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Top 4 Online Art Schools

❶Basically, pretty much all areas of expertise that you can think of in the industry are covered here. Open your mind and try many opportunities.

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Gnomon's online courses are taught live through its slick interface, which features webcam integration and screen sharing. It's worth noting up-front that Gnomon's online courses are only available to residents of California and those living outside of the United States. CGSociety is a social art hub featuring industry news, features, forums and challenges, as well as a strong body of workshops dealing with the more technical side of artistic training.

These CGWorkshops cover subjects such as advanced matte painting, FX for video games, rigging techniques, stylised character creation and cloth simulation, taught by a collection of film and game industry names such as lead character technical director Wade Ryer, award-winning animator and previs artist Bevin Carnes and CG artist Rob Chang. They operate along the same lines as other schools: There's scope for exposure on several courses with some teachers sharing their student's work online, and student work is often featured on the main page of the website.

This makes it accessible for artists of all levels, and the fact that most of the material is available through YouTube just adds to that philosophy. It's a fantastic place to start developing your artistic skills. It's an incredibly thorough resource with well-explained lessons condensed to engage with the varied audience it no doubt attracts. New videos are released regularly and there's free access to Matt's Photoshop brushes and tools.

The Concept Art Starter Kit , as an example, contains videos on design basics, creating boss and house designs as well as icons and general world design, and would be ideal for artists interested in working for an indie game studio. Okay, this one isn't actually an online art school, but over the past couple of years Gumroad has become the de facto place to go for art tutorials and thus deserves a mention in this article. It was started as a space for creative types to share and sell their work, but more recently has been heavily adopted by professional concept artists, illustrators and 3D modellers as a space to sell their own tutorials.

Gumroad doesn't offer up a syllabus or comprehensive series of lessons in the manner of the other art schools discussed here, nor does it offer anything in the way of classroom support or feedback outside of email. Instead, it functions as a pathway directly into the minds of your favourite artists.

There is an enormous range of topics available through Gumroad, with an equally vast range of presentation styles. A typical Gumroad video might offer an hour or more of video footage with voiceover describing the process, bundled with the actual source files so that the student can open them up and tinker around, deconstructing the artist's process.

Think of Gumroad as a nice way to supplement a more complete course. Founded by Disney artist Chris Oatley, this school has a slightly different feel to the others in that its approach deals as much with the psychology and thought process behind becoming a professional artist, as it does with the actual lesson structure. We say that if we're not changing lives, we're not doing our job. Community involvement plays a large part in this experience, with the site placing a heavy emphasis on engaging with fellow students and learning to critique each other's work in order to grow as artists.

Courses fall under two categories: This article originally appeared in ImagineFX issue and has been updated. That itself brings an impact to a certain audience by [providing] breaking news, focusing on local heroes and communities, and reporting any hate crimes. Julian admits to experiencing creative blocks in his career. My photography was losing quality because I was only doing my jobs for the money—and it showed.

Over time, I reevaluated my passion and began to rebuild my portfolio. Starting fresh certainly helps. He says that his education provided the knowledge he needed to succeed—and proved to his employer that Julian had the dedication to obtain his four-year degree. He adds that school helped him to understand how to work the camera, edit, archive, network, and be creative.

Open your mind and try many opportunities. Her path to a creative career continued in junior high school when she created a large mosaic out of old magazines. In high school, she took courses in calligraphy, ceramics, jewelry making, advanced illustration, and commercial art. Already have some art experience? You can customize the program around your learning goals. Browse our online art courses or course list and talk to an advisor.

Develop an understanding of the visual arts by exploring your own artistic creativity. You'll explore paintings, sculptures, experimental pieces, and more, learning to critique their composition and decode their social or political purpose. You'll be introduced to the elements that make up a visual message and build a vocabulary of fundamental terms and compositional techniques.

As you progress through this class, you will develop a better understanding of the forms you are observing and become more skillful in representing those forms. Build a foundation in art history and gain a deep understanding of art and the artists who create it. Explore profound themes that have concerned artists for centuries: Learn how to analyze what you see in the world around you and communicate it on paper.

Through hands-on projects, and guided by a professional artist, you will explore the critical concepts of line, mass, form, perspective, value, and composition, building a solid foundation for all your art and design work. Explore the interaction of photography techniques and environmental factors to create powerful digital images.

Students learn the fundamentals of lighting, perspective, and set up and explore techniques for classic assignments: Follow traditional methods to learn the standard measures and proportions artists use to achieve naturalistic and expressive figure drawings. The course builds progressively from the fundamentals to the challenges of portraiture, three-dimensional form, composition, and expression.

Students learn how to build a foundation with preparatory sketches and underpainting, then gain control over value through monochromatic painting and color studies. You will be able to identify and draw positive and negative space in a drawing subject. Your work will be informed by subject, lighting, color, and media choices.

Your photography will show the ability to manipulate framing, perspective, distance, and lighting to get professional results. Your work will show a basic ability to represent three-dimensional form, composition, and expression. Your still life paintings will exhibit different painting techniques and conceptual approaches.

The instructors gave great honest feedback.

We reveal the 10 most exciting online art schools available today, for all types of artists.

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