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Its impact cannot be underscored enough as it has the potential to create self-esteem issues which can lead to inappropriate behavior, serving to further interfere with the learning process. Schools are often the first entities to notice the symptoms of…… [Read More]. These challenges may be psychological as well as social. A primary concern for parents, patients, and researchers is that there are a large number of individuals with the original condition who remain undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

This means that the accompanying condition also remains undiagnosed. It therefore becomes critical that there is an increase in screening for ADHD and the accompanying comorbidities. Historically boys have been the primary targets for ADHD, but it should be noted that a significant number of girls are also afflicted with the condition.

In samples of individuals taken from clinics the ratio of males to females is This ratio however…… [Read More]. ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD affects between two and ten percent of children, which is why it is important for all educators to understand Barkley, The disorder is technically incurable, but it is manageable. Barkley frames ADHD in terms of its genetic, biological, and cognitive dimensions, helping educators understand how to best approach children with ADHD and help them reach their highest potential.

Educators need to know that ADHD leads to a cluster of observable behaviors but that the child may not be able to master impulse control in the same way as his or her peers. Likewise, educators do need to be aware that ADHD is more common in boys than in girls. Educators need to be less concerned with potential causes of ADHD, less judgmental or biased about their students who have ADHD, and more proactive about changing their classroom environments and classroom management methodologies,…… [Read More].

Mental Health and Society Mental health is one of the most important aspects of the overall health and wellbeing of children, adolescents, and adults. For children and adolescents, mental health is crucial towards their cognitive and psychological development. However, a significant portion of children and adolescents suffer from mental health disorders that affect their overall health and wellbeing as well as development. Since most of these mental health disorders can persist into adulthood and in turn cause long-term morbidity, early diagnosis and treatment is considered vital towards enhancing the overall health of children and adolescents.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 30 Sept. There is however no cure. There is currently a lot of research dedicated to the development of more effective interventions as well as treatments for ADHD. These include the use of revolutionary tools such as brain scanners. The management and treatment of ADHD should be given a multidirectional approach.

Gross-Tsur, V Epilepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: ADHD in the Classroom. To help these students overcome the challenges associated with their learning disorder, Pfiffner, Barkley and DuPaul point out that teachers should consider alternative approaches to instruction—namely: This paper will…… [Read More].

Katie is a child that is ostensibly developed and otherwise put together for her age. However, her academics are problematic and the primary if not only problem seems to be that she has little ability to pay attention or do things that so not directly and completely interest her. What will follow in this report is a listing of three decision points and why those precise decisions were made. The history involved will not be dwelled on given that this has already been covered to a great extent.

However, the proper internal and scholarly justifications will be offered along the way to support the decisions made. Analysis Decision One The first decision made was to put Katie on a medication. Despite the doubt…… [Read More]. ADHD what it is this disease and what are the symptoms and result of this disease. The paper also discusses the affects of ADHD on patients. In this paper the treatment of ADHD is also discussed and explained.

All the details relating to this condition and its symptoms and treatments are explained and supported by the use of literature review. ADHD in Children ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome is a chronic condition that affects the children and continues till their adulthood in many cases. This disease results in the combination of a number of problems such as difficulty in focusing on something and paying attention, 'hyperactivity and impulsive behavior'.

Mayo Clinic, In the children, the children suffering from ADHD also experience lack of confidence and self-esteem, trouble in relationships and bad performance in school. The disease is usually preceded by behavioral and learning problems and lack of attention in…… [Read More]. He must have a reasonable amount of stick-to-itiveness and patience to tolerate difficult tasks; if he gives up immediately, learning will obviously be impaired. The ADHD child is both inattentive and readily frustrated.

The learning problems are further complicated because they tend to move in vicious circles; they often snowball. This can lead to other learning issues and even to serious related problems such as the loss of self -worth and self-esteem. This will in turn impact again on the learning ability of the student. There are numerous studies which attest to the relationship between ADHD and learning problems.

