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❶The manual will be available for download on the TEA website.

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We will discuss the conceptual framework of PBIS and considerations for quality and sustainable implementation. Participants will learn strategies that will help them observe and understand the differences and similarities among students and use this information to plan instruction. The social and emotional characteristics of the gifted student will also be examined. Teachers will demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics and behaviors of gifted learners that is the basis for developing programs that meet their needs.

Teachers will learn instructional strategies to nurture literacy and instill the love of reading in students through the use of novels. This will help students become self-directed, independent readers and thinkers. Using items from the dollar store paired with manipulatives and resources already in the classroom, teachers will learn how to quickly set up and take down centers to support their math instruction. These centers can also be used for a family math night or for a school-wide "math day.

Participants, please wear comfortable clothing such as loose stretch pants, t-shirt, and sneakers. There will be some stooping, bending, and possibly some work on the floor. Accommodations will be made for anyone with limited mobility. Thinking Maps September 22, 8: Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of how visualizing their thinking will create concrete images of abstract thoughts; thus, when utilized in the classroom will help students reach higher levels of critical and creative thinking.

Harmony School of Innovation-Laredo Only. During the training participants will review the NGS manual, learn about the required activities and learn how to navigate on NGS to encode necessary information to be in compliance with the Texas Migrant Education requirements. ELAR September 25, 8: What are Parts A and B, why are they necessary, and who is allowed to complete them?

What about Part C - what is it, do we still have to do it, are we allowed to use the form, who has to complete it, does it happen annually or every three years? These are just a few of the questions that are asked frequently. This will be an overview of the requirements for selection as an approved vendor through the Region One ESC and its Cooperatives. English I-IV September 26, 8: Participants will receive access to resources such as the critical classroom components checklist, a best practice rubric for self-evaluation and a monthly instructional guide that will support teachers through out the school year.

Teachers will receive an overview and an in-depth hands-on training that takes the teachers through the program. All teachers will receive a workbook binder with lessons and reproducible forms. Vocabulary September 26, 8: In this session, participants will receive ideas and participate in activities that support explicitly teaching, reinforcing, and expanding children's vocabulary.

There will be a follow-up ZOOM meeting. Our area is frequently hit with unpredictable weather where several municipalities may have weakened infrastructure causing families to seek shelter.

At this meeting we will discuss the various steps that need to be taken in advance of bad weather season. Topics to be discussed include: Disaster relief, how to create a disaster feeding plan and recovery, how to get reimbursed for meals served at shelters, lessons learned from past hurricane and disastrous weather seasons, and best practice discussion.

Building Teachers' Capacity for Success September 26, 8: Continuum of Self-Reflection 2. Feedback-focused walk-through model Mentors will learn differentiated approaches to coaching centered on identifying and nurturing teachers individual strengths. Effective Mentors will leave with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for helping novice teachers reach new levels of professional success and satisfaction.

MATH September 26, 8: Best practice examples of PBL will be provided, highlighting the essential elements in the context of specific content areas. They will learn everything there is to know about addressing the various instructional and emotional needs of their English Learners.

Participants will also learn how to use data collection and analysis to enhance their instruction. During this academy, Educational Diagnosticians and other assessment personnel will learn about: The objective of this academy is to provide diagnosticians and assessment personnel with the tools necessary to complete a Full Individual Evaluation FIE that informs instruction. In order to receive credit participants MUST attend both days of the academy. All participants MUST bring a fully charged electronic device.

Teachers please bring a copy of the certificate you received for attending the session. Teachers attending will receive resource materials to assist with implementing the strategies learned through the training session. Teachers will receive support on the whole novel approach to reading novels. Participants will also be provided with a general overview of the Migrant Education Program and the role of key migrant staff in carrying out required services i.

It is an evidence-based framework that relies on data to align appropriate resources to meet student needs. This training will focus on exemplar practices for creating sustainable multi-tiered systems of support at the campus level. MATH September 28, 8: Kindergarten teachers will engage on hands-on activities to promote strategic ways to stimulate children's curiosity and to learn more about the world around them. It's the job of the kindergarten teacher to help children become comfortable working in a classroom setting in the midst of their important discoveries.

