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Paid homework help brainfuse live: Creative writing on my new year resolution


❶I'll be sure to come back again. This clears a lot of problem and confusion, and gives me a good reason to enjoy class for I am now more confidence about getting the right answer in tests and actually learning something of use.

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What goes on behind the scenes is an utter mystery to me. Students come and go with little to nothing accomplished sometimes. There is no directed training; one is self-taught. Provide structured training and give us a glimpse behind the scenes so that we can have an idea of what goes on on the other end. Very flexible hours if you work Writing Lab You get paid for live tutoring if scheduled even if you don't have a student Ability to work from home or anywhere with internet is nice Some students are genuinely nice and eager to learn.

If you communicated with or cared about your tutors both would be nice, but too much to ask for then the quality of tutoring would probably increase dramatically. They pay you timely. Total waste of time. Multiple students students at a time, need to respond to everybody , Harsh environment, Abusive students, Abusive management, Can fire you anytime.

Good work is never appreciated. The next day I got a mail " Your account has been deactivated". Do not waste your time here. Flexible hours Lots of work at peak time during the school year Will pay you to wait for students if you are scheduled to tutor though the pay is quite low If you're fast, you can make decent money during certain time frames.

Work dries up during regular academic breaks. You'll need a summer job if this is your main source of income. Schedules can change without notice. Students can be extremely rude at times. You may have between 3 and 7 students in an active tutoring session at one time. It becomes very difficult impossible to quickly and accurately respond, especially if you're being asked to review a paper in a live session.

The Monitors sometimes randomly transfer students even though you're 5 minutes away from finishing up with someone. Bad student reviews are not contextualized--management puts too much emphasis on the student users and does not support tutors enough.

Pay is not great for the amount of work you have to do. You can't review and adequately comment on a 50 page paper in 35 minutes.

Don't expect tutors to be able to reformat a resume in 10 minutes in a live session without a job description or any sense of what job a client is applying for. It's unrealistic to expect tutors to make both in-text comments and fill out a lengthy feedback form in the time allotted for papers.

When the Writing Lab was extremely busy this past fall, tutors were allowed to only make in-text comments and not use the form. This was much more efficient and, I would suspect, beneficial to the students as the feedback form is extremely generalized.

Support the tutors more. We should not be held hostage to a rude, swearing, client. I don't ask for scheduled shifts because I would get the same students, day after day, asking for answers and then getting angry when they were provided with the tools instead of the answer.

We are tutors, not Google. Encyclopedia for elementary, middle, and high school students Includes multimedia, timelines, world atlas, country comparison, animal kingdom, and geography explorer. Reliable information from magazines, encyclopedias, and dictionaries on a wide range of subjects including:. Middle and High school-appropriate. Middle school-appropriate database of reference works, biographies, magazine and journal articles, primary source documents, and multimedia.

Useful for homework and in-depth research assignments. Includes reference works, biographies, essays, overviews, primary works, images, and magazine articles. Admin Admin Admin, collapsed. Enter search query Search. Brainfuse Mobile is a powerful suite of academic tools and resources designed for HelpNow tutoring subscribers. No matter where you are, you can use Brainfuse Mobile to submit questions to Brainfuse tutors, take class notes, track your homework assignments, access your flashcards, and more!

Take notes, organize them by subject, and even set reminders to study them later. Enhance your notes with photos of worksheets, handwritten notes, or any other helpful items. Share your notes with a Brainfuse tutor for more targeted tutoring, or share them with friends to enhance collaborative learning. Track homework assignments and organize them by subject, due date, or priority. Get expert help from Brainfuse tutors through our secure message center.

Study your FlashBulbTM flashcards or access thousands of flashcard sets from the Brainfuse flashcard library. Brainfuse Mobile is designed to work on both the iPad and iPhone. I find this app really good for any grade level. The tutors also seem to be well experienced and trained. I am impressed Brainfuse!!! I use brain fuse for middle - high school questions and I get the help I need! The tutors are very trained and I would recommend this to anyone that needs good tutoring!

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Brainfuse Live Homework Help. September 18, Need Homework Help? Connect With a Live Tutor Free of Charge. The Chattahoochee Valley Libraries is now offering . Brainfuse Help Now Access to live tutors in math, science, reading/writing, social studies, PSAT/SAT, ACT, AP and state standardized tests. Also includes a hour online writing lab and Homework Question Center.

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