In a study by Maynard et al. Often is forgetful in daily activities Often has difficulty maintaining alertness, orienting to requests, or executing directions Often fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seat Often leaves seat in classroom or in other situations in which remaining seated is expected Often runs about or climbs excessively in situations in which it is inappropriate Often has difficulty playing or engaging in leisure activities quietly Often is "on the go" or often acts as if "driven by a motor" Often talks excessively Often blurts out answers before questions have been completed Often has difficulty awaiting turn Often interrupts or intrudes on others e.

Often has difficulty sitting still, being quiet, Often loses temper Often argues with adults Often actively defies or refuses adult requests or rules Abstract Attention-deficit hyperactive disorder ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder ODD are commonly linked mental health disorders that children exhibit.

This paper examines some of the challenges that both children and parents face as a result of living with these disorders. It suggests some positive approaches to parenting that parents may find useful and offers recommendations in terms of how parents can most positively help a child with ADHD or ODD.

The most important conclusion that this paper provides is the notion that parents must be able to demonstrate patience over the long term while facilitating their love and support for the child with guidance, reinforcement, and education. Thus, it is easy to see why the use of medication to treat ADHD is controversial, especially in students who have the disorder in only mild amounts Boyd and Bee, However, an option other than medication is available in the form of parent training programs.

Boyd and Bee note that parent training programs intend to help parents who are having trouble controlling their ADHD affected child. According to the authors, "By the time their children are diagnosed with ADHD, usually upon entering school, many parents have lost confidence in their ability to control them" Boyd and Bee, , pg.

Because of this, it is easy for parents to take their parenting in two extreme directions -- either allowing their children to be undisciplined or by disciplining them to the point of abuse. Through parent training, teachers and parents can communicate regarding the child's success in school, and…… [Read More]. In conclusion, Kim et al. Although the studies discussed thus far involve the use of psychometric instruments in the diagnosis of ADHD in children, there are proponents of an alternate method of diagnosis.

This proposition is grounded in the observation that the number and frequency of symptoms experienced by an individual is closely associated to the impairment of functioning experienced by the individual. However, results of the study indicated that the average correlation…… [Read More].

Carolyn McCreight Qualitative article review: Students with ADHD Homeschooling is one of the controversial approaches to educate children with 'special needs'. Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are preferred to be taught at home by their parents.

Instructors for homeschooling are also arranged for this purpose. However, there has been widespread criticism on this method of teaching attention-deficit students. The main purpose of this paper is to review a qualitative study conducted on the topic of providing homeschooling to attention-deficit students.

Duvall, Delquadri and Ward conducted a study to investigate the appropriateness of homeschooling environment for instructing basic skills to children with special needs.

The main purpose of this qualitative study was to ascertain whether or not parents of children having attention-deficit as well as hyperactivity disorder could provide their children with instructional environmental that was conducive for facilitating acquisition of…… [Read More]. In such cases the care givers face a big problem and often are victims. Having an ADHD child at home is being tied up to the child, and to prevent the parent getting mental problems some methods have to be resorted to keep the balance.

In the amount of children treated with medication was negligible because medication itself was not available and was in the test stage. But now the scenario is different. More and more children have been diagnosed with the symptoms of ADHD and they are also in schools. Barkley, 41 The alarming situation therefore has called for research in the area and has produced some of the best solutions in the form of medication.

It is…… [Read More]. Add Adhd Study Skills Guide for. The authors note it is important that teachers work with students in multiple classes to help them learn a teacher's unique learning style so the student can better track materials, "course content and assignments" and even work with students to "modify tasks and instructions to help a student stay…… [Read More]. Symptoms of DHD Patrick is a ten-year-old boy and for the past nine months he has been developing a strange behavior.

He gets easily bored when doing his school work especially when the work involves activity that he does not like. He is easily distracted and is very forgetful, he moves from doing one thing to another without completing them.