Updates on potential revisions to certification rules in 19 TAC Chapters , , and will also be discussed. Certification resources will be provided. Attendees are encouraged to bring certification scenarios with them to discuss and work out together! They will set new goals for the year to purposefully plan instruction and to meet student needs. Teachers will learn ways to engage economically disadvantaged students so they do not fall behind their peers.

Professional development sessions will support teacher goals and strategies learned in the book study by exploring effective instructional practices that include differentiation and literacy development. The morning session will feature the training titled, Supporting Students with Reading Difficulties in Intervention Settings. Evidence-based, high-yield strategies will be offered as well as practical solutions that can be used the very next school day.

The afternoon will consist of an introduction to literacy centers borrowed from the Florida Center for Reading Research intended to support teachers for use in intervention settings.

Evaluating Levels of Mastery September 29, 8: Thinking Maps September 29, 8: New Teacher Academy-Day 1: Community Advocacy Leadership C. TFA Mandatory October 01, 8: The ELL Leadership Academy is designed as a transformational series of activities and experiences to empower district and campus leaders in closing achievement and equity gaps. Campus teams will work step-by-step with a consultant on the details of how to design the EDI lesson framework to be used to teach the content standards TEKS.

This project utilizes a combination of direct training at Region One ESC and on-site instructional coaching. The idea is that once the pertinent trainings and coaching sessions are implemented, EDI becomes a self-sustained practice—as the trainings are designed to build internal capacity by training administrators to coach their teachers. Participants will receive updates and an overview of policies and procedures. These coaching days will provide teachers opportunities to learn the best practices and approaches in addressing the diversity in their classrooms.

Specialist and teachers will review curriculum and lessons, timelines, and assessment data to ensure alignment to standards and assessments. Participants will also learn strategies for dealing with an individual in crisis using verbal and physical techniques. This is an initial training for participants who have not been previously certified, or previously participated in the enhanced version, or who's certification is expired.

Participants must attend both days. This two day academy provides teacher mentors an in-depth exploration of the content, process, and context for creating a system of support to best help them assist new teachers.

A three-component model 1. This series will focus on curriculum instruction, development and calibration of the student writing portfolio, and provide an opportunity for peer to peer support.

Teachers should bring a laptop or other electronic device to access course materials. These trainings are mandatory as per the Memorandum of Understanding established by local institutions of higher education and Region One ESC school districts in August and updated August Participants will play as many of the activities.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes so that you can participate in the activities. The day will be fun and participants will learn the system of active play and play brain breaks as we progress through the day. Participants will be provided with helpful forms and templates.

Latest national, state, and regional level instructional effectiveness supports, school improvement supports, funding, accountability, compliance, best practices, partnerships, and initiatives will be provided. This session will include system user roles and access, TRS option 2 features, customizing the TEKS Resource System planning tools, content area updates and the opportunity to provide feedback on program services.

During this session participants will gain a basic knowledge on how to interpret the data the CLIM provides. Through Time and Attendance VeriTime training, the temporary teacher will be able to learn how to submit their timesheets. Training will also occur on topics relevant to the assignment. The information provided by the presenter will focus on the principles and strategies that all evaluation personnel may use for culturally fair and appropriate assessment practices in the assessment of English Language Learners for the presence of disabilities including the use of the CLIM for SLD identification.

As such, our goal is to help school leaders create highly successful instructional programs. Students will learn the different categories and types of contracts, how the language contained in bids, offers and contracts impacts the success of a contract, potential problems associated with contracts and best practices for contract management.

The Virtual Library of resources offers tools to support differentiated instruction, language support, and standards-based content to help all students. All resources in the Virtual Library are accessible to both students and educators for use anywhere, anytime.

