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Rosin Paper Or Felt Paper?

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❶Originally Posted by astor. Elmer Fudd , Nov 11,

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In reference to what RG posted, I think you should just answer the question that was asked. I would use Aquabar B a product made by Fortifiber. Aquabar B Yes, you do need to use this type of paper under wood flooring, if the room below is not "conditioned space". I don't think I've ever noticed a smell from 15lb felt paper, after the install was completed, but its possible.

It is made for roofing, where any odor would not be noticed, but, you're better off using the Aquabar B anyway. Steve Olson , Nov 12, The subfloor is wood, and you don't put moisture barriers over wood subfloors because it would trap the moisture and rot the subfloor. Neither rosin paper or 15 lb. The purpose of the paper or felt is to reduce the sound under foot. If you don't agree give me the perm rating of either or both. Also, notice most of the tarpaper is now listed as 15 and not 15 lb.

To get to a good tarpaper you have to go to the 30 pound paper. To test these two try tearing them the 15 tears very easy and has very little tar impregnation. Now tear the 30 lb. The tarpaper can be made into a moisture barrier. Always determine if you are working with a moisture barrier or a moisture retarder.

Its all in the perm rating. Don't want to appear as a smart elic. Tandy Reeves , Nov 12, The install was done yesterday. I was surprised when I opened the boxes last week to let it acclimate how small the lengths were, from 12" long to the longest of maybe 5' with most in the ' range, but they went together well and looked great.

I ended up using the felt paper HD carrys it and I rented the floor nailer while there For prep I drove in some screws here and there in the plywood floor where it might have seemed it needed it.

I sanded down the edges of a few places where the plywood seams were slightly off and used a little floor leveler in 2 places. The hardest part of the whole thing was getting it square with the starting wall and making sure it was going to be square with the transition board in the door way. A 8 foot level as a marking guide and a square and a whole lot of careful measuring finally got the starter course in and from there it was pretty simple.

A couple of challenges were the The really nice thing was laying in the floor and then being done with it. Realizing that no sanding, staining, sealing was required and not having to deal with the extra time and dust issues makes me wonder why anyone would install unfinished hardwood.

Also, ordering the 'select' grade tends to be finer, more consistent pieces and less shorts. I agree pre-finished is the way to go. I've always preffered to install felt paper on top of subfloor in my remodels prior to installing underlayment so if spills, leaks whatever happen it will stop or slow process so rotting out main sub floor is reduced or eliminated..

Water hits them and it sheets off with the pitch of the roof or the verticle wall. A flat roof gets a different treatment than a pitched roof. For what its worth felt is still used on walls and many people have left housewraps and are back to felt. For a floor the main worry is moisture coming up from below and affecting the floor. If you have a major flood event you are screwed anyways and the felt is not going to save you since all of your flooring will expand and may not sit down again.

Shorts suck -I always ask the customer if they mind. Use a "dustless" system and use water based finishes and you can be out of there in a few days. The water finishes can be recoated quickly ad do not stink and kill brain cells. They definately have a different look than prefinished The term used to describe felt is Vapor Retarder. Felt has the ability to accept moderate amounts of vapor and slow its transmission into the surface above it.

Rosin paper is worthless. Aquabar is the best option. Felt will not stop moisture it will 'sheet' water. Moisture will penetrate felt as it will penetrate house wrap. More in a minute I had to post 10 posts before I can add a link? The manufacturers conveniently fail to mention that their housewraps FAIL pre-maturely because they have a chemical reaction with the wood or OSB they are applied to.

There are cases where housewrap has all but disintigrated after only about 10 years. Is this a reading comprehension problem or something? No one claims that felt will "stop moisture". That is why it is a vapor retarder and not a vapor barrier. I have already posted this before. It does cost more, but I believe it is worth the investment. Things to think about: If you have a hardwood floor, will it be installed in an area where people will be required to remove their shoes?

Will it be installed in a residence or commercial area? Your question is vague. You can be more specific of its location. What type of hardwood flooring are used on the Ellen degeneres show? Where the interviews are conducted, it is carpeted. But the majority of the area is wooden floors. Whether the wood is veneer or solid, I am unsure, but the effect is the same. Hardwood floors covered under home owners insurance? Yes, hardwood floors are covered assuming the damage was due to a covered loss.

Ask us back as to why they are damaged to see if the damage is covered. Should hardwood floors be used in school or carpet? Hardwood floors can be used: Hall Carpet can be used: What tape do you use for red rosin paper application? Rosin paper is commonly used to cover wooden floors to protect them from dust and debris during construction. Only blue painter's tape should be used when taping rosin paper down to cover a floor. Rosin paper should never be used on stairs because it creates a slipping hazard.

Painter's tape is used on wooden floors because it has a weaker adhesive so that its removal will not mar the finish of the underlying wood. Because of the weak adhesive, painter's tape is unsuitable to attach rosin paper to steps.