This has led to his teacher complaining of inability to complete or turn in his homework assignments. Patrick has become a concern to his parents and appears less interested in school work; he talks all the time, moves around and has difficulty in performing tasks that require silence. Diagnosis There is a possibility of mistaken diagnosis for DHD. Therefore, it is important for involved parties to ascertain that there are no cases of maturity level, personalities or temperaments.

This is because this condition is not easy to diagnose, symptoms vary…… [Read More]. Most of the observed differences in the subgroups are oftentimes related to response inhibitions. It is important therefore to learn and understand the differences between typical children and children with ADHD as well as the differences in the ADHD children according to what subgroup they can be categorized. Perhaps a more comprehensive understanding of the different subgroups would provide better treatment, more focused treatment, which would likely lead to better results from those treatments on an individual basis.

Treatments With the misuse of stimulants becoming a major problem and the cost of medications exacerbating the problem, other effective treatments…… [Read More]. Managing ADHD with a Diet Diet has attracted considerable attention in the healthcare sector with regards to its significance and role in addressing childhood and adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD. As shown by recent research, this increased focus on diet is influenced by the fact that ADHD's development is strongly linked to nutrition since it's characterized by deficiencies in minerals, omega-3 fatty acids.

There are reports that improved nutrition through intake of mineral and vitamin supplements. While this evidence is yet to be fully determined scientifically, there are proofs that omega-3 fatty acids could have impacts on a child's behavior. The other dietary factors that allegedly have significant effects on behavior include refined sugars as well as food additives and allergies Collingwood, n.

The role of omega-3 fatty acids in enhancing the behaviors of ADHD patients, especially children, has been strongly supported by evidence that show the link between…… [Read More]. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD is a neurodevelopmental condition recognizable by attention deficits, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that manifest across multiple settings.

Common symptoms of inattention include poor listening skills, frequent mistakes, disorganized, avoidance of mentally challenging tasks, distracted, and forgetful. Children suffering from ADHD would therefore have a difficult time succeeding academically.

This includes multimedia computers and televisions among many other learning devices that have been developed. Their use in special classroom environments presents advantages and disadvantages, as how they also do to normal learners who have no disabilities.

However, in an advocate to maximize…… [Read More]. Antisocial ehavior in Females with Comorbid Diagnoses of ADHD Detention centers and residential treatment facilities are replete with male and female youth that have been in and out of the juvenile justice system for many years. Although the majority of the populations in these facilities are male, the number of female juvenile offenders is continually increasing.

Many of the children in these facilities have a history of behavioral difficulties that may or may not have been diagnosed during much of their childhood. Antisocial behaviors are acts that violate social rules and the basic rights of others. They include conduct intended to injure people or damage property, illegal behavior, and defiance of generally accepted rules and authority, such as truancy from school.

When childhood antisocial behaviors exceed certain defined thresholds -- the diagnostic criteria specified in the Diagnostic and…… [Read More].

There were five sources used to complete this paper. As the medical community continues to make advances, disorders that were at one time questionable, are now accepted fact. One of the most controversial disorders in the past five decades has been ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has been the center of focus in the media, and in other arenas when it comes to the topic of abnormal psychology.

After decades of debating its merit and validity the public has come to accept the fact that it is a real disorder, most likely biologically based, and something that can last a lifetime. The disorder can wreak havoc in an individual's life socially, economically, and academically unless effective treatment is implemented. Program-Evaluation -- Evidence-Based Practice: Case Study eview There is growing recognition that the used of evidence-based practices promotes improved clinical outcomes and can help guide clinicians in their respective disciplines.

Mental Health and the Addictions to provide a description of a salient case study and the identification of the critical elements that require the review of published research to guide professional practice. In addition, a summary of a research study by Spengler, P. Finally, a summary of the research and important findings concerning the need for evidence-based practices to guide professional practice today are…… [Read More].

Motivational Strategies to Support Learners in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Classrooms Motivational strategies in the classroom in general represent a challenging enterprise, but the need for such effective strategies in classrooms with young learners suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is particularly pronounced.

