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Banned Books: Go Ask Alice

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❶Then she started laughing histaricaly and wildly.

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She said it was better than last time. She sat for hours examining her hand. Watching the cells and blood vessels. She also lost her virginity to Bill last night. She sort of regrets it because she always was gonna wait for Roger.

She is scared she might be pregnant. Yup, I was right. That was the start to her drug addiction problem. They got to talking and it ends up that Roger is going to military school. They said they would write each other and then Roger kissed Alice.

Alice is so mad at her self for sleeping with Bill and not waiting for Roger. Before she left she took some of her grandfathers sleeping pills. So if she wants to get away from her problem she can go to sleep. She flew home on August 14th and eventually used all the pills so she got her doctor to prescribe her tranquilizers. The setting of the story is not listed in the book. Because they can't publish it without permission.

Yes, the setting does play a role in her conflict because if she would not of went to her grandparents none of this would of happened. All is going well in her life for a while, until she meets a girl named Chris at a boutique downtown.

Her and Chris become friends and she introduced her to hearts uppers because Roger has been to busy to write her anymore and she is depressed. She got her a job at the store she worked at. Chris introduced Alice to her collage friends, Ted and Richie.

Ted Chris's date got Alice to smoke pot and hash September She felt greater than she ever had before and noticed the detail and depth of everything. Alice fell in love with Richie. But he would never let her make love to her when they where not on drugs.

Richie and Ted stopped paying as much attention to there girlfriends as they used to. Alice and Chris always talk about how the "establishment society " is so bad and how they hate there parents. Richie and Ted were drug dealers who had Alice and Chris sell drugs to people for them while they where at there classes. On day Alice sold some acid on a stamp to a seven or eight year old kid.

Alice and Chris decided to stop selling drugs so they where going over to Ted and Richie's apartment to tell them. When they walked in the door they found there two butt-buddied boy friends making love. That is so nasty it made my stomach hurt when I read it. They where using them to sell drugs the whole time. Since Alice and Chris were both fed up with there parents, the Establishment, and there X-boyfriends, and using drugs they decided to move to California and leave it all behind them October 19th.

They left a note telling about Ted and Richie and where they hid all there supplies. They got a crummy apartment in San Francisco October They each got a job at a boutique. Chris got hers working at place where famous celebrities shop for a lady named Sheila and Alice got a job for a guy named Mr. Mellani who was like a father to Alice.

On night Sheila and her boyfriend Rob had a party that Alice, Chris and bunch of celebrities where gonna be at November During the party they got passed a joint and they stupidly smoked it after having quit for so long. After everybody left Sheila and Rob introduced them to heroin bad mistake. They all got high and enjoyed it. Later they came to find out that Sheila and Rob both took turns raping and playing perverted games with them.

When they found out they left town and moved to Berkeley. All was going well. Alice called her Mom and they sent two plane tickets back December We decided to go back. Alice made up with her family and had a great Christmas and the same went for Chris. Alice started back at school and kids where asking her to buy drugs and she told them that she didn't do them anymore.

Kids kept bothering her about it. Alice and her family have been going on trips every chance they get. Alice has been off drugs for a little while when she meets a girl named Doris at a doctors office. They go smoke pot and get stoned. Her and Doris get a place and become hookers for money so they can buy drugs. There lives become so messed up over drugs I'm not even gonna go into it.

She keeps talking about how she is in such a hellhole, her life sucks, and she wants to kill herself. It would all just stop if she quit using drugs.

It's simple die or live. God it makes me so mad thinking about how stupid somebody could be. Her grandfather had a stoke and died May 1! She just met somebody named Alice. I have been writing this all the way through the story. I thought that the main character who wrote the diary was Alice. She buys a new diary symbolizing her getting a new life, a fresh start, another chance to succeed. She is clean and back at home and going to school. She met a boy named Joel that she falls in love with.

Her grandmother died July School got out and there was a party where there would be drugs at but she didn't go. She was given acid in a peanut and she had a bad trip. It drove her insane so she started pulling out her hair, stabbing herself and mentally falling apart. She was put in a mental hospital. Later she was released. She decided that when this diary filled up she was not going to get another because is old enough and mature enough to be able to talk to other people instead of keeping it all bundled up in a little book.

She died three weeks after deciding not to keep another diary of a drug overdose, it is not known if it is premeditated, accidental or what. Go ask alice Essay, term paper, research paper: World History See all college papers and term papers on World History. Need a different custom essay on World History? Buy a custom essay on World History.

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Dream Essay is excellent. Writer is excellent. She kept the secret and she never told her parents that she had tried drugs. Before Alice ran away from home she was wondering what it would be like to smoke a joint. After that she began to like it and she began become addicted to drugs.

That was the time her parents noticed there was something going on with Alice Anonymous. For example she helped her get a job, a house and things that would make her stop thinking about drugs and stop her from using drugs. Alice and her mother began to solve all the problems she had been through and they made a promise to each other that if she has any problems, they would talk about them.

The part I disliked about the book was when she was raped and what people made her go through. People kept telling her to try the drugs and when she went to school people tried to sell it to her. Some of the other kids using drugs tried to blame everything on Alice to get her in trouble so she would get kicked out of school. I am interested in this book because it showed me what my family went through when they were teenagers and other people I know too who had trouble using drugs.

The book also made me experience a lot of feelings like sadness, happiness, excitement, etc. I like this book because it explained what a person had been through and where they went when they needed to run away from their problems.

I also read this book because when my aunt was a teenager she read this book and I was wondering what kind of book she was reading when she was young. This book is interesting because it shows people and teenagers what it is like to be addicted to drugs and to help them understand what they might be going through if they start up on drugs. You can order a custom essay, term paper, research paper, thesis or dissertation on Go Ask Alice topics at our professional custom essay writing service which provides students with custom papers written by highly qualified academic writers.

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- Go Ask Alice Go Ask Alice is the diary of a young 15 year old drug abuser. At the beginning of the book, "Alice" is a typical, insecure, middle class teenager that only thinks with boys, diets, and popularity.

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In the book Go Ask Alice, by Grace Slick, the main character Alice had suffered in a way that forced her to escape from her home to avoid her was in too much trouble. She was on drugs and her parents did not know anything but they had a notion that she was hiding a secret from them.

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a) The story takes place in the 60's, because the book had been published two years after Alice death in b) The story starts when Alice is fifteen and ended when she is seventeen, so it's about two years in the life of Alice. Essay about Go Ask Alice Words | 4 Pages. Go Ask Alice, written by an anonymous author, is a diary kept by a fifteen-year-old drug user. The author, through this book, doesn’t wants his readers to look for advise in it, but to learn about the real world in which some teenagers have to live through.

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Free essays available online are good but they will not follow the guidelines of your particular writing assignment. If you need a custom term paper on World History: Go Ask Alice, you can hire a professional writer here to write you a high quality authentic free essays can be traced by Turnitin (plagiarism detection program), our custom written essays will pass any plagiarism test. Go Ask Alice Essay - Go Ask Alice Go Ask Alice is the diary of a young 15 year old drug abuser. At the beginning of the book, "Alice" is a typical, insecure, middle class teenager that only thinks with boys, diets, and popularity.