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Step 2 - Outline the Areas of Dark and Light

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Step 1 - Choosing an Image

C by Mastroianni and Hart in gocomics. This particular newspaper comic strip basically is raw political satire from the beginning. It is on obvious answer to the question. Coffin is the wrong answer even though it makes good sense and is probably the answer the reader is thinking of.

Many news paper comic strips and other forms of pop art depict controversial, political, trivial, and common life events.

They include elections for office, quality of life affected by jobs, political party disputes, hostile nations and punishments for children, the list can go on in a variety of subjects for a while. Some people do not favor pop art, but others love it.

The art itself stands out to the public eye in a high array of colors and sometimes cartoon drawings. There are books that critique pop art as well.

They provide positive and negative criticism. Kelly is saying that pop artists art is badly critiqued, which is quite true. Richard Hamilton is a pioneer British pop artist and gave the definition of Pop art: Pop art is highly viewed and harshly criticized at the same time. Pop art originated in England, but has made its what to other nations all over the world. An excerpt from an American online article tells a brief biography about Zane Fix. Most of his work is religion oriented and deals with Buddha, women with colorful make up ,dragons, samurai warriors and sky scenes.

Another excerpt from an online art viewing community states: A third online art viewing website tells about European pop art. European Artists have reacted to the influences of U. Pop art in the U. Pop art is viewed widely everyday by all regions and has a deep meaning of change. Pop art controls the insight of the art observers, this is one reason it is so controversial.

An anonymous online art community talks about the figural imagery of everyday objects: It also deals with mass commercialism. One example of commercialism is the Pop tart commercial with the cartoon animation that sells openly to the public. Often subjects were derived from advertising and product packaging, celebrities, and comic strips.

The images were presented with a combination of humor, criticism and irony. In doing this, the movement put art into terms of everyday, contemporary life.

This quote is another representation of how pop art influences society. It tells the readers that pop art sells and has changed life around the world. The way that his relates to the insight of pop art is through advertisements and comic strips, not just the through commentary, but also through the actions and colors.

These three quotes mean almost the same thing, but explain three different major view points, imagery , commentary and the effect of commentary on society and culture. Pop art in America is public and definitely a part of life including political, public, economic and social issues.

It is a part of our culture and shapes the everyday world. Without it, the U. Nicolas Pioch wrote about how pop art brought material realities of everyday life. Through all of these technologies, pop art can be spread a message of whatever it may be. Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work. Log in to Leave Feedback. Signup right now, for free! You can do this by using tracing paper or a lightbox. Shade in the dark areas of your drawing to re-establish the basic tones of the original portrait.

This will help you when it comes to selecting appropriate tones, colors, patterns and textures for your image. Finally, draw a square grid over the image. This will help you transfer your drawing section by section to any scale that you require.

On completion you can erase the grid lines. Your drawing is now ready to use as a template to produce a range of Pop Art Portraits using color, tone, pattern and texture as illustrated in our examples below.

You also have the option of printing any of our eighteen different template portraits that you can reach by clicking on the pop art portrait templates at the bottom of each page. In this example, our Pop Art Portrait was created by coloring the template drawing with primary and secondary colors. Try to select the brighter colors for the lightest tones and darker colors for the darkest tones. If you are not careful in balancing the tones and colors, the image may lose some impact or even look like a negative.

In this example, our Pop Art Portrait was created by filling sections of the template drawing with different patterns. The central area of the face and the small details were filled with single colors to make them more visible against the strong pattern. Too much pattern has the effect of camouflaging the image.

Care has also been taken over the tonal composition, being careful to select brighter patterns and colors for the lighter tones.

In this example, our Pop Art Portrait was created by filling masked sections of the template drawing with graduated colors. Using a soft color medium like pastels which you can blend with a tissue is a good dry method of creating graduated colors.

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Pop Art: Andy Warhol - Popular Culture Pop art is one of the most interesting elements in the contemporary world. Pop art is a form of art that depicts object or scenes from everyday life and employs techniques of commercial art and popular illustration.

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"T E2." This is an original color print of a work by German Pop artist, Hans Hartung. The print measures 6 x inches, and it is tipped-in. Our Pop Art Portrait Lesson Plan demonstrates how to create a classic pop art portrait in this colorful style from the 's. Scroll To Top. Pop Art Portrait Banners; Pop Art Portrait Banners. You can do this by using tracing paper or a lightbox. Step 4 - Adding Tone.

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