The condition affects the ability of students to learn in a number of ways that can detract from the most thoughtful motivational strategies, though, and teachers in crowded classrooms may find themselves as a distinct disadvantage trying to satisfy the mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act as a result. To determine what motivational strategies have proven effective in classrooms with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder learners, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion.

Children With ADHD Visuospatial development and non-verbal memory skills have usually been evaluated using the ey-Osterreith Complex Figure, which is one of the widely used neuropsychologic tests. This test is commonly used because it entails copying a multifaceted geometric figure and recreating it from memory, instantly and after a short delay.

The ey-Osterreith Complex Figure is regarded as a very beneficial tool for examining the functioning of the frontal lobe, which is needed for strategic planning and organizing in relation to executive skills.

Children apply different approaches to performance of the ey-Osterreith Complex Figure task, which indicates various aspects including visual perception, quality of attention, motor planning and control, metacognitive skill, and organizing. This neuropsychologic test has been widely used in neuropsychologic evaluation of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD. When using this test, the assessment primarily focuses on potentially compromised skills in neuropsychologic domains.

The purpose of the…… [Read More]. PBS Strategy The author of this report has been asked to address two general question as they pertain to a child named Leonard. The scenario and proposed intervention involves the plight of a child named Leonard. The child is exhibiting some of the telltale characteristics of having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

However, the parents are resisting him being diagnosed or shifted to a special education environment. Even so, some sort of intervention is required as Leonard is not doing well in school and his behaviors are also disruptive to other children. While Leonard is not going to get the help he needs until his parents are cooperative and participatory, there are indeed assessments and measurements that can be done in the meantime.

Analysis Many of the behaviors of ADHD involve one of two if not both of two interventions that would require the active participation of Leonard's parents. Indeed, those…… [Read More]. Technology implemented in the school and in the classroom is critically dependent upon collaboration in development and implementation which is inclusive of the participation of students, teachers, parents and the community at large. Some of these technological methods that are included in the curriculum are use of video, networking, PDAs, email, Internet access and other various technologies.

The objective of this work is the research and review of technologies that have been effective as well as ineffective and finally the technologies that offer new promise to the teaching and learning initiative for students with disabilities in learning such as…… [Read More]. It reflects the notion that there seems to be 'more' ADHD because students are being allowed to get away with bad behavior and are not being reprimanded as they would be in previous eras for not doing their work and not paying attention in class.

According to the textbook, however, ADHD is a genuine learning disability reflecting the brain's inability to filter out irrelevant stimuli, and more 'discipline' will not cure it any more than more 'discipline' will enable a child with dyslexia to read without assistance like his or her peers.

Of course, it is possible that ADHD is being over-diagnosed in some anecdotal instances, and being used by parents as an excuse for children's conduct problems.

But this does not mean that all cases are the result of over-diagnosis and this cannot be used…… [Read More]. OCD is known to cause anxiety and isolationist behaviors leading to decreased emotional self-regulation. ODD, connected to ADHD, is a disorder that has the child react angrily and spitefully to people in otherwise normally responsive situations. The extreme feelings of children or adolescence who manifest ODD make it hard for them to…… [Read More]. Scientists have not yet figured out what causes ADHD, even though many studies propose that genes play a large part.

Like a lot of other sicknesses, ADHD almost certainly can be contributed to a mixture of factors. In addition to genetics, researchers are looking at probable environmental factors, and are examining how brain injuries, nutrition, and the social environment might add to ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD Most research supports the hypothesis that ADHD is a physiological situation and is consequently present at birth. Nevertheless, the obvious beginning of ADHD indications characteristically takes place early in childhood.

Prior to the age of five, ADHD indications may be hard to diagnose, for the reason that most young kids are extremely energetic, easily distractible, and impulsive. The dissimilarity in diagnosis age likely takes place…… [Read More]. My final recommendation was that the parents and Adam's teachers should work as a team to help Adam manage his condition.

