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Gun Review: Springfield Armory Professional 1911-A1

September 23, 2013

❶When the Springfield Custom Shop does work on your existing A1 pistol, the parts that are removed are returned with your pistol.

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I found the fault, the magazine well front that is the feed ramp in a standard was so rough that a cartridge would not load into the chamber.

I polished the frame, and it became a 10 to 15 shooter before stoppages reoccurred. On inspection the breech face was about the roughness of 80 grit sandpaper, and would scrub off enough brass to cause a feed problem.

The breech face needed polishing, but would cause a headspace problem. At this point I contacted Springfield and was told that I needed to send it in for warranty work, and I would be reimbursed for the shipping.

I sent the weapon to them, and in about 5 weeks received it back. But I was never reimbursed for the shipping, although I tried to get it worked out I never received an answer. It now functioned but shot 5 to 6 inch groups at 25 yards. I disassembled it and found that it was almost impossible to get the barrel bushing out, as it was so loose that it was cocked in the slide.

After getting the bushing out it could be put into the slide and it rattled when shook. I again contacted Springfield for a bushing that I could fit myself.

I was told I would have to send it in as any work I did would void the warranty. At this point I ordered a NM bushing from Brownells and fitted it myself. I now have an unwarranted that shoots sub 1. The point of this comment is to let others know that while I now have an accurate pistol, I could have had one a lot sooner if I had bought a Kimber. Springfield dropped the ball big time on the pistol I bought form them, and then compounded it by not living up to their warranty promises.

I'll just say that you shoot as much as I do after a couple of boxes of shells through these guns you ought to hit like that. I've owned them plain and I've owned them fancy but the ones I keep are the ones that are dependable. I like a good looking anything but if it or they aren't dependable then I trade. Wood Butcher December 1, I'll second that Markbo. None of my Kimbers cost half that amount either but they will certainly match that performance.

I am sure this is a fine, fine But being one of those on an income limited by my job, it's out of my range. Markbo November 25, 8: Having spent over 20 yrs in combat arms and having fought in three different combat zones I feel qualified to pass on what I've learned about the.

All the bells and whisles are nice but not nessesary, my rock island. Maybe I am an old skin fint our just a poor old disabled vet that hasn't got alot of money but it seems to me that with all the 's out there they could bring the price down a bet.

I like the even the ones that I was issued in the Army I was very pleased with even though most guys I talked to on the range and other wise said they couldn't hit nothing with one, until I should them a couple of tricks I learned. One of the tricks was to fire the weapon a alittle low as you bring the weapon up instead of trying to bring the gun down. I own two 's, one is the Llama in.

Wood Butcher, while Novak sights are not my favorite for visibility, I share your enjoyment of a well-fitted Springer Your relatively rare 9mm A1 is about as fun a pistol as there is, as far as I'm concerned.

Kudos on your ownership of Springfield's fine product. David C November 24, 3: Nope but I sure do like having well built firearms that reflect my pride in owning and shooting them. I like the idea of a pistol that is so well fitted that seams are hard to locate and no one is going to convince me that my fifty something eyes wont be able to see that Novak sight package better.

Wood Butcher May 20, My only extensive shooting experience was with my government issue during my pilot days in WW II, I clearly recall that I didn't experience a single mishap of any sort though I fired hundreds of rounds with government issue ammo.

I loved that pistol. It was my constant companion during my 27 month tour of duty overseas. I truly regret having turned it in when I was separated from the service. New to Gun Tests? This tells us that the take up for the first shot was uneven, forcing the shooter to concentrate on finding a way to break the shot with the sights on target. After Custom Shop modifications, total elapsed time averaged about 0.

This told us the trigger was more consistent than before. We also achieved split times consistently between 0. The distance we had to press the trigger and then find the point of reset seemed excessive. Reset happens after a shot is fired and the trigger is released. While most trigger jobs focus solely on reducing the amount of physical resistance that the shooter must overcome to break the shot, the speed of any follow-up shots can be limited by the time it takes for the trigger to be reset.

The adjustable sights on the 9mm XDM 5. Custom Shop prices are the same for both the private consumer and dealers alike. The stock competition pistol had a 4. The distance the trigger needed to travel to the point of reset was shortened from about 0.

Aside from the fact that the original barrel was returned, there was further evidence that the barrel had indeed been changed. The new barrel locked up with tolerance at the very limits of engagement. Retracting the slide and releasing it casually resulted in the slide stopping just short of it going fully into battery.

In our bench test we sometimes saw a difference in point of impact between the first shot and the others that followed. Suspecting that the problem was caused by less satisfactory lockup when the slide was closed by hand, we then made it a practice of fully retracting the slide and letting it snap forward with all the force the recoil spring could muster as it picked up the first round.

This solved the problem, indicating that the barrel fit was as tight as possible. What made us even happier was that both pistols shot without malfunction. If the average sizes of the groups fired by the 5. This data was collected from the more challenging yard bench. Springfield Armory Custom Shop personnel claim that groups should be cut in half. Final computed average was in fact, 0. We picked up a half-inch of accuracy firing the grain MagTechs and saw 0.

All in, the custom gun improved from a respectable 2. In the action test, total elapsed time from the stock gun was consistent, but not spectacular. The average elapsed time for both shots computed to about 0. We did manage one split time of just 0. Firing the customized XDM 5. The big pickup was in the reduction of our split times. Elapsed times between shots one and two were 0. Combat Action trigger job, oversized match barrel, Heinie Slant 8 tritium night sights.

We asked for a refit of the original barrel, but the shop no longer adds material via TIG welding before reducing the bearing surfaces to fit tightly into place.

Oversize replacement barrels are now available. This allows the shop to focus on hand-fitting, therefore reducing turnaround time. The Heinie Slant 8 sights proved fast and clean. The slant helps fight glare in addition to its grooved faces, and in our view this unit is more rugged than the original equipment.

The custom trigger made us feel like we were shooting a refined The lighter trigger with a shorter reset was well worth the money.

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At Springfield Custom™ our pistolsmiths do things the old Old World way, like individually hand fitting every major component in your gun. Our custom pistolsmiths have over combined years of experience building custom pistols in this very shop; many of whom are distinguished.

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Apr 22,  · Springfield Custom Shop Price List Springfield Armory. The reason I think it looks like a good deal is that the work is done by the custom shop. The Springfield Armory Custom Shop offers a menu of ala carte modifications describing just about anything that can be done to a style semi-automatic pistol. The featured items on the Custom Shop’s price list are complete guns and package modifications.

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Carefully hand-built by master Pistolsmiths, the attention to detail has earned Springfield Armory’s Custom Shop the FBI’s coveted Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) pistol contract with the Professional Model inACP, and now available in 9mm. Apr 30,  · I went to the Springfield Custom shop page this evening and it looks like they are open again. Their prices/options seem lacking to me. That said do.