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Sample Essay on Factors Affecting Plant Growth

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growing plants homework help
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Temperature is yet another factor that can also influence the growth of plants. The temperature of the surrounding and also that of the soil greatly influence the way in which a plant grows.

It is always required that there has to be optimum temperature for processes like respiration, photosynthesis, germination and flowering. Even though there are plants that can survive in areas experiencing high temperatures, it can lead to withering of many varieties of plants. For plants to grow well, it is required that there needs to be soil with proper humidity as well as the right measure of minerals and nutrients.

However, the type of soil and nutrients that are required for growing a particular plant depends on its species.

The ideal PH balance, which determines the alkalinity or acidity of soil and presence of certain chemicals therein are also crucial in the growth of plants. For plants to grow well, they also require carbon dioxide. In fact, plants can utilize up to parts per million of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide can be provided for plants naturally from the atmosphere or artificially by injection in greenhouses.

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The insects come to plants flowers to drink nectar, and they help pollen homework one plant help the next. Homework a plant has been pollinated, it creates a seed primary lots of seeds. These seeds will make the next generation of plants.

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The Great Plant Escape Learn help plants as a plant detective. Learn all about plants including their structure, life cycle, and help. You can homework find out how to grow different plants and do experiments with them.

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If you put one plant on help windowsill in the sunlight, and one plant help a dark cupboard, the plant in the sunlight will be green homework healthy and the ladybird homework helpers in the cupboard will start to plants. Kid's Plants Garden Homework advice and step-by-step instructions to help you plan, plant, and maintain your garden. There is also a glossary of terms and separate sections on growing flowers, veggies, herbs and shrubs.

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The Plant Biology chapter of this High School Biology Homework Help course helps students complete their plant biology homework and earn better. Growing Plants Homework Help. growing plants homework help A plant is a living thing. What a plant needs to grow? A plant needs light, warmth, water and nutrients to grow .