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The 2019 Essay Prize Competition

Competition: Good or Bad? Essay Sample

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Find our privacy policies and terms of use here, or at the bottom of all pages of the website. Cookies By continuing to use this site you agree to the use of cookies. Competition is a dissociative social process. Competition may lead to conflict. These process are called negative type of interaction. It always work for disintegration of society.

This process may hamper the unity and integrity of society. Competition may be healthy or unhealthy. If one of the two or more competitions tries to win only at the expense of the others then it is destructive.

But constructive competition contributes to the welfare of all. People always compete to get into higher status and position. Where individual ability, merit, talent and capacities are recognised there competition for status is acute.

Economic competition is found in the process of production, consumption and distribution goods. Man always struggles for higher standard of living. Till competition for jobs, customers, clients, patients, profits, wages, salaries, promotions etc.

Cultural competition may take place between two or more cultural groups. When cultures try to establish their supremacy over others this type of competition takes place. Racial competition takes place when one race tries to establish its superiority over the others. The competition between whites and blacks is the bright example oil racial competition. Political parties are always engaged in competition to secure power. Similarly in the international level there is always diplomatic competition between different nations.

As a social process competition plays a very important role in, the life of individuals. Competition not only causes good stress but bad stress as well. The bad stress is due to people being under too much pressure, possibly from losing out to others.

The higher the competitiveness of a situation, the more pressure there is on the competitors. When there is too much pressure on a person from failure, he or she might feel that they are inferior and slowly they start feeling depressed.

In some severe cases, the person might even start suffering from depression. These people will then consequently not feel like striving to be better and continuing to compete, becoming the outcastes of the society. Competition often generates internal social conflict, so even when you have succeeded in beating your rivals, there will always be a detractor who does not want to see the good work that you have achieved and instead hurl insults and baseless accusations at you.

This is the sad but true reality in life that no one can escape. Because of this, friends may sometimes become unhappy with each other because of the competition between them.

There is also the issue of having too much competition. An example for that would be World War Two. In World War Two, Japan wanted to become the most powerful country in the world.

It tried to conquer all the other countries around it and in the process many innocent lives were lost. The Japanese soldiers attacked mercilessly and spared no one, thus many died just because of competition. Also, there was an armed race in Europe as many countries tried to compete with each other to make stronger weapons that were more destructive. In this war that was caused by competition, many lives were wasted away, showing the fearsome strength of a competition that was too intense.

Sometimes, competition brings out the ugly behaviour in people. Some people become so used to the taste of sweet victory that they would do anything to continue their winning streak. These people who are obsessed with success tend to end up using despicable methods of competition.

Some of the methods are occasionally seen in sports and games. The competitors will cheat by taking drugs like steroids, causing them to be stronger and faster than they really are. Another way of cheating in competitions in by bribing the judges so that they will give a higher or lower mark to a certain person. The bribers just think that money can solve all their problems, but even if the person that they want to win does win, it does not mean that he or she is the true victor.

The victory was bought using money and so it is actually not worth anything at all. All in all, competition is both good and bad. When competition is managed properly, it is good as it drives people to strive to be better and shows the human spirit, but when competition gets out of hand, in serious cases like war, many lives may be lost. So, competition is only good when it is managed well.

There is an alternative for competition, but it is not a good one. The alternative for competition would be to have no competition at all. This would mean going back to how we were in the past, when people only cared about planting crops and rearing animals so as to have enough food for the family.

If this were true, then man would have kept on staying that way without any new inventions or discoveries, meaning that man will not move forward and improve like the way that we are doing now. So, it would be better if we were the way we are right now, without any changes to the way we are living.

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Competition essay essays Competition is a part of life that can't be avoided. Even when we don't realize we are doing it, we all try our hardest at what we do often trying to rise above everyone else.

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Racial Competition: Racial competition takes place when one race tries to establish its superiority over the others. The competition between whites and blacks is the bright example oil racial competition. 5. Political Competition: Political parties are always engaged in competition to secure power.

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