In other words, the parents should communicate with the teachers to determine if the interventions have been effective. I would then talk to the parents themselves every two months to make further recommendations as necessary. Those who have benefited reported that the effects were almost immediately visible, on the same day the drug was used. On the other hand, drug therapies for any mental disorder have been imperfect and frequently plagued by side-effects and non-compliance.

Continuous research is therefore necessary to improve not only drug therapies and identify potential harmful effects in the long-term, but also to find possible…… [Read More].

With the ADHD established early in Clara's life, the focus of this assessment is on the possibility of co-morbid bi-polar mood disorder BMD and depression. While most individuals experience their first episode of BMD around the age of 18 or after -- the mean for diagnosis is 26 years of age -- children do rarely develop BMD.

Clara would experience her ADHD as a chronic, consistent impairment, while the BMD is episodic, alternating with periods of normal levels of moods. That said, it is important to recognize that ADHD is typically associated with emotional reactions to certain trigger events, and that the people with ADHD are often quite passionate. The occasion of happy events bring ebullient reactions; unhappy experiences evoke intense…… [Read More].

Assessing the learning ability of'student with possible ADHD. Foundations Do you think this student might have a learning disability? Why or why not? The student understands information, memorizes information, understands science concepts, and has fairly good math skills.

ADHD is defined through three main groups of symptoms; inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Inattention; the student has messy writing, lacks focus -- struggles to read class materials, and forgets to complete homework.

Hyperactivity; the student has difficulty staying at his desk, and is very talkative in class. Impulsivity; has difficulty following rules, and talks out inappropriately without raising his hand. What assessment tools would be used to determine whether or not this student has ADHD? There is not an established criterion…… [Read More]. Jeremy's Psychological Disorder Jeremy is an eight-year-old boy who is having problems both at school and at home.

The parents at home or teachers in school cannot succeed in instructing him to do any specific thing. Furthermore, he loses his homework and shows other signs of disorderliness. In Jeremy's life, disorganization is part of him. It is evidently hard to take care or treat him. This is a sign of disease and uncomfortable living. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ADHD This disorder affects the psychological stability of individuals and alters the way they face the world and handle their lives.

The disorder mainly affects children at their young age. Indeed, the case in question is one the author of this report is aware of from an internship as a social work intern. The boy in question comes from lower socioeconomic status and, obviously, is of a racial minority group at the same time. The author will cycle through five different book excerpts and journal articles that pertain in whole or in part to the plight and diagnosis faced by the boy mentioned above and the learning gleaned from each source will be applied to his case.

While the boy in question has a comorbid diagnosis and faces some societal roadblocks…… [Read More]. Total Purpose of the study clearly and concisely identified. Purpose of the study identified. Purpose of the study is unclear. No discussion of the purpose of the study. Good description of participants sample and sample selection procedures. Acceptable description of participants sample and sample selection. Little, if any, description of sample. No mention of sampling procedures. Incomplete Research Design documented with indicators of why this is an appropriate design.

Research Design documented with a general recognition of why this is an appropriate design. No research design indicated. Method of data collection and analyzing date unclear No method of data collection and analysis indicated.

Incomplete Results Tightly focused writing summarizing the results…… [Read More]. However, many parents are dismayed after getting the diagnosis to find that the only thing their insurance company will pay for is medication.

Parents aren't always comfortable using medication at first, and some would like to try behavioral strategies before going to medications. Insurance companies, however, often will pay for medication, but not pay for behavioralists or psychologists, or only pay part of the bill. Unless the parent can afford to make up the difference, their choices are then limited. The message insurance companies get is that medication works and…… [Read More].

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and. The right medication stimulates these under-operating chemicals to make added neurotransmitters, thereby enhancing the child's potential to concentrate, have a check on the impulses, and lessen hyperactivity.