Throughout the session, participants will learn the strategies to create mature writers with varied style. Classroom Management Managing Behavior October 06, 8: Echoes and Reflections October 08, 8: Educators enhance their own knowledge about the Holocaust, including the history of antisemitism, and build confidence and capacity to teach this complex subject.

MENU Menu Enhancement and Nutrition Module is a web-based system for menu planning, meal production, nutrition compliance, and meal cost analysis. This training will provide the participant with an overview of the MENU Module program and take them through each of the seven modules to make sure they understand the structures in place to be able to use the system efficiently. The participant will begin with the first module, Introduction, which will help them become acquainted with the software, then each other module in the following order: Eduphoria specialists will presenting and providing the latest and greatest for Participants must attend as a team members per team.

Please contact Claudia Garcia at cgarcia esc1. Participants must be present all three days to receive credit. This training will be live-streamed from Region 4 ESC to each service center throughout the state. Region 1 ESC staff will facilitate session activities. Participants will also learn about discipline of students with disabilities, disability harassment, and the right to equal participation in extracurricular and nonacademic services.

Jennifer Mascolo October 09, Participants will explore professions in education such as teaching, counseling, and administration and will interact with professionals in the field to better understand the career pathway.

Additionally, local and area colleges and universities will be on hand to share information on programs of study related to the education profession as well as the admissions, testing, and financing preparations needed to pursue a post-secondary education.

Student projects in kindergarten through eighth grades are somewhat structured with students completing a series of activities to arrive at a final product. At upper grades, exit level projects are completed more independently and students work with mentors in the chosen field of study to create a final product.

During this workshop, participants examine the tasks, evaluate and score products, and become familiar with the process for implementing the TPSP in their classroom. Stepping Out of Line October 10, 8: Participants will revisit and restate the base meaning of linear functions and their purposes in mathematics.

Participants will explore all attributes of lines including but not limited to slope, intercepts, domain and range. Connections between concepts will be highly emphasized to promote a better understanding and retention of topics involving linear functions. Multi-step problem solving with operations and equations is a foundation for building algebraic reasoning for middle school mathematics.

Classifying geometric figures will also be explored. Through the use of models found in literature and discussions grounded in inquiry, participants will discover the recursive nature of the writing process. On day 1, participants will explore strategies that target motion, models, focus, detail and form. On day 2, participants will explore strategies that target frames, cohesion, energy, words and clutter.

The components of the new LNA framework will be reviewed and all activities and resources required to complete the assessment will also be addressed. The new LNA Tool will require a more comprehensive approach to gathering student performance data and other data from various stakeholders.

Setup day only for Fall Media Conference Read-Aloud Practices October 11, 8: STAR utilizes intentional read-aloud practices and mindful scaffolding strategies to encourage and strengthen young children's knowledge and awareness of print. STAR Read-Aloud practices are organized around high-quality storybooks that provide a context to grow children's language and literacy skills. October 11, 8: The intended outcome is to help staff support people with disabilities to learn skills to retain job skills and employment in the community.

Job coaching techniques can be used in many situations and the Job Coach is essential to job success. Job Coaches utilize a wide variety of tools, such as task analysis and systematic instruction, applied individually for people they serve. The role of a Job Coach is to not only build skills; it is also to assist everyone in the workplace to achieve success.

This includes people with the most significant disabilities who can work in a typical job alongside their non-disabled co-workers, paid a commensurate wage and treated as a valuable asset. The session will feature multiple project builds at different grade levels. You will walk away feeling more confident in your ability to asses fair use in real-life situations, including as applied to modern technology such as makerspaces, 3-D printing, and Internet resources like YouTube.

When you register, if your PO is pending you can enter words on the line that asks for PO. If you are paying with a money order or check personal check, campus check or district check , make payable to Region One ESC and mail to: October 12, 8: Every Day for Everyone October 12, 9: This presentation will address the ethics requirement SLPs must meet when serving students with complex communication needs.

