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The Misconceptions About Mental Illness and the Stigma that Surrounds It

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❶Peoples views on the origin of mental health and the reasoning towards the conditioning of the illness creates many negative but yet also positive views.

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The stigma of mental illness is driven by fear and lack of knowledge. The solution to ending this stigma is education. Yet, the years between middle school and college have the highest percentage of United States youth suffering from mental illnesses. If mental illness is such a prevalent issue, why do schools not educate students on how to cope with it?

As a national community it is our duty to end the stigma towards mental illness in this country. Local and national levels of government should become proactive in ending the stigma towards mental illness and educate those who may suffer or be at risk of mental illness. States need to make educating students on mental illness obligatory in public schools. Health classes cover nutrition and exercise in depth. Students should be taught how to identify when they may be suffering from a mental illness, where to seek help, and how to improve their mental health.

Education ends the cycle of stigma attached to mental illness. Ending the stigma is crucial to becoming a society that cares for people with mental illness with the same compassion as other ailments.

I think it will take a long time to eliminate stigma but with people like you making your voice heard in the world we may get there one day.

Sixty percent of students say that they use the social networks to discuss school studies with other peers and that it helps them with their upcoming exams. After chatting with a person, it usually take the mind a while to get back to being completely focused on the original study, which can range from twenty-five minutes to two hours and students will often leave all their social networking tabs open the entire time they are studying.

More than half of the teachers living in the United States argue that students waste too much time on social networking sites. As such, society strongly encourages shy individuals to consider making accounts to help their well-being. But a study at the Business University of Edinburgh discovered that the more friends a person has on a social networking site, the more stress it adds to them.

As for shy people, they are often oversensitive, insecure and tend to post negative statuses or blogs or tweets or whatever the matter may be.

This worsens their well-being as people become bitter, irritated and distasteful towards them rather than saying something to help them improve their self-confidence. Tumblr for example has an entire feed of suicide stories.

Many of them are extremely similar stories about young teens feeling that nothing matters so they gave up on their lives, overdosing on sleeping pills. The result was awfully the same for many of the teens. The over dosage did not kill them but they went through drastic procedures to get feeling back into their body. One teen wrote of point needles having to be stuck all over their entire body to get the feeling back. Afterwards, they posted that life either stayed horribly the same or felt worse.

As written earlier, it is important to contact a psychological specialist for these types of problems. Therapists and psychiatrists do not just want money. They need money as it is their job that they went through schooling to specialize in. But they do care about the mental well-being of others and want to help them feel their best. The rumors that they will keep making things up for clients to always return is untrue. Do not believe that psychiatry is just a false commodity. Mental health is as direly important as physical health.

It is truly an enigma to understand why people choose to use their time lollygagging on social networking websites out of all the great things life has to offer a person to do. Attending schools, working at jobs and visiting all kinds of different places are all wonderful ways of expanding social life without causing brain dysfunctions through newer technology.

Newer technology is commonly causing more health issues, mentally and physically, internally and externally. So try a more natural approach and protect your conscious and your subconscious. Delete those social networking accounts. Focus more on homework or do that job that needs to be done, it increases productivity.

Call up someone close and spend time with them or take a nice long jog at the park. There are countless things to do. Put down the mouse and close that laptop screen.

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Mental health is a term that encompasses a range of experiences and situations. It can be an on going experience from mental wellbeing through to a severe and enduring mental illness affecting a person's overall emotional and psychological condition.

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Mental Health Introduction. Mental health refers to the psychological and the emotional well-being of an individual. A mentally healthy person is one that is properly adjusted to the emotional and behavioural requirements of the necessary stresses and conflicts associated with daily living.

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Apr 12,  · Psychopharmacology and Mental Health Counseling Psychopharmacology and Mental Health Counseling It seems that the more human development changes, the more there is a demand to understand the role of pharmaceuticals in daily life with regard to mental health. - MENTAL HEALTH EDUCATION Introduction Mental health is the simple maintenance of all mental activities put together with the ability of the mind to adapt and cope with any kind of stress. It involves .

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Mental health conditions are very risky health hazards that should be addressed with the appearance of the slightest symptoms. The problem of mental disorders is very rampant and scary because only few people are able to acknowledge that they have a problem and can take time to seek medical help. Mar 09,  · While writing an essay on mental health, writers need to think of issues such as panic, shame, stress, phobia, eating disorders, suicide, anxiety issues, etc. However, it is also essential that you understand the difference between mental disorders and mental health.