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Student Council Essay

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❶I want to be a member of student council because I would love to be apart of the council and try to make a difference in school.

If you're missing this part of the speech, you may end up looking sloppy in comparison to other students. That is, what you're running for. Do you want to be the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary? Even if you think most students are aware of what position you're running for, make sure you state it here to remind them.

Even once sentence would suffice. For example, "My name is Ramona Hart, I'm in the 11th grade, and I'm running for treasurer of the student council.

Perhaps the most important part of your intro is listing your qualifications. Students need to know what they have to gain by voting for you. Any accomplishments relevant to the position warrant mentioning here.

If you're running for secretary, for example, talk about your summer job filing papers in your uncle's law firm. If you're running for student council president, talk about your leadership experience being captain of the swim team. A couple of sentences laying out your qualifications is enough as the body of your speech is where you should spend the most time. For example, let's go back to the above example.

From there, we could say, "I am currently enrolled in advanced placement algebra and I have been an honor roll student for three years.

This knowledge of numbers and diligence qualifies me to have responsibility for finances for our student council. State your main ideas on how to improve the school. You should have at least three ideas you feel would benefit your school and classmates. This gives your classmates incentive to vote for you and shows you want the position as an opportunity to help others.

You should list your ideas and then expand on them later in the body. It might take a bit of research to figure out what you want to change. Ask around the school, talking to students and teachers, and see where there's room for improvement. What are the concerns of the students? What are people happy with regarding the school?

What would they like to see change? Asking these questions can help you get a sense of your audience and community. Do not say anything just to get elected. While many students might want gum chewing policies eliminated or for the lunch period to run twice as long, this is probably not necessary or possible. Try to focus on areas that seem important to keeping your school running safely and efficiently.

Concerns about things like bullying, academic standards, and extracurricular activities should be your concern over fun and games. For example, if you were running for president, you could say something like, "I understand we need to improve how we handle bullying, increase interest in extracurricular activities, and expand access to AP courses throughout the school. As your president, I would work to bring in speakers to talk about sensitivity in the classroom, increase advertising for basketball games and quiz bowl tournaments, and start a tutoring program to help students struggling with certain subjects.

Find support for those ideas. You should do a little extra research in addition to talking to classmates and teachers. Have some specific plans on how you would enact change in your school. Using the school library or computers, figure out the best means to tackle certain problems many schools face. How have other schools dealt with bullying? Low interest in extracurricular activities? What can you reasonably do as a student council member to address these problems?

People are more inclined to vote for someone who's thought about how to solve problems in addition to identifying problems. Keep your ideas short but very strongly worded. Your body should be about two paragraphs of 5 to 6 sentences each. This might sound brief, considering how much information you'll have to get across, but you have limited time and must keep people's attention.

It can help to write more than you need and gradually cut down your speech to the bare essentials. This will help it to be shorter meaning that students won't get bored when listening to your speech.

Reiterate your main points briefly. When you reach your conclusion, briefly go over your main points. A one to two sentence summary of your plans as president should start off your conclusion. Something like, "With my experience and passion, I believe I could be a great leader. I promise to do my best to curb bullying, increase student interest in the school, and increase overall academic achievement. Emphasize your benefits to the audience.

You should emphasize your benefits to the audience one last time. However, do so differently than you did in the initial introduction.

Do summarize, briefly, your qualifications but do not put the main focus on them. This is where you should sincerely state your passion. Students should not just vote for you because you'd do a good job but because you genuinely care about the school. State your passion for your community and how much you want to see other students succeed. Lots of students have high qualifications. You can set yourself apart by being a candidate who really cares.

Ask the audience for their vote. The last part of your speech should be a sincere request that the audience votes for you. Try to come off as humble. Instead of saying, "I expect your vote next Saturday!

Have someone to look over your speech. Have a friend or family member, or even a teacher, you trust to take a look at your speech. Ask for honest feedback, even if it's negative. You should write your speech, at least, a couple weeks before the election so you have time to have a few people look it over and give you advice. You should even give them on a number based answer from It shouldn't be, because the audience likely will stop paying attention. If you insist on making it long, make it entertaining by adding stories or making it different.

Not Helpful 73 Helpful Tell them that you have experience, what sorts of changes you would make, or tell why you would like this position.

Not Helpful 99 Helpful It might be a good idea to introduce yourself with your name at the beginning of your speech, and repeat your name at the end, ie: So if you'd like a new playground, vote for Jane Doe! This way, people will know who to vote for. If someone loves your speech but doesn't know your name, they won't be able to vote for you. Not Helpful Helpful Start by writing a serious, professional speech from beginning to end. Make sure it includes all the points you want to make.

Then go back over it and let your sense of humor take over. With shall I begin my speech? The students expect something cool for their attention and have bad attention spans. Use a quote, or search up 'Speech One Liners' to start of with something funny to grab their attention. Find things that are current and fit with the cool things everyone identifies with. Not Helpful 97 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Quick Summary To write a student council speech, start with an attention-grabbing statement such as a question or a powerful quote about leadership. Did this summary help you? Tips Only promise to do things that you really can do. I have always been curious about student body affairs and hope this can be an opportunity to make a difference in this school.

I have many ideas that I think would be very helpful to Student Council and to help benefit the school. I have also been interested in what goes on in our school and would like to be active in the part of making those decisions which affect us as students.

I realize that promptness is very important in doing this job, and I am prepared to attend all the meetings that I need to and be very active in the meeting and its discussions. As a Medical Magnet student since 9th grade, I am fully aware of what is happening amongst the students in all grade levels.

I am acquaintances with most of them and understand their wants and needs of the Medical Magnet. I am a former Key Club Secretary, and have much experience in taking notes and being attentive during meetings and can inform people of events and dealings.

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I want to be a member of student council because I would love to be apart of the council and try to make a difference in school. Also, because I did not make it the previous year, I am more motivated to redeem myself almost and show the student body of all the ideas that could help the school and the community.

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Student Council Essay Student Council is supposed to be the voice of the students and unfortunately, in our school, this voice is nearly nonexistent. I want to join Student Council in order to ensure that the needs and ideas of students are heard. Student Council Member’s Essays Grade 2: I would like to be on Student Council because it inspires me to help the school and make good choices.