Learn how to embed and employ universal communication systems for all students starting on the first day of school and how to speak with accessible language that will benefit all students. The education service center personnel then offer this training to district testing coordinators to assist in preparing school district personnel for the assessment program. This process fulfills a critical role in ensuring that all students are assessed appropriately.

It is recommended that the two additional participants have the ability to provide technical support for: The manual will be available for download on the TEA website. This training assists mentor teachers develop formative coaching skills needed to assist a new teacher. October 16, 8: Connections between algebraic relationships and geometric concepts will be analyzed to promote a better understanding and retention.

Participants will work with hands-on activities and on-line resources. Laredo Area October 16, 8: Lara Academy Only October 16, 8: Financial, educational, government, and community agencies will be on hand ready to showcase their financial literacy resources through interactive breakout sessions and networking opportunities. Sessions addressing personal financial literacy for educators will also be available. While most become more cooperative by age 3, some continually defy any attempt to discipline them and seemingly reject authority all together.

This session provides insight into getting children to listen and respect authority figures in their lives, as well as provides effective ways to calm the storm of anger.

At the completion of this session, each participant will be able to: Identify the influences upon power-based and anger-based patterns of behavior. Design strategies that effectively address the five major influences identified above. Design strategies that effectively prevent and de-escalate behavioral crises.

This training will provide the fundamentals to help you succeed! Please go to http: Explore elements of argumentation and learn how to apply these in engaging, structured activities. Used consistently, these elements help students write an organized, coherent, and focused persuasive composition. Characteristics and specific problem areas will be discussed. Basic intervention strategies will be discussed.

This session will provide strategies and the "how-to" for providing a combination of both perspectives to assist young children in reaching their highest potential. This session will provide best practices for intentional teaching, teaching strategies for Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Science Inquiry, Social Skills and Understanding, Physical Movement, and the Visual Arts.

Participants will receive the book - "The Intentional Teacher" at the session. Some of the resources include TexasWorkPrep.

This is an all-day session. This course is intended for previously trained staff needing to fulfill yearly training requirements. Participants must have attended an initial CPI training. Data Analysis October 18, 9: The TxP2P Texas Parent to Parent Pathways to Adulthood program will be presenting to families and educations on assisting them to envision a good life for their sons and daughters with disabilities after graduation and provides support, information and tools for carrying out their vision.

Major discussion transition topics will include funding and long term supports, public school services, legal issues, medical transition and a creative approach to building opportunities for work, an independent home, and networks of support. This workshop is designed for anyone who administers pay, recommends salaries, or explain it to employees or the board of trustees. Key components of pay administration will be covered including pay strategies, pay structures, pay adjustments, and placement for new or promoted employees.

Pay structure fundamentals; Job market analysis; Teacher pay; Individual salary decisions. E Mentor Support Call 1 October 18, 4: This is the first of two calls offered in the fall as follow up to the online training and face to face mentor training on September 20, WS In this module, you will learn about how racism, implicit bias, and stereotypes affect the student achievement gap in schools.

This training will set the foundation of high expectations for learning for the remainder of the literacy project. This session is mandatory for literacy project participants and is open to any full-time staff member of public or charter schools in the Region One service area.

Participants will practice saying single words, phrases and short sentences in the 1-hit, transition and full levels. In addition, participants will learn how to program and customize the application as well as use the features of word finder and vocabulary builder.

In addition, the session will also explore the importance of maximizing instruction for students and the relevancy behind the teacher providing immediate feedback. Test taking strategies will be addressed to help candidates gain an understanding of the competencies and answer rationales. Active learning activities will be incorporated and modeled for participants. Learn instructional strategies you can use in your classroom to nurture literacy and instill the love of reading in your students through the use of picture books as anchor texts, supplemental resources, and ways to engage students in high-interest, appropriate texts.

Teachers will identify degree of mastery patterns of assessed items and engage in the curriculum calibration process. Workshop for AP Coordinators October 23, 8: In this workshop, you will have the chance to exchange best practices and learn new ways to handle the responsibilities of coordinating an AP program. You are encouraged to bring and share materials you use to help organize your program.

