist in the organizations studied.

A significant relationship was found between personal dimensions of spirit and servant- leadership. Congruity between personal life and work life was found, and treated as a separate subscale. Significant differences in servant- leadership were found between respondents 30—39 years and two other age groups; between respondents with no university degree and those with graduate education levels; between government organizations and all other types of organizations; between respondents employed less than a year and those employed more than four years; and between the workforce and top leadership.

Significant differences were also found for dimensions of spirit between genders; between respondents with graduate degrees and those with no degree; and between the workforce and top leadership. With regards to congruity, significant differences were found between genders; between respondents with graduate degrees and those with no degree; between government organizations and all other organizational types; and between the workforce and top leadership.

The findings from this study support the notion that servant- leadership is an emerging model of leadership. A new finding was the identification of a relationship between servant- leadership and personal aspects of spirit. A possible new value concept for organizations is the congruity between personal life and work life.

Spiritual orientation of a leader and perceived servant leader behavior: The objective of this study was to examine the relationship of spiritual orientation of purported servant leaders to the intensity of perceived servant leader behavior in those leaders. Spirituality in the workplace and more holistic styles of leadership have grown in popularity among leadership consultants and the general public. Spiritual orientation was measured using the SAS through two dimensions. The definitive dimension, considered essential for an individual to be spiritual, is demonstrated through a relationship with the transcendent through prayer or meditation, and the correlated dimension, which is not exclusive to spirituality but may derive from moral philosophies, are the virtues of honesty, humility, and service to others.

Servant leadership behavior was measured using the leadership portion of the SOLA. Results of the study indicate that the sample of leaders surveyed in this study may be more spiritual than less spiritual, but with a greater propensity for the correlated variables.

Pearson correlation and regression analysis indicate that the correlated dimension of spirituality is positively significant and influential to servant leader behavior. ANOVA analysis and post hoc pairwise multiple comparison demonstrate a difference in perception of servant leadership behavior due to years studying servant leadership principles and years employed at TDIndustries. The perception of servant leadership characteristics and job satisfaction in a church-related college.

Indiana State University; Church-related colleges are facing diverse and complex challenges. The campus leadership has found the traditional leadership approaches to be inadequate to meet these new challenges and is seeking solutions.

Numerous leadership approaches offer potential solutions, but church-related institutions need an approach fitting the ethos of the institution culture as well as matching the values of the institution and allowing for the use of other leadership practices and styles.

Servant leadership has been proposed as a viable leadership model for church-related college leaders. In light of the absence of scholarly research on servant leadership , this study has provided an objective and quantifiable study of servant leadership and job satisfaction at a church-related college. The participants were viewed by both the administrative level Institutional Leadership , Management, Faculty, and Technical and the functional area Academic Affairs and Student Services.

The institution in this study was found not to be a servant organization as classified using Laub's schema. An analysis of variance was performed to see if differences existed between administrative levels and between functional areas. Surprisingly, no statistically significant differences were found to exist between administrative levels.

This contradicts earlier findings. However, a statistically significant difference was found to exist between the functional areas of Academic Affairs and Student Services. Further analysis revealed that the subgroup of Student Services Technical scored significantly higher than Academic Affairs Management and the Faculty.

In addition, the institutional perception of servant leadership as measured by the OLA was compared to the job satisfaction score as measured by the MSQ. Confirming Laub's assertion that the perception of servant leadership positively impacts job satisfaction, a statistically significant, positive correlation was found to exist between the perception of job satisfaction characteristics and job satisfaction.

Law enforcement leaders and servant leadership: A reliability study of the organizational leadership assessment.

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10 Interesting Dissertation Topics In Organizational Leadership Organizational leadership deals with the management team that provides objectives for the group, inspiration, and other administrative services. Students and even professors would agree, choosing leadership dissertation topics is one of the most challenging parts of the assignment itself. Truth be told.

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This is a dissertation chapter on Leadership: Some believe that leaders are born, not made, while others think that leadership is a quantifiable set of skills and ways of thinking that can be taught (Messmer ). The transformational leadership style has long been shown to elicit above average performance in followers; however, the reasoning behind why this process occurs is unclear. The present study investigates whether follower engagement mediates the relationship between perceived transformational leadership and performance on a task.