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How to Satisfy Customer Needs

How to Identify Customer Needs and Expectations

❶Two guys walk into your corner shop and you overhear one of them speaking to the other: They forget that satisfying customer needs and continuous value innovation is the only path to sustainable growth.

Setting an Affordable Price


This creates opportunities for new, smaller companies to emulate and improve upon what made their bigger competitors successful in the first place and steal their customers. Getting Right Customer Feedback Don't get customer feedback only from surveys and answers to casually posed questions: Surveys and focus groups don't analyze customer feedback with precision, and their results are notoriously susceptible to distortion.

Customer connection comes from customer intimacy , involving customers, partnering with them. Partnering with customers represents your firm's "capacity to anticipate what customers need even before they know they need it" 4 or to create customer needs More Customer Satisfaction Illusion and Trap Some examples of customer satisfaction illusion include A process-managed enterprise supports, empowers and energizes employees , encourages their initiative, enables and allows its people to perform process work.

Process work is work that delivers the high-level of performance that customers now demand. The payoffs of process mastery can be breathtaking. Costs melt away, quality goes through the roof, and time spans shrink to a fraction of what they were. In Hammer and Company 8 surveyed dozens of companies that had adopted the process approach to work and business.

These improvements in process performance paid off in the critical enterprise currencies of customer satisfaction, customer retention, and corporate profits The idea was that building a business solely on cost or price was not a sustainable advantage.

There would always be someone with something that was lower in price or cheaper to produce. What was really important was sustaining loyalty among customers and employees, and that could only be derived from having the highest level of service and very high-performing products. Engaging the entire company — from manufacturing to engineering to sales to support staff — in the process of understanding customer requirements became a constant focus of management, energy, training, and employee education.

It's not because they belong to the Church of Mac! That's ridiculous," once said Steve Jobs , Founder of Apple. And you think, "Wow, someone over there at Apple actually thought of this! There's almost no product in the world that you have that experience with, but you have it with Apple products. If you do, they'll come back over and over. Give them what they want — and a little more. Let them know you appreciate them. Make good on all your mistakes, and don't make excuses — apologize.

Stand behind everything you do. The two most important words I ever wrote were on that first Wal-Mart sign: The fundamental reason for Toyota's success in the global marketplace lies in its corporate philosophy — the set of rules and attitudes that govern the use of its resources. Toyota have successfully penetrated global markets and established a world-wide presence by virtue of its productivity.

The intent implicit in the Toyota Production System is to stimulate people to think constantly — a "self-running, selfimproving" system. Everyone, not just managers, can see what's happening.

Every problem prompts why questions. Empowered workers can solve problems at a very detailed level. A lean learning culture permeates the entire company.

Customer value creation and customer satisfaction results from enterprise-wide performance Use customer feedback to identify top sources of dissatisfaction or opportunities Edward Deming Thought Leader We're focused on providing innovations in software, driving the continuous improvement for a much better experience. Bill Gates Micsosoft It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

Customer Intimacy , Fred Wiersema. Agenda , Michael Hammer. At Fidelity Investments process redesign model provides the following guidelines: Need to save more money? Opt out of beverage and meal service. I not only would have been more satisfied with a recent trip I took if I had at least paid less for the seat next to the bathroom I wound up with, but I also would have been more inclined to pay for upgraded seats on future flights to get a spot far from the restrooms.

Tell the truth so the customer feels she is getting what was promised. When I got off the plane and away from the restrooms! I was looking forward to my hotel stay.

I had spent a little extra and reserved what was billed as an "ocean view" room. While I could technically see the ocean from my window, it was at least 5 football fields away, and I had to search for it beyond the hotel grounds, through the trees and across the boardwalk.

Not exactly an "ocean view"--more like an ocean glimpse. What the room did have was a beautiful outdoor balcony. Had the hotel just advertised the private outdoor space as the reason to pay more for the room, I would have had a totally different feeling, and felt satisfied rather than shafted by my purchase.

Paint a detailed picture of your product so the customer can purchase with eyes wide open. That room I described above?

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5 Ways to Truly Satisfy Your Customers. Published on December 31, ; If you are not changing with the needs of your customers, you will lose them. Last year, I thought the gifts we gave our.

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How cus­tomers choose to reach out to your busi­ness is an impor­tant piece of data to note. The rea­son why they’re reach­ing out is even more impor­tant. If cus­tomers are con­tact­ing ser­vice and sup­port via tele­phone, email, social media, or web chat, it means they need assis.

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Helping your customers fall in love with you is a bit like a romantic seduction. The art of seduction requires careful planning. There are three steps in particular that’ll help make your relationship with your customers as strong as possible before you’re even introduced. 3 Secrets To Satisfying Your Customers. But figuring out how to satisfy clients can seem like a moving target if you think that customer satisfaction comes from being all things to all people.

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Customer Service Skills: How to Satisfy and Delight Your Customers in Customer Service Want more awesome content? Sign up for our newsletter. Why we need satisfaction AND delight. Our tendency to only notice the unusual plays an important role in customers’ perceptions of service. If a customer has four satisfactory service experiences. Customers seek out products and producers that are best able to satisfy their requirements (by your firm's "capacity to anticipate what customers need even before they know they need it" 4 or to create customer needs More. Customer Satisfaction Illusion and Trap. Some examples of customer satisfaction illusion include.