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What is word for political alliances beginning with E?

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❶Pulls from White to Green do not require a vote. Jefferson Davis , who was the President of the Confederate States.

Glossary of Terms in U.S. Government & Politics

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Live audio and video of floor and committee proceedings - see Audio and Visual Coverage Research Guide. Coverage dates for legislative information. Legislative documents that predate authenticated digital publishing. House Rules committee [glossary term]. Resources tab for archived House rules, House manuals, rules of the committees, and surveys of activities of the Rules Committee. How Our Laws Are Made. International organizations - Library of Congress guide.

Law Library of Congress. About the Law Library. Guide to law online. Browse reports on Congress. Bill and law texts received today. Bills by policy area term. House and Senate amendments - 97th Congress-present Legislation with actions related to committees - House Senate.

Legislative actions - reports of legislative actions taken per Congress and related bills. Most-viewed bills on Congress. Sponsors and cosponsors - House Senate - browse legislation by sponsor or cosponsor.

Active legislation - Senate. Related glossary terms jump past glossary terms. Enactment of a Law - by the Senate Parliamentarian. Legislative process videos on Congress. Government Documents at the Library of Congress. Maps - from the National Atlas of the United States. Members of Congress - find members and see sponsored and cosponsored legislation on Congress. About congressional member profiles - Congress. Congressional and federal government web harvest.

Supreme Court nominations - Congress. Supreme Court nominations - Law Library of Congress resources. United Nations NGO relations. Browse bills by policy area term.

Policy area terms [field value list]. Presidents, hosted by the University of California, Santa Barbara. Presidential nominations - see About Nominations.

Public laws list on Congress. Quick Start - Congress. Refine a search using facets also called filters - Congress. An A-Z of government words. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Popular presentations See more popular or the latest prezis.

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Area encompassing citizens represented by a legislator. There are currently 49 legislative districts, each having two House members and one senator. A method of voting by standing. Consideration of each item separately. The date a bill, once passed, becomes law. Unless a different date is specified, bills become law ninety days after Sine Die.

A provision in a bill that allows a measure to become effective immediately upon the signature of the Governor. The passage of a bill by both houses and the signing by the Governor. When an amendment has been amended, the changes are worked into the text to create the engrossed amendment.

A bill which reflects all amendments made in the house of its origin. A bill passed by both houses, which incorporates all amendments, and to which has been attached a certificate of enrollment indicating the date passed, votes cast on the bill, and the certifying officers' signatures. It is presented to the Governor for signature.

Standard of moral conduct. Legislative ethics standards are set forth in Chapter Holding one office by virtue of or because of the holding of another office. Ex-officio members of a committee have voice but may not vote. Executive action of a standing committee refers to final consideration of a bill by the committee. Executive action on a bill already passed by both houses refers to action taken by the Governor.

A directive or command from the Governor to agencies in the executive branch. Request for legislation proposed by the Governor. The House leadership committee that oversees matters relating to staff, the physical plant and equipment, and operational matters.

The corresponding committee in the Senate is called Facilities and Operations. A meeting for committee members to discuss and vote on bills they wish to report out of committee. These meetings are open to the public but no testimony is taken. Note that in other contexts executive sessions are closed to the public. The act wherein a body removes one of its members as provided under its rules.

The Senate leadership committee that oversees matters relating to staff, the physical plant and equipment, and operational matters. First of three readings required to pass measures. Bills on first reading are introduced and referred to standing committees. Relating to financial matters. The state fiscal year FY is July 1 through June The area between the Legislative Building and the Temple of Justice.

A listing of bills on the second or third reading calendar for the next day's agenda in the Senate. The actual floor space, committed primarily to legislators' desks, on which the business of the Legislature is conducted. A written motion calling for action, which may be offered from the floor of either house.

Floor resolutions are usually congratulatory, commendatory, or memorial. Areas of both chambers where public visitors may observe the Legislature in session. Relating directly to a question. Legislative district boundary lines drawn to obtain partisan or factional advantages.

The chief executive officer of a state. Inserted in a bill making provisions nonapplicable to activities or personnel involved prior to the enactment of the new legislation. The list of bills eligible for action by the Senate Rules Committee. Green sheet bills can be placed directly on the second or third reading calendar, if approved by a majority of the members of the Senate Rules Committee. Equivalent to the House Rules Consideration list.

Designation by the Governor to fill an office or position. The Senate confirms gubernatorial appointments. A legislative committee meeting at which witnesses present testimony on matters under consideration by the committee. A young person who is acting as a nonpaid short-term page for either house. Box located in the bill drafting area in which legislative measures are deposited for introduction.

Toll-Free number operated by the Legislative Information Center by which citizens can leave brief messages to communicate their concerns and opinions to their legislators and the Governor. Lower chamber of our two-body legislature. The House has 98 members who serve two-year terms. Irving Irv Newhouse Building. To postpone without setting a definite time for consideration. A legislative power vested in the people. An initiative is proposed through a petition containing signatures of 8 percent of the number of voters voting in the last preceding regular gubernatorial election.

There are two types of initiatives: Initiative to the people. Original legislation by the voters, proposing a new law or changing existing laws without consideration by the Legislature. Initiative to the Legislature. Original legislation by the voters, proposing a new law or changing existing laws for consideration by the Legislature at its next regular session.

If not enacted, it is placed on the next general election ballot. The Insurance Building is directly east of the Legislative Building. Time between legislative sessions. A legislative practice during the interim of having some days devoted to committee hearings and caucuses in Olympia or another location within the state. A college or university student from a higher education institution within the state, working with the Legislature, who receives stipend and credit hours.

Legislative interns are assigned to members' offices during session and to committee staff during the interim. An order of business during which new bills are read into the record. Prayer given prior to a session.

The schedule for persons offering prayer is determined by the presiding officer. This is the building containing Senate member and staff offices.

Joint Administrative Rules Review Committee. Reviews agency rules to ensure consistency with legislative intent. Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee. A joint, bipartisan committee which conducts performance audits, program evaluations and other oversight duties assigned by the Legislature. This is the building containing House member and staff offices.

Glossary of Legislative Terms

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caretaker government. A type of governance where those in power refrain from significant actions such as undertaking major legislative programs or senior judicial or public service appointments, but only maintain necessary normal administrative duties.

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The legislative manual: The biennial publication that contains the rules of each body, joint rules, biographical and other information about the Legislature and state government. REDISTRICTING Redrawing the boundaries of areas of representation to make them equal in population. Government vocabulary, Government word list - a free resource used in over 24, schools to enhance vocabulary mastery & written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots.