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Muslim Marriage: Beliefs, Rules & Customs

The Religion of Islam

❶In the last part of the verse, a beautiful analogy is drawn between repentance and keeping oneself physically clean.


Arabian Marriage Traditions and Laws
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Muslim Wedding Rituals And Customs

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Courtship and Marriage in the Arabian Culture

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Indeed, understanding the Arab customs concerning marriage will illuminate and clarify many biblical references concerning marriage. This paper will focus on modern Arab marriage customs and similar marriage customs that existed in biblical times.

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Arabic culture is rich in customs and traditions that focus largely on the importance of religion and family. Arabic food and traditions are greatly influenced by the geographic areas that make up the Arab world.

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In some secular Muslim communities, however, local laws and customs determine the allowable age. Such is the case in the United States, where the law generally allows marriage between eighteen year olds or between sixteen year olds with parental consent. It is interesting to know that the Arab culture has fully influenced by the Islamic spirit of Muslim marriage jurisprudence. In Ancient times, the bride and the groom could meet at the altar.

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Nikkah: The Nikkah is the Muslim wedding ceremony started in the presence of a maulvi and family members. Father of the bride (Walis) plays an important role in the ceremony. Father of the bride (Walis) plays an important role in the ceremony. Three great monotheistic religions came from the region which gave us Arab culture. Traditionally, the more money spent on a wedding, the prouder the family will be. Before the wedding there is a party at the bride's house where all the relatives work to meet the guests’ needs. Weeks before, women start to prepare many different kinds of.