Medication required to attain this usually needs a number of doses in the course of the day, since a single dose of medication remains effective for a short interval up to 4 hours. A esource for School and Home Psycho-stimulant medications like MPH are considered to trigger auto-regulatory or control procedures, thus improving the basic restraint shortfall in children having ADHD.

Documented experiments on stimulants have exhibited experimental favor for this hypothesis. For instance, the influences of MPH on reaction restraint employing the fundamental stop-signal…… [Read More]. References "Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder from the Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed.. Adults Diagnosis and Treatment Guideline. References Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. America's Children and the environment ACE. Retrieved May 31, at http: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Barkley, Russell Attention-Deficit. Nature, Course, Outcomes, and Comorbidity. New York, New York: School Psychology Review, Vol. Retrieved January 25, at http: School Psychology Review, 31 1 , American preschoolers on Ritalin treatment.

Society, 39 2 , Audiovisual hyperactivity disorder AVHD: Canadian Medical Association Journal, 12 , Effectiveness of a school-based multi-component program for the treatment of children with ADHD. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 35 6 , Early intervention for preschool-age children with ADHD: The Possibilities of Misdiagnosis," Roeper Review The ADHD youth are less likely to prefer alcohol but more apt to prefer cigarettes. Both of these groups use substances to self-medicate and get high.

It is suggested, then, that adolescent self-medication is not just for those with ADHD and that ADHD youth who self-medicate are similar in symptomatology to those who use substances for euphorigenic effects. Levin and Mariani of Columbia University conclude that it is important to continue these types of studies regarding ADHD and substance abuse disorder because substance abuse only further aggravates the difficulties with ADHD, present more difficulty with remission and with treatment.

In order for an individual to qualify as having ADHD the behaviors must be long-term and excessive. They must occur more frequently than in individuals of their same age, and must occur in several settings and situations. Since ADHD is a real disorder, it does affect the lives of those who live with it.

This response is found typically in those persons with the conditions who do not have a strong knowledge of what the disorder is. Jeff, a 40 year old man recently found out he has ADHD, and got treated. After 37 years, my brain [is] finally working the way it [is] supposed to…I [can] concentrate. Jeff, an adult with the disorder, notices the differences in everyday life of living with ADHD treated and untreated. He realizes more clearly the struggles that one deals with as an ADHD individual.

ADHD can be detected, and often is more commonly, in children in their school settings. A student with ADHD has difficulty concentrating and completing assignments in class. For example, the process of writing a paper may be much more time consuming and difficult for a student with ADHD. The paper may seem unfinished, underdeveloped, messy, unorganized, and overall poorly constructed.

A typical paper may look like: This example is an illustrated version of the interworking of the mind of a child with ADHD when writing a paper. This example shows where the writer went back and scratched out mistakes without correcting them. The writer tends to miss small details when it comes to spelling and grammar and punctuation. This may seem frustrating and overwhelming for the reader to read, but it is ten times more frustrating and difficult to write for the child.

It can be painful and embarrassing for the child to go back and read. Such a simple task may take hours longer for a child with ADHD to finish and may still end up being incomplete and unorganized.

Speaking as one with ADHD, I share these difficulties completing assignments, and activities in as well as out of the school settings.

When treated, ADHD can be a manageable condition, making it easier to overcome impulsivity and decreasing hyperactivity. The medication does not make it go away, but helps make it more controllable.

With time, one can learn to better deal with and control the symptoms of ADHD, but it never goes away. ADHD affects the lives of many children, teens, and adults. ADHD is found in every 1 in 5 people. ADHD is more common in the community than people realize, and it does affect the lives of those who have it, and those persons around it.

The sooner we recognize it and accept it, the sooner we can help those who have it, work through it and make the community an easier place to live in for everybody. ADHD is as much of a disorder as bipolar and depression.

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Buy Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) essay paper online Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a state of the brain that leads to excessive activity,inattention and impulsivity culminating in impaired social behavior especially in children. - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Introduction Among the behavioural disorders that are commonly diagnosed, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the most prevalent among youth and children.