Under no circumstances should ordinary tape, such as clear Scotch tape, be used. Why does the shark steam cleaner package show hardwood floors if it is not recommended for use on hardwood floors? They are marketing, selling and making money from selling MORE shark steamers.

NOT from taking care of your flooring investment They are not experts in flooring and May or may not know that water loves wood in all the wrong ways! The "Wood in the commercial may be laminate or some other "Wood" look alike item, you may be assuming that its wood. Murphy's Oil Soap has been doing the same thing for as long as I can remember.

What products can be used to clean hardwood floors? Pinesol is recommended, but any product that is approved should work. Visit your local Home Improvement store and go to the cleaning aisles. Each product should have a label which contains information on what surfaces it can be used on and in what quantities.

Where do you use hardwood floors? It is purposely created for your home, which in most cases can beplaced or installed in every room depending on what you want. Itcan also be used as a rustic style for some business building. Butit doesn't just offer one style because you can be versatile ininstalling hence producing different style results. Why red rosin paper under hardwood on second floor and not 15 or 30 lbfelt paper? I doubt either is necessary on second floor.

Rosin paper is cheaper than felt. I would probably use either 15 or 30 felt. Can you use a steamer on engineered hardwood flooring? The same is true with vinyl flooring, hardwood, laminate, LVT and grouting.

Steam is meant for carpet only! Is there a material used under hardwood floors? You should always use an underlayment for hardwood floors. Use either Red Rosin paper or 15lb Fortifiber hardwood underlayment. Fortifiber is recommended, heavy duty and better quality vapor barrier. What can be used for hardwood floors to get the glue up from the rug padding?

To remove the residue, use either Goof-off or Bostik's adhesive remover. Both are safe for use with Polyurethane finishes. What is the likelihood that there are hardwood floors under the carpet in a house built in ? Can you use a steam cleaner on engineered hardwood floors? The short answer is no. Often steam cleaners say they can be used on "sealed" hardwood.

Wood floors are put down in planks. Every board has a small space between them. Especially in winter when the humidity is lower, these spaces shrink. A steamer is forcing water vapor into these spaces. The surface may have polyurethane, but the sides do not. If this isn't enough to stop you, then remember wood flooring manufactures void warranties on product where water has damaged them! What to use to get paper glue gunk off hardwood floor? It will come loose and you can lift it with paper towel soon.

The Goof Off will not harm good quality hardwood flooring -I've tested many glues and removers on samples of hardwood flooring. What is cost of replacing the floor joists under the crawl space with hardwood floors in the house? The job is difficult, very uncomfortable, strenuous, and time consuming.

All the nails attaching sub-floor and hardwood floor to the joist will have to be cut, the joist cut out two at a time, and then new, full-length joists installed in place. Depending on the year the house was built, this can be almost impossible to do as they will have to be position diagonally and then forced perpendicular to the direction of the floor. Once the new joists are positioned and supported on either end, the task of re-attaching the floor to the joists is undertaken. This will have to be done precisely and skillfully from underneath without allowing the fasteners screws to puncture through the floor into the living space.

Pre-applying construction adhesive to the top of the joists is effective, but adds another difficult step to the installation all while in the crawl space. What use to clean hardwood floors? You can use products like Bella Wood hardwood floor cleaner ,or Murphy Oil Soap which lets a pleasant homey fragrance and cleans very nicely.

Can I use a hardwood floor cleaner on any type of floor? While you can use a hardwood floor cleaner on any type of floor, it will only be effective on hardwood. It won't really help on carpet, and in some cases may damage the carpet. What type of wood is used for hardwood flooring? The type of wood used in hardwood flooring varies.

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USG Fiberock 3 ft. x ft. Floor USG Fiberock 3 ft. x ft. Floor Protector Paper keeps the dirt spills scratches and foot traffic off your newly installed flooring to ensure a clean finish. This sustainable product made from % recycled paper delivers constant protection and is non-staining even when wet/5().

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Rosin Paper the old school Floor Protection: Pro Tect Rosin paper has been a staple in the building and remodeling industry for quite a long time. While Pro Tect Poly Craft Mask is quickly replacing Rosin Paper some people just need a fast, inexpensive, protection for hard surfaces.

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And one of their recommendations is the use of asphalt felt paper over wood sub floors. Nowhere do they mention rosin paper. The problem with using rosin paper or some other paper the handyman mentions is what happens in the case of product problems. Brown Rosin Paper by Plasticover is a high quality, single-ply protection paper commonly used to protect floors, windows, counter tops, fixtures and many /5(24).

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Generally wood flooring these days is laid on a 3/4" plywood subfloor, whereas in the 50's and 60's a subfloor was 3" by 3/4" planking. Rosin paper would block light . The Trimaco 36 in. x in. Heavy-Weight Red Rosin Paper is an excellent moisture barrier making The paper useful for flooring and roofing projects. Ideal to use as underlayment, in landscaping, plastering and as protection against overspray/5(86).