Learning Outcomes After this workshop, you will be able to: All participants must register through College Board using this link https: Click on search professional development workshops, then type Edinburg, TX in point of interest to select the training, then click on view website and register. You need to sign in or create an account with College Board.

Registration deadline is October 16, October 23, 8: This session will outline all of the requirements that are needed in helpig a student graduate but more importantly, provide resources to help you do your job.

MATH October 23, 8: Key areas that will be addressed include 3rd six weeks planning from the instructional focus document IFD , analysis of critical learning standards, understanding rigor and content specificity, and multiple representations of the TEKS. Data trends, depth of knowledge levels, academic language and the degree of mastery obtained by students will be explored.

Participants will identify current instructional strengths and limitations in their current curriculum, instruction and resources in order to make adjustments when needed to obtain student success on the STAAR assessment.

Please bring a highlighter and ink pen. In this session participants will develop and support districts to drive measurable improvement in teacher and principal quality. MATH October 24, 8: All teachers are encouraged to attend and receive high impact writing instruction for all testing: Best Practices and Strategies for Success book will be included and distributed on the first day.

Then this training is for you! Math and Movement is a kinesthetic, multi-sensory approach to teaching math that incorporates physical exercise, stretching, cross-body movements and yoga. Teachers will be provided with research-based and classroom tested exercises that result in mathematical competency and confidence. Come and learn how to motivate your students to participate in this new and innovative approach Dress comfortably.

A Special Event October 24, 8: Each student has unique learning needs which may be based on their background, readiness, skill level, and interest. At any given time, every learner needs differentiation. In this workshop, we'll examine ways to differentiate for learners based on interest, content and assessment options. ELAR October 24, 8: October October 24, 9: It was designed to serve as a refresher course for experienced test administrators.

Edinburg Area October 24, 1: LPAC members will be trained in how to make the most appropriate assessment decision for each English Language Learner, including the language and version of the test, as well as any necessary and allowable linguistic accommodation.

Each district may send up to 5 staff members to the training. At the conclusion of the conference, participants will leave with the ability to describe strategies to identify barriers and successful strategies when placing youth and young adults with special healthcare needs, behavioral health, and intellectual disabilities into employment, housing, and available medical transition services.

We begin with identifying key components to designing effective educational environments that foster communication. Through presenter demonstrations, video examples and role-play, you will learn the six phases of PECS, including how to teach spontaneous requests, attributes for expanding language, responding to questions and commenting. The workshop concludes with discussions about the relation between PECS and speech as well as criteria for transitioning from PECS to other communication modalities, such as speech generating devices SGD.

In many instances, a school administrator can provide certain accommodations for students with disabilities, as well as guide decisions regarding how teachers address behavioral challenges. The purpose of this workshop is to provide school administrators with useful and practical suggestions and strategies that can increase student achievement, engagement, positive behavior, and social skills for high-functioning students on the spectrum HF-ASD ; help reduce educator stress and frustration; and increase positive interactions between families and school personnel so that the school day is more successful for all parties.

Key areas that will be addressed include 3rd six weeks planning from the Instructional Focus Document IFD , analysis of critical learning standards, understanding rigor and content specificity, and multiple representations of the TEKS. Bring your own Windows 10 device to this one-day professional learning experience to learn how to maximize your use of Windows and take an immersive deep dive into the new Microsoft Classroom in Office for Education.

You will get the opportunity to explore tools such as OneNote Class Notebooks, Office Forms, Sway, and Teams, including how to provide your students with learning experiences beyond the 4 walls in your classroom using Skype in the Classroom and the online Microsoft Educator Community.

It was designed to give you an immersive experience using some of Microsoft's newest and best technology tools designed for the classroom. We hope you leave with a new passion to transform teaching and learning, tips to help you save time and improve student outcomes, and resources for you and your students to get more out of the Microsoft products you love. History High School October 25, 8: October October 25, 9: This is to assure you of paper originality during future submissions. We always have sales and special offers on the website for our customers.

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