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What is the main Idea of Mike Rose's article "I Just Wanna Be Average"?

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❶Is it smaller classes, or teachers that care?

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Monday, January 23, 2006
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Irving Miranda Kate Smith Engl 6/28/10 In the essay I Just Wanna Be Average, by Mike Rose, examines the idea of setting low standards for students.

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Mike Rose’s “I Just Wanna Be Average” essay makes me mad, but, at the same time, it makes me realize how lucky I am. I had never been in a special program, so I never thought about the students who were in those programs.

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An essay or paper on Mike Rose's "I Just Wanna Be Average". Mike Rose"s "I Just Wanna Be Average" essay sheds light on troubled youth within the public school system. It makes you long for the days of American pride and service. Students placed in "tracks" to utilize overcrowded and faulty test systems. I Just Want To Be Average This essay I Just Want To Be Average is available for you on Essayscom! Search Term Papers, College Essay Examples and Free Essays on Essayscom - full papers database.4/4(1).

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Free Essay: “I Just Wanna Be Average” By: Mike Rose Summary: In the story “I Just Wanna Be Average” the author Mike Rose argues that society very often. The essay “I Just Wanna Be Average” by Mike Rose spurs many interesting questions about motivation in education, both for the teacher and the